The irreverent solace displayed each Anzac Day at ceremonies across the nation by government and opposition MP’s is an insult to the fallen and those who served.

As a veteran of the government-funded trip to Asia in 1965 orchestrated by politicians once again placing the youth of Australia on a combat front line in a conflict that would never threaten our home land.

Members of parliament from within the house of hypocrites clutching a taxpayer-funded wreath and taxpayer funded transportation you have utilised the free-loaders luncheon paid for by ex-service people in their club, Just what do you politicians personally contribute to our fallen on Anzac Day?

You are a bloody disgrace, an insult to this once great nation you have destroyed.

When we returned in 1967 instructions were issued not to wear uniforms off military bases as the people of Australia were in riot mode against the Asian war, which in fact was classified as a police action.

Issued with two military ribbons, the medals were being struck to be issued which I received in 1968 and wore them to that Anzac march in Sydney. Several beers after the march with fellow vets we circled a street rubbish bin, took the medal off then filed them for collection by a council rubbish truck.

 We have one in three politicians just as stupid as the other two and the Prime Minister is a character cast in a delusional mold running the country on your vote.

I am 80 now having seen Australia as a great nation and proud to be part of it then only to witness political parties demolish my Australia while introducing a  internment camp lifestyle enjoyed by faithful political party sheeple and lemmings.

Lest We Forget … I will never forget, any enemy we had now posing a threat to Australia is no longer. Today the enemy is within and must be stopped.

A stroke of your pen will remove the problem, forget political allegiance.



1959 – 1967