Farmers blindly support the National Party almost to a man; they hold Barnaby Joyce up as their shining light. Barnaby sold them out a decade ago with the LNP free trade deals, NLIS electronic tracking, GST, Biosecurity Act, ad infinitum. Agriculture and pastoral industries are the most over-regulated industries in Australia.

Letter to the Editor

In general terms, the poor stupid farmers and the supermarket chains have NO CLUE what is going into their animals and produce – with few exceptions, they just swallow all the government BS hook line and sinker – so they will ALL be BLINDSIDED when mass boycotts begin against their meat and dairy and poultry products (AND FRUIT AND VEGETABLES once they start poisoning those in earnest).

They’ll ALSO be blindsided when, ON TOP OF the boycotts, the class action lawsuits start wiping them out and shutting their commercial operations down. AND they’ll ALSO be blindsided when all the export markets STOP BUYING Australian produce – Japan will likely be the first – just watch the clown show when THAT happens.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma will be ABSOLUTELY INDEMNIFIED from any legal consequences by our fake “government”, infested as it is with treasonous genocidal Globalist stooges. Who didn’t see THAT coming?

AND make no mistake, surprise surprise, this genocidal Globalist BS is being conducted IN LOCKSTEP across the world. Food for thought…

From Pat