By Peter Campion

The “Voice” and any “treaty” that follows are globalist parasite-cabal efforts to ultimately enable them to take our farmlands.
In their twisted view, multigenerational family farms are “stolen land” so they should be “given back” to “tribal groups” to revert to unproductive scrub as a mechanism to force us to eat cancer-causing insect chitins and “lab-grown meats” produced from “immortal cell-lines” – which is literally what tumours are made of.

Hmm, cockroaches and cancer for dinner again! Thanks, parasites, for not letting me starve!

That theft and repurposing of vital farmland will be sold to a gullible public as essential to “save the environment” – from the rare and vital gas that feeds plants and which has been irrefutably proven by the laws of physics to be incapable of “trapping heat”.

The displaced rural population will be forced into the cabal’s planned “15-minute cities” – open-air prisons we can never leave.

“Because of carbon!”

All while the most-populated countries open new coal-fired stations every few days and thumb their noses at the cabal.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch “Beyond the Great Reset”.