Letter to the Editor

Something to think about is yesterday’s signing of historic, unprecedented agreements between Russia and China officially, amongst other things, correctly declaring AUKUS (Australia) the enemy.

China, Russian alliance gamechanger effectively removes the US as world policeman. Pic Getty

China and Russia are now allies, with China being the largest industrial power in the world and Russia the largest supplier of critical commodities. Their political union marks the end of Pax Americana and the U.S. domination of the international order.

The Russian Federation positively assesses the position of China on Ukraine, and China positively assesses the readiness of the Russian Federation to launch negotiations;
Russia and China are concerned about the risks associated with the creation of AUKUS and their plans to build nuclear submarines;
Russia and China call on AUKUS to strictly fulfill its obligations to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
Russia and China are planning to strengthen a comprehensive partnership in the energy sector;
The Russian Federation and China believe that in order to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, it is necessary to prevent bloc confrontation and incitement of conflict;
The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the military-biological activities of the United States, they demand clarification on this matter;
Russia and China will expand scientific exchanges to ensure the technological leadership of the two countries;
The Russian Federation and China urge to avoid the degradation of the crisis in Ukraine and its transition “to an uncontrollable phase”;
Russia and China oppose all unilateral sanctions imposed bypassing the UN Security Council;
Russia and China are pushing for the US to speed up the elimination of its stockpile of chemical weapons;
Russia and China will strengthen cooperation in agriculture to ensure food security;
The Russian Federation and China plan to promote mutual and global energy security;
Russia and China insist that NATO strictly observe the defensive nature of their organization and respect foreign sovereignty;
Russia and China oppose the formation of “closed exclusive bloc structures, bloc policies and opposing camps” in the Asia-Pacific region;
The Russian Federation and China will increase the scale and optimize the structure of trade, including through the development of electronic commerce;
Russia and China are going to increase the level of financial cooperation and strengthen cooperation in the financial markets;
The United States must take real action to address the legitimate concerns of the DPRK and create conditions for dialogue;
The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the intensification of US activities in the field of missile weapons and call for an end to undermining international security;
Russia and China are against attempts to use space for armed confrontation and will oppose such activity;
Russia and China will expand mutual access to agricultural products and strengthen investment cooperation in this area;
The Russian Federation and the PRC are aimed at cooperation in the field of mutually beneficial supply of basic goods and mineral resources;
The Russian Federation and China oppose the militarization of IT, they are for multilateral, equal and transparent global governance of the Internet.

This is a game changer. The world we have known will no longer have the United States as the first among equals. In the same way that World War II marked the end of the British imperial empire, today’s events in Moscow are a death knell for the United States being able to act as the global policeman who imposes order on unruly countries.

From Rebecca