Letter to the Editor

The Labor Party is not being open and truthful as to the real reason it is conducting this referendum.

The UN has has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership of housing, farms, property and business to government once a Republic has been proclaimed. The UN is NWO in waiting for a One World Government.

The push for the Voice is a very important part of their plan which is to include ORIGINAL men, women and children of this country because at the moment they have NO CONTRACT with the ORIGINAL men, women and children of this country.. Because there is ‘no contract’ with the indigenous people of Australia, a republic would not be achieved because the ORIGINAL men, women and children are the lawful land owners and the government would be unable to take control over ownership of housing, farms, property and business, thus thwarting its secretive push for a totalitarian republic where you would own nothing and be happy.

This plan was already underway back in 1990. Every State in Australia has already sold off the Lands and Title Office, your original titles have been destroyed. The value of your property is in the TITLE. All properties certificate of titles has been digitised and this is not a lawful proof of historical ownership.

A YES vote will change the Constitution by referendum.. I hope the Aboriginal people can see what is happening…

That’s the main gist of the message that I copied from the Telegram site.. apart from a couple of paras… I don’t know if its on Bosi’s website.. perhaps someone could check

Someone familiar with, or expert in, Constitutional law, will know the meaning of all this…

Ask Queensland Labor what happened to all parchment land titles? Editor

From Jen