The Ambassador, Dr Alexey Pavlovsky, held his cool in spite of loaded, leading questions from Ferguson, a Zelensky supporter, who is the wife of former ABC Q & A host and communist Tony Jones. Ferguson was responsible for the overnight closing down of the live cattle export trade in Australia in May, 2011 which caused more than one billion dollars of collateral damage, business failures and countless suicides throughout the cattle and associated industries.

NT cattle producers, the Brett Cattle Company took the federal Labor Minister at the time, Joe Ludwig to the Federal Court three years ago and was awarded substantial damages. The presiding judge was scathing of the Minister and all parties involved in the forced closure.

Ferguson and Animals Australia President Lyn White, a former copper, and Ferguson, it was later discovered bribed the Indonesian abattoir workers to mistreat Indonesian-bred cattle, not Australian stock, which the ABC eagerly filmed and broadcast in Australia.

It was this tainted film which Ludwig relied on to close down the live export industry.