New Boxer armoured forward reconnaissance vehicle which reports say have several technical issues

Kurrajong – NSW

These soldiers patrolling a street have their Steyr rifles at ready it seems without red Blank Firing Attachment’s which means they mean business. The picture was posted on March 20, 2023. Unfortunately with a lot of Twitter postings there is little information attached. We have contacted Army Media for comment.

Belgian-made Minimi 5.56mm light machine guns will be prominent in a new military program of exposure to the public.

Meanwhile Brisbane ADF sources advise a host of new commanders has ordered the deployment of armed patrols in cities and towns and to be noticeable among the public in vehicles with mounted Minimi 5.56mm machine guns.

Troops now would be trained in heavier 7.62mm Mag 58 and a special forces training program has started. The military is ramping up.

The public should be ready for many more military movements in the suburbs and towns around Australia. –contributed

Above: Belgian FN Browning 7.62mm Mag 58 general purpose machine gun