Derailments confirm agri-industrial sabotage war against United States

Tucker Carlson has exposed the sabotage of the US rail network and the pathetic official response.


JOE Biden and his neo-Marxist, globalist Democrats are very likely in the process of not only morally, but physically destroying America. The alarming rate of destruction of food processing facilities, railway infrastructure and other industry is no longer coincidental.

Railway infrastructure, which criss-crosses the US and has long enabled the efficient transport of the nation’s agro-industrial production, was sabotaged more than 40 times in the state of Washington alone, in the past two years. Washington state is a stronghold of far left, Antifa, BLM and other “Left Coast” crazies who also occupied six blocks of the city of Seattle in mid-2020.

A woman posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday, wondering if the dozens of rail tankers parked on sidings in Stanislaus County near San Francisco would be the next “environmental accident”. The county is another major agricultural area and near Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct. The presence of the tankers was reported to be very unusual.

These various Democrat-aligned groups have been conspicuously absent from the streets since Biden came to power. In the US summer of 2020, with Trump in the White House, they rioted across America, burning entire city blocks, when a heavily drugged black man George Floyd died after being arrested and held to the ground.

We also know that certain malign and malignant powers are known to arrogantly telegraph their intentions through media. In this case Netflix, for whom the Barack and Michael Obama are major content producers, recently ran a drama called White Noise, the plot of which involved a train derailment and subsequent toxic chemical spillage in an Ohio community.

Just as curious, a resident of East Palestine, Ohio, where the actual derailment and environmental disaster took place on February 3rd, played a part role as an extra in the movie and was interviewed by CNN about this “great coincidence”. The extra looked and responded quite casually about it all. One might be forgiven for wondering whether he was somehow involved in the real event.

But as reported by Cairns News recently, social engineering by elites around the neo-Marxist Tavistock Institute and western intelligence agencies seeks to blur the boundaries of fantasy and reality in order to confuse and drive people into infantile states like the dancing doctors and nurses during Covid.

Tucker Carlson reported that in the past calendar year there had been more than 1000 derailments in the US. Those cases where sabotage is suspected often involve shunt devices, which use wire run across tracks to short-circuit train signalling. A woman caught using one such device received only a year in jail.

Another suspicious aspect of the East Palestine disaster is that it happened in a predominantly Trump-voting town. This environmental disaster but was deliberately ignored by Biden and his cohorts while the EPA figuratively hosed it all down. Just a few days later, two more trains derailed in Texas and South Carolina. Biden’s Democrat generals and media had everyone looking at “UFOs” (weather balloons in fact).

An alert American doctor, Lee Merrit MD, who posts on the Sage of Quay Radio podcast, warned against hysteria over the event. She had noted the main chemical involved, vinyl chloride, when burnt, becomes hydrochloric acid and phosgene. While certainly toxic, they disperse relatively quickly and on the ground can be neutralised with basic lye, a strongly alkaline liquor.

Merrit said none of the other chemicals represented any serious, long-term threat. She said ethlylene glycol, which can damage kidneys and kill animals, was probably the most dangerous substance involved, but it had to be directly ingested by animals. “My advice is let’s all step back and see what the big play here is,” she said, suggesting the event could act as a cover for land grabbing or more restriction of the food supply. She recommended an analysis by Scott Kesterson, another podcaster.

Meanwhile a Bedford, Ohio metal processing plant 140km from East Palestine, also went up in flames this month, joining the long list of agri-industrial facilities that have been destroyed in recent years.

Pete Buttigeig, Biden’s gay Secretary of Transportation who, notoriously, doesn’t know how to change a tyre, apparently did not even know about the East Palestine disaster. He also dismissed questions raised over the crumbling rail infrastructure. In one media appearance his main concern was the dominant number of white construction workers on projects in “black areas”.

Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by Biden’s bouts of mental disconnection. He plays them up as a distraction. Biden is ideologically an old-time Democrat leftist playing the role of good ol’ ass-kicking Commander in Chief of the USA running another overseas war – this time in the Ukraine.

Biden’s Ukraine war also serves the purpose of covering up his family’s corrupt dealings there. He is a brazenly corrupt pedophile and self-serving wheeler-dealer using the presidential office which he stole from Donald Trump for business purposes. As Obama’s Vice-President he did the same. Obama continues as his current political puppet master. Biden’s crookedness makes him the ideal puppet of the powers around him.

Biden’s most significant business dealings were in Ukraine and China, using his pathetic crack-smoking pedophile son Hunter as the front man. His and daddy’s sordid dealings are well documented in the notorious laptop he left at a computer repair shop. The Bidens have no shame to the point that they simply deny any allegations against them with a straight face. They also have the protection of the big media.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. These ZOG CoVID Regimes of the United [Communist] Nations in America and Australia are running a standard issue communist genocide on the populations. And they think they’ve got it in the bag for their Political Masters. Good.

    Cheer up Ohio and Qld, that is exactly what we should want them to think. We want them high on their own supply.

    And we want to see some of those poncy CHOs and Big Jew msmedia honkers out there in front of the hot mic to rescue the Official Narrative on the Ohio ‘derailment’ and how much we need that 5th Pfizer here in the Big Q.

    Ole Miss and Col Reb play Dixie and Battle Hymn of the Republic on Beale Street


  2. Elements of the US ZOG Communist state have bombed Ohio with 300,000 gallons of a chemical (vinyl chloride) banned under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act since 1974. They know the highest levels of gov’t will cover for them.

    And the 1790 First Act / 2A Americans know that when the conflict with ZOG is finally joined, there will be no Rules of Engagement. That is why ZOG will continue to pour Gooks on the Soros Payroll across the Southern Border, exempt them from the vaxx and sign them up to the gravy train of the Communist welfare state. I will bet that ammo sales are through the roof.



    Morrison holidayed at a US if A military base while Australia burned.

    Sleepy Joe’s whirlwind tour of Ukraine and Poland spreading the joys of war (billions dollars baby 😎🤑🍦🤑🍦) while America burns is par of the course.


  4. The USA is truly had it, and the unfortunate people living there are mainly deluded in thinking they live in the greatest nation on earth.
    Sadly to say I would not ant to live there myself, visiting once for six weeks was enough to know That it is certainly not a safe place to live.


  5. To Bliskett,

    I agree.
    Fox News has the hallmarks of controlled opposition.
    You are not the first one to call him out.
    The fruit may appear different, but they are from the same tree.

    Yes, birds were dead, fish were dead.
    There was a family about 15 miles from the site and they woke
    to find their chickens dead (with no predator activity obvious).

    A lesson in that.

    If the environment is telling you that something is wrong, then
    heed it’s warning.
    Nature is smarter.
    Don’t wait for the ‘experts’.
    These are the same ones who said the injections were ‘safe and effective’.


  6. Rosemary Tempany

    I listen to a very dissecting video on You Tube – American Intelligence Media, recently. In it they discussed that homes were being door knocked & the occupants were being offered monitoring for health affects. And consequently were given Digital IDs.
    It was suggested this was the pilot, so to speak , test case for National introduction.
    One of the hosts said phosgen was a component of mustard gas.
    If it was as harmless as Dr Merritt suggests it is then what caused the deaths of countless birds.


  7. Also a bought and paid for. He is too over the top, alarming etc. Same as Maria Zee, Mike Adams etc etc etc. Besides that who the hell calls their child “Tucker”? Is it a nickname?


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