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How academic gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his medical career for speaking the truth about childhood vaccine injuries and Neurologic injury.

Have been following him for a while, “Of course he lost his license because he was/is telling the truth…”

A study published just this week by The American Academy of Pediatrics showed that autism rates have tripled over the last 16 years.
This confirms what top expert, Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been warning us about all along…

And he’s not the only one who has sounded the alarm…
Last year in June, MIT scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff warned that by 2025, half of all U.S. children would be autistic.
And if we look at the dramatic increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism, it’s no surprise.

Just a few months ago, Dr. Paul Thomas, a renowned pediatrician lost his medical license permanently…
Because he was one of the very few doctors to educate parents about the REAL dangers of childhood vaccines, encouraging parents NOT to vaccinate their children.
The results?
“So I set up my practice with a Well Side waiting room and a Sick Waiting room… And very slowly but very noticeably, my Well Waiting room became packed.

And the sick side virtually had no one. There was a transition in my practice of kids just getting healthier and healthier.” – Dr. Paul Thomas

So why haven’t you heard about studies like these?
They’ve been CENSORED.
But experts like Dr. Andrew Wakefield have been dedicated to sharing the truth.
Right now… we’re facing a major crisis…
50% of all parents reading this right now, who have a child in 2025 – 2030 will have a child diagnosed with autism.

Unless… We STOP allowing our children to continue to be injected with toxins.
And that’s why it’s so vitally important to get this information out, to everyone we know and care about…

If you want to be part of a movement toward protecting our children from a future with autism,
You can download the eBook, The Link Between the MMR Vaccine and the Startling Rise in Autism.

From Aapkoning


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. AAP

    I guess I was trying to say that right here, people are making a difference, I think they could make an even bigger difference if the language used was more “USER FRIENDLY”. People are time poor. Sometimes I read comments here and I feel like I am studying medical terminology (yes maybe my ignorance) and I have to stop and search meaning of word or terms and then re-read. I do it, but lots won’t and that is where the difference lies. If people don’t understand something they just hit “NEXT”.
    CN most definitely and all its contributors can 100% change the tide.


  2. Blisskitt, If you have a special question – and you like me to explain the question simply,
    I will be happy — will try if possible… “Any question/comment is good because the person asking has been thinking…”

    When I explain something — The subject is from hardcore experience from over 35 years medically speaking, other subjects like microelectronics nano-particles and nano engines and R&D in military and consumer applications/alternative energy mainly solar, goes back further to the early Sixties. For readers who use computers, Intel comes up, yes I did work for them as well, and also in geophysical companies in the US.
    Mind you politics and degrees of honesty have changed and turned around 180 degrees. I do not want to appear that I know a lot, but the subjects that I do know are more than plenty to keep me busy and last every day I learn more…& More…


  3. Well I am now somewhere in between. I thought things were on the up till today. Well in my neck of the woods anyway. So Cairns News you and all contributors are the beacon of hope. I don’t understand half of what you educated people talk about here but I am on board. However, to get to those searching maybe some here may need to make their language more understandable to lay person and then you may get a lot more on board. Is all well and and good to have knowledge and I do thank you, but if you can’t dial that to the masses, you/we lose. I acknowledge great use of the English language often used here but you over estimate the cognitive comprehension of anyone residing in this country. Plain Australian please..


  4. Here some info re sinus tachycardia…
    Many more websites available just place your request in your best non public search engine…
    and you should get at least 8 web addresses for you to check out…
    Yes many Jabbed people now have this problem and can get worse…


  5. Info for your most important issue, “Your Health”
    If you been reading part of his article maybe you noticed: “Irregular heartbeat”…
    Well also called: “Sinus tachycardia” – is a type of irregular heartbeat that is characterized by a faster than normal heart rhythm. Your heart’s sinus node generates electrical impulses that travel through the heart muscle, causing it to beat. A normal sinus rhythm has a heart rate of between 60 and 100 beats/minute. There are two types of sinus tachycardia…


  6. For readers who want to select some of their own articles, Should have the latest article soon.


  7. tonyryan43, OOPS. Talking >>>Fauci<<< Admits COVID Shots Didn’t Have a Chance of Working.


  8. tonyryan43, Found this article By Dr, Coleman to be in line what is being discussed.
    Dr. Coleman: Most of the jabbed will die prematurely.
    I suspect that most people who have been tempted to accept the covid-19 shot now wish they had ignored governments, consultants, media doctors and celebrities, writes Dr. Ernon Coleman.
    You can see the article in here:

    Or in Dr. Coleman’s own website:

    One comment I like from him is this one: “Drug companies are the most ruthless of all companies – they make gun companies look positively benevolent. And, as I’ve noted before, they make those involved in the illegal drug trade look relatively decent.”


  9. AAP… you may be right. Ever since Davos, things seem to be unravelling for them. First, half their guests did not turn up and, evidently, felt losing the RSVP of $24,000 was cheap at the price. They must see writing appearing on the wall that is not good news for Schwarb.

    If I were American, I would be watching Fauci. If he disappears from America, you will know he sees an axe hovering. And now Seymour Hersh has accused Biden of blowing up Nordstream II. With two of the biggest stories ever behind him, everyone is going to believe he is right this time too. His Mi Lai story pretty much cost Nixon the war and his presidency. This story may cost Biden his presidency and war too. Not a bad record for a journalist.

    When Dr Kerryn Phelps attacked the mRNA jab, that probably popped a million faith balloons across Australia, hastening the end by at least a year. Now Gates admitting he screwed the market will pop another million balloons.

    There seem to be more alert people reading the Cairns News in recent weeks, which is a good sign. Once we have 40% of Australians angry, we can take our country back. Time for everybody to learn how to make a hangman’s noose.

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  10. tonyryan43, For me it still stands: “They* can fool a LOT of people for a very long time, but They* cannot fool ALL the people ALL the time, this means eternity. They* have had many trials to kill the Goyim (some say 7X) but this time They* are realising They* have taken on too much and people indeed are seeing the death rate and people crippled by the Gene Killer jab, that something is totally Wrong…


  11. Han Barkmeyer, It will only STOP when the People SAY NO MORE…


  12. comeinspinner, Thank you — Common — Sense… Your LAST sentence explained ALL.


  13. Blisskitt… You are probably right. When he dies there will be a massive power vacuum with a dozen Zionists clawing their way over his body to become the next Emperor. I’m hoping this will coincide with the peak death rate of the jabees because this will be a good time to strike back. It’s hard to maintain global order with dying enforcers.

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  14. From Paul Craig Roberts latest newsletter, February 10, 2023:

    Project Veritas Directors Bought off by Big Pharma Remove Founder James O’Keefe for Telling the Truth

    Another victory for the controlled narrative. Henceforth Project Veritas is just another part of the whore media.

    O’Keefe is the person who got all of Pfizer’s admissions to its crimes, so he has to go.

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  15. Tony judging by the look of him, Rupert isn’t long for this world anyway, perhaps that’s why there is this never ending onslaught. The old saying ‘ you are only as old as the young woman’s body you feel’ certainly hasn’t helped him. I can’t recall how many wives he has had. I have always found him (just like Gates), creepy and vile. He may be powerful, but perhaps he is also close to meeting his maker, can’t live forever yet! He may actually be scared time is running out for him. What a nice thought.
    As for Autism see ASPECT Australia. 1 in 70 in Australia as of 2023, and has massively increased in the last 2-3 decades although it is hard to uncover these details. Also see ABS and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare AIHW). If I post links this won’t go through.

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  16. Yes Lyndesymons, Shaken baby Syndrome is another convenient cover.

    Former Police Officer Blows Lid On Vaccine Crimes, Parents Falsely Blamed For Shaken Baby Syndrome. May 21, 2016 admin Crime & Coverups, Crime Watch, … Former Sergeant of Police Chris Savage was working in the Queensland Police Service from 1990 to 2012 and he was harmed in October 1989 by the Hep B vaccine. This woke him up to the danger of …


  17. Further to my last comment, a very deep, dark rabbit hole from Henry Makow.

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  18. Some years ago it was noted that Israel had very low autism rates as compared to the official American numbers.
    After that information came out the official Israeli numbers recorded suddenly showed significant increases over a relatively short period of time. Hmm?


  19. Dr Wakefield is right about the damage done by the traditional poison vax. But now we’re under assault by a more dangerous mRNA neuro-toxin tech. It’ll be no surprise if in 5-10 years authorities turn around and say anyone injected with mRNA must be tested for genetic changes that might disrupt the human genome. You will not be allowed to have children just in case. Not having children will be the least of anyone’s worry going forward. While the media-gov-Big Tech-Pharma criminals are running amok we are in danger.

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  20. And they also pretend not to know the cause of the exponential rise in autoimmune disease. Big Abortion and Big Vaxx are joined at the hip. Fetal cells are in the vaxx batches. So lets say you got a batch with fetal connective tissue. The immune system would read that fetal tissue as a foreign protein (antigen) and make antibodies against it. Well gosh there’s lupus.

    You can’t tell me they haven’t figured this out.

    Parents of vaxx injured kids are demonised by the Oz Semashko. And police study the line of questioning to take with an infant death so they can jail a father or mother and cover for Big Vaxx and its Semashko. So the grieving distraught parent discovering an infant with no vital signs. “And so I shook him…” [ As in First Response: the gentle shake: ‘you all right”?] Police. And “YOU SHOOK HIM!!!”

    The commuist state hates us and now they are killing us.

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  21. A large percentage of millennials are also ‘within the spectrum,’ due to eighties vaccination programs.

    This was the archetypal bed-wetter generation, and many of this group, have since been placed into positions of bureaucratic influence, and especially academia and education. The more seriously afflicted are still living at home.

    The whole woke-brigade derive from this group of pioneering advance guard of autistic limpets.

    Bill Mayer offers some great insights into the similarities existing between the Woke Brigade and the Red Guard.


  22. Here is the rest of my post..Some of the parents of the vaccinated kids gets really nasty about it. How stupid. If vaccines are that good, then their children will not catch the disease will they ?

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  23. The human race survived without injections. These days the government punishes Parents financially if their children are not vaccinated ./Often the parents of the vaccinated make a fuss


  24. “No Jab No Pay”
    And now with the bioweapon…
    Dead autistic babies don’t need no $Pay

    (warning – sick humour)


  25. Doctors have been deregistered for being decent human beings. I have had three attempts on my life for outing the criminals. And yet we keep fighting back and are joined by many more. We will not be silenced. Andrew Wakefield was not only right, the Italian court pronounced him right… MMR vaxx injures kids. And yet Rupert Murdoch can prevent word of this from reaching humanity. Do your best Rupert. Blackmail politicians. Use the media as a bludgeon to crush humanity. Kill those who prove your criminality. But at the end of the day, we will kill you and everyone connected to you.

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  26. Until Gates got into Vietnam with his vaccines they had no Autism in their country. 😎👍🥋

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