Bill Gates says the next pandemic is preventable

July 2022

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Well it looks like the sleepy-heads are slowly coming to their senses.

    The British media propaganda arm [BBC] is now coming under fire. This is an important development, as it suggests that the public have finally realised the central role of the media in all this.



  2. daviddd2 said – “Speaking of Gates’ population growth reduction agenda, just how are “vaccines” supposed to reduce populations except by promoting sterilization and/or death?”

    Clearly, your question is rhetorical (a redundant question, seeing as how YOU already know the answer).

    Hopefully, your query might spark a light bulb in the minds of a few readers for whom the penny has yet to drop.

    Yes, folks, creepy Bill wants to kill us all. And yes, folks, that’s exactly what he’s doing – with exceedingly sophisticated bioweapons marketed to the world as “vaccines” for the fake Corona Chan “pandemic”. Creepy Bill is a major funder and marketing front for this global extermination program.

    Of course, it’s not JUST creepy Bill behind this orchestrated genocide (in truth, one might suggest it’s hardly creepy Bill at all, seeing as how he’s really not very bright – he’s a socially dysfunctional misfit whose true genius is his psychopathic and utterly pathologic talent for conning mountains of money out of the rest of humanity with not the slightest trace of conscience or remorse, no matter the consequences for billions of men, women and children all over the planet).

    So creepy Bill didn’t actually “invent” the bioweapons now being forced onto the world. It turns out that the American DoD had a lot to do with it – in cahoots with a Luciferian cabal of genocidal psychopaths who intend to rule the world by first killing most of us and then enlisting the rest as livestock to be exploited for their pleasure.

    Being Satanists, the Globalist psychopaths intend to torture, kill and eat a lot of people as part of their ritual Satanic lifestyles. Like it or not, most people are ALREADY being fed human meat and abortion byproducts in our manufactured food supply.

    All in all, the challenges faced by humanity are not trivial – we are faced with formidable enemies controlling stupendous resources who never back down, they only ever double down.

    Lots of people are now determined never to let anyone inject them or their children again – so that’s why the psychopaths are now moving to inject this genocidal shit into our FOOD SUPPLY, so NO-ONE can escape.

    They’re planning to do this in Australia –

    And they’re planning to do this in the USA –

    Where AREN’T they planning this homicidal insanity?

    BTW, they’re also working to impoverish us, assault and abuse us, track and trace and control every minute aspect of our daily lives, eliminate any and all freedoms, destroy our economies, destroy our food supplies, feed us bugs and maggots, starve us, irradiate us, indoctrinate our children with LGBTQIP+ ideology and mutilate and rape and traffic and harvest and butcher and kill and eat them and drag us into pointless and futile wars that serve no purpose apart from killing as many of us as possible.

    Ironically – just like any herd of sheep – we outnumber our “farmers” by a huge margin.

    But here’s the thing – humans are a herding animal, to be sure – but unlike sheep, we also have the capacity to organise and behave as a predatory pack and hunt down and destroy adversaries. If we prefer not to suffer the fate of sheep, then that’s where we better be heading.


  3. Dr, The reason why modern doctors stare at their computers and not at the patient is that they are incapable of being doctors anymore. Therefore all Australian medical data (via medicare) is stored and manged in “American” clouds. “They must surely know better how to deal with health and its management (that health that once was called health but has turned into pharmaceutical money spinning and until death arrives dependency)


  4. Sure, if you eliminate Billy Goat Gates of Hell from the media, you’ve prevented the next orchestration of a plandemic.


  5. The reason why modern doctors stare at their computers, instead of examining their patient’s body and symptoms, is because they are now linked to a Globalist controlled medical system.

    It is this faceless Globalist ‘techno-doctor’ that now diagnoses the patient, and suggests what medicines the patient needs.

    Due to their national health service sharing its database with Pfizer, Israel has now become the world leader in this department. When perfected on the Israeli guinea pigs, the operation will be rolled out to other nations.


  6. It’s all smoke and mirrors.
    The next ‘spooky’ will be EMF.
    A frequency for every disease.
    Rife knew that.

    Hell we’re at 26GHz rolling out now.
    30GHz to 300GHz is a directed energy weapon.
    60GHz has been auctioned off.

    There will be bleeding from all the orifices.
    And no, it won’t be Ebola.
    Billy Boy is just setting the stage to keep
    everyone off track.
    Marburg. Ebola.

    Until more lateral thinkers wake up and realise that radiation sickness
    has the same hallmarks, exactly the same, as the so-called coronavirus,
    then around and around the merry go round we all shall go….until we all fall down.

    Research papers don’t even deny uncanny associations.

    The Globalists are not that smart.
    They just plagiarise history and hope that no one works it out.
    Think 1918 Spanish flu.
    Something about Tesla and a contaminated jab.
    Their skin went black within hours.
    The vaccinated died.

    Evil hasn’t finished with us yet.

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  7. David said – “I am amazed Gates is still alive. Didn’t he and his wife, Melinda, get executed in India? Maybe this one is a clone!”

    I agree, creepy Bill is by far one of the most eligible assassination candidates in the history of Planet Earth. I can’t think of any event that would incite more widespread celebration across the globe. No matter the identity, credentials or history of the perpetrator, that individual will be owed a debt of gratitude by the entirety of humanity for millennia.

    Meanwhile, rumours of creepy Bill and Melinda’s execution or impending sentencing keep popping up. Reiner Fuellmich has mentioned quite a few times that an Indian court is prosecuting creepy Bill for mass murder – for which, if found guilty, he’ll get a death sentence in India.

    Going out on a limb, the web site Real Raw News ( ) – run by one Michael Baxter – has run an ongoing series of articles claiming inside info from military “White Hats” about the arrest, detention, prosecution and execution of a whole raft of Globalist big-wigs. Star exhibits include Hillary Clinton, Tony Fauci, Tom Hanks, and yes, creepy Bill and Melinda Gates (as well as a shitload of others).

    Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

    I for one won’t be happy until I see all these bastards in Australia – ALL of them – duly prosecuted, swinging from a gallows and turned into compost.

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  8. Janicew37 said – “Only way to stop it, is to not get jabbed…”

    … except that they’re now moving to inject all the livestock – cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens – with the fake “vaccine” bioweapon shit, and fruit and vegetables will follow soon after.

    Which means the only way to stop it, is to eliminate the Luciferian arseholes pushing this genocide – ALL of them – or otherwise you better figure out how to survive without eating any commercially produced food AT ALL.

    It’s not a stretch to imagine reanimated demon-shit Deadly Dan, emboldened by his unmitigated success in the ongoing slaughter of tens of thousands of new-born Australian babies for meat and organ trading, sending his private army of brain-dead shit-head hired Gestapo thugs door-to-door to bulldoze and burn every back-yard vege garden and “euthanise” all the backyard chooks in Victoria.

    You think Dictator Dan wouldn’t do such a thing? You think his private shit-head hired arsehole army of Gestapo wannabes wouldn’t relish the opportunity to smash down a few hundred thousand doors and trash suburban backyards while beating homesteaders senseless and dragging everyone off to “Quarantine Camps” for interrogation, re-education, injection and disposal?

    Good luck with that.

    And BTW – watch the water too.

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  9. Speaking of Gates’ population growth reduction agenda, just how are “vaccines” supposed to reduce populations except by promoting sterilization and/or death?

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  10. The article is titled – “Bill Gates says the next pandemic is preventable”

    Sure it is!

    Just tie a 5 tonne concrete block around creepy Bill’s neck and toss him overboard somewhere near the Marianas Trench.

    All future “pandemics” solved – easy peasy!

    Mind you, there might be a traffic jam with boats lining up to solve all our other problems too.

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  11. thanks daviddd2 awesome mate


  12. @Tony B 4’33”


  13. Gates is already working on the prevention. If he keeps on breathing and doesn’t catch SDS he’ll no doubt succeed. All it takes is a few bucks here and there in the right direction.

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  14. Is this Panel for real? He really radiates Credibility, That’s the Gates from Hell Billie…
    Their bank accounts must be growing by the second… Hmm.


  15. I tried to find the video to this, but I dare say its been censored, I remember watching it a few years ago, someone here may be able to find it I couldn’t.
    If someone does find it can you please send it to me?


  16. It will be if we get rid of Gates


  17. Surely we all know by now that the next pandemic is the jab they want to push into us…. Only way to stop it, is to not get jabbed…. Though there are still too many believing everything they are told.

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  18. Totally agree that the next pandemic is preventable – just got to stop Bill Gates from releasing it.

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  19. I am amazed Gates is still alive. Didn’t he and his wife, Melinda, get executed in India? Maybe this one is a clone!

    The last pandemic was carefully analyzed by the French Military Reserve Officers after their team at the Military Games in Wuhan came home with serious respiratory illness. It was published in May 2020 and I got the translation shortly after. I don’t know if you saw the report, so here it is (in English)

    Click to access FRENCH_MILITARY_DOCUMENT.pdf


  20. Running scared?


  21. The next pandemic is certainly preventable if a piece of space junk falls out of earth orbit and lands smack on Bill.

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  22. Gates needs to retire. That will immediately stop any more plandemics. Somebody needs to have a quiet word with him, persuade him of the joys of retirement and the evil of him continuing to work.


  23. so he knows about the next pandemic that hasn’t arrived? Wow what a clairvoyant? I’ll give him a call to know what horse to put my money on and what lotto ticket to buy. Well done to the Gates of hell

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  24. Someone please put gates behind bars …Sent from my Galaxy


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