Finn McHugh (Longer campaign will hurt ‘yes’ vote, Canberra Times 5/11/22, p. 29) explains the situation by quoting Professor Matt Qvortrup who advocated holding the Voice referendum as soon as possible because: ”The more information you put out there, the more people will say: I’m not sure about this, I don’t really understand this”.

That typifies Australia’s secret governance and pretend democracy as Australia has no lawful constitution, being governed by an unelected cabal of insiders that empowers aboriginal activists, among others, at the expense of ordinary aborigines and Australians generally.

In ‘Voice failure may hinder republic’, CT 7/9/22, p. 52, Michelle Grattan opined that a referendum on a Voice to Parliament for self declared leaders of 3% of the population (Ron: some of whom having no more indigenous blood than I have), is necessary before Australia can consider becoming a republic.

Professor Matt Qvortrup, ANU

I disagree. Australians have been denied proper constitutional governance for over a century and the ‘Voice’ campaign extends the extant imperial practice of ‘divide and rule’ used to subjugate Australians. This nation is composed of dozens of ethnic groups and members thereof have a right to an equal VOICE in our governance. Pretending that ANY segment of the population should have a special voice in controlling Australia’s governance is a specious elitist attempt to prolong the status quo in which a secret cabal of elitists retain control using their age-old mechanism of divide and rule.

Many segments of Australia’s population may feel disadvantaged by Australia’s governance. Past injustices cannot be ameliorated by creating more of the same. Irish convicts built the foundations of life here. Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis and Syrians as well as ‘originals’ have been displaced from their ancestral lifestyles by ‘Imperial’ Australian ‘troops’ supporting British and US invasions. All could claim special treatment.

The appropriate response to the peculiar and/or special interests of diverse ethnic population segments is devolution of almost ALL governance to relevant local and regional communities. Indigenous communities should have complete control of communal affairs and bear primary responsibility for the health and welfare of their members. Centralised political and bureaucratic elites, whatever their ethnicity, should be excluded, NOT enshrined in Canberra to determine the lifestyle and welfare of communities hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

Local community governance places responsibility for outcomes where it belongs.

In ‘Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness in Australia’

Brenton Sanderson says:

90,000 Australians called themselves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander for the first time in the last census. The 2021 Census is dramatic evidence of the new anti-White racism — and of the growing fraud that comes from lavishing privileges on people claiming to be Aboriginal, with few questions asked. … The 2016 Census found at least 40,000 people who claimed to be Aboriginal or Islander but had likewise chosen not to in the previous survey.

Individuals with tiny amounts of Aboriginal ancestry (or none) are taking advantage of a raft of government scholarships and affirmative action job vacancies by choosing to identify exclusively as Aborigines. These people choose to identify as Black to leverage their career and social advancement.

Sanderson lists the names of some of the Ashkenazi lawyers who are ramrodding the Voice movement. Ask yourself WHY are Ashkenazis aggressively pushing to amend the defunct Australian constitution to further empower activists ostensibly fronting for Australia’s original peoples?

Australia currently spends $33 billion annually, or some $55,000 per “Aborigine”, to fund “Aboriginals” and especially to fuel Aboriginal rights activists and the movement they espouse. Other Australians don’t receive such racially specific subsidies nor are those subsidies improving the health and welfare of most aboriginals.

Arguably the provision of government ‘sit down money’ has largely destroyed many aboriginal families and communities because males receive government payments without having to work for those payments, OR for their communities. The results appears to be widespread intoxication and repeated rape and physical abuse of aboriginal girls and women and an almost complete lack of proper male role models for aboriginal boys. Arguably the resultant destruction of aboriginal communities and culture is deliberate, albeit covert, Ashkenazi influenced government policy.

Arguably also, Ashkenazi activists have created this situation which ensures that aboriginals and especially aboriginals living in rural communities, remain dependent on government welfare. That is a recipe for elimination of aboriginal culture and race.

In the mid 1970s I personally observed instances of the then relatively nascent aboriginal activist industry and ‘occidentals’ generally, ripping off unsophisticated aboriginal individuals and communities in the NT. Since then the exploitation has burgeoned around Australia while some aboriginals and many people claiming partial aboriginal DNA have flooded the arena.

That must stop. The process is destroying many aboriginal individuals and communities while governments and the instigators of the Voice movement and similar, pretend to be desperately trying to help the people their activities are harming.P/2