Republicans Stephen Richer (left) and Lil’ Bill Gates ran a political action committee to fight MAGA candidates. They also run the Maricopa County elections department and the latest slow-walk vote counting debacle.
The Pima County Recorder who is “dismantling white supremacy” and pictured again below with Secretary of State and chief election officer Katie Hobbs.

ARIZONA’S notorious Maricopa County elections department produced a “surprise defeat” for the state’s No.1 Trump-backed candidate Kari Lake, in a torturous and highly suspicious “slow walk” vote count dragging on for nearly a week after election day. A recount is expected to be held.

Lake was expected to win the vote, especially in the strong Republican voting booths not yet counted by the elections department headed by “Little Bill Gates”, chairman of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors and Stephen Richer. But it emerged that voting machines “failed” in some 30% of polling places on “game day” (voting day). This forced a logjam of thousands of voters in lunch breaks to not vote as well as putting into doubt the thousands of votes that would not tabulate in the failed machines and were put into “box 3”.

Then on Monday night pro-Trump commentator Charlie Kirk began to receive dozens emails from Republican voters whose in-person, election day votes had not been tabulated and counted. Kirk quoted several emailers on Monday who said they were told by the county the uncounted votes would “counted in the next couple of days”. “This could explain why our data is out of whack,” Kirk said.

Gates and three other fellow Republicans on the five-member board represent the old guard McCain Republicans, otherwise known as RINOs (Republican In Name Only). They were exemplified by the globalist neocon Bush family and Liz Cheney, who sat on the Democrat January 6 show trial committee trying to prosecute Trump for the “insurrection” at the US Capitol in 2021.

Trump forces ousted Cheney from her Wyoming seat earlier this year, so there is very bad blood between Trump and the RINO Republicans, especially in Arizona. Given that Kari Lake is a 100% Trump/MAGA supporter, there is a very strong likelihood of a vengeance factor at work.

In fact it emerged on that in 2021 the Richer and Gates were involved in setting up a Republican political action committee to stop MAGA candidates. The so-called Pro-Democracy Republicans of Arizona group stated they were “fighting to keep our democratic institutions alive” – the very slogan used by the Democrats in the mid-term campaign.

Kirk said there were “incredibly suspicious ballot drops” and massive spikes in Democrat areas for Democrat Katie Hobbs. She was out-polling Joe Biden, who supposedly won the state from Trump in 2020. Kirk and his team, while admitting that the Democrats were probably better organised and certainly much better funded, there were definite anomalies.

Ballot harvesting, a Democratic Party specialty, was also strongly suspected. Ballot harvesting involves the collection of two or more completed mail ballots by a partisan election worker and submitting the mail ballots to the election board.

The former Democratic mayor of San Luis, Arizona, and another woman, were prosecuted for engaging in a ballot harvesting operation during the 2020 primary election, which increased suspicions that the same conduct occurred during the 2020 general election.

Meanwhile political commentator Dr Steve Turley, in a post-election broadcast, said he “smelt a rat”, and had good reason to smell it. He had learned from a Republican Party insider that a board member of Dr Mehmet Oz’s Pennsylvania Senate election team was actually funneling money to the Democrats.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he also heard from the same insiders that the Republican “RINO” establishment around Senator Mitch McConnell was actually working with the Democrats to torpedo Doug Mastriano, the highly promising candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. Both candidates were endorsed by Trump and both lost to their Democrat opponents.

But Trump did win 219 of his 235 endorsed races (a 93% success rate), which included state legislatures. His candidates also had historic wins in New York where Republicans defeated “deep blue” Democrat seats. However, the Republicans will only hold the House of Representatives by three or four seats. The big controversy now is which Republican will be Speaker of the House.

The Uniparty is the popular alternative name these days for the deep state or the swamp i.e. the entrenched political establishment of Washington DC from both sides of the floor, as exemplified a few years ago by the post-term Clinton-Bush-Obama love triangle – the political families who played the “Team A, Team B” political game for the powers that be.