Hidden and suppressed Australasian history: An online overview

But intriguingly the Strongs enter the picture and muddy the waters with their claims that the Gosford rock wall hieroglyphics actually depict the intervention of aliens – yes aliens – because one of the symbols could resemble a flying saucer. It could also resemble a jellyfish or some sort of headwear.

And then there is the unique rock art of the Kimberleys (the Bradshaw paintings) researched for years by Grahame Walsh, who maintained the rock art was probably the work of long-since disappeared Aboriginal peoples. Major Les Hiddins of Bush Tucker Man fame, who spent time with the local Aboriginals, was told by elders that they were not their paintings. Hiddins and others believe they are distinctly African.

But Walsh’s theory has been disowned by the academic establishment and the Kimberley Foundation, funded by mining companies and Melbourne’s Myer family. Professer Peter Veth, “Chair of Rock Art” at the University of WA, told the ABC “we see the art as being made by the original Aboriginal people … whose descendants live throughout the Kimberley today”.

But the notion of ancient migration is at odds with the dominant cultural Marxist narrative of “indigenous identity” as recently illustrated in a commentary in the academic discussion website The Conversation, where Deakin University anthropologist Emma Kowal and Walter and Eliza Institute immunologist Misty Jenkins attack a TV documentary exploring the DNA connections to Africa of Australians Ian Thorpe, Julia Zemiro and Ernie Dingo.

“Viewers had to switch channels to Stan Grant’s NITV talk show The Point directly after DNA Nation for an airing of the tricky issues. For instance, does the idea that everyone comes from Africa undermine the land rights of Indigenous Australians? The panel didn’t provide a clear answer, but we can: it doesn’t,” the academics declared.

Late in the article the pair reveal their involvement in the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics “the first Indigenous-governed genome facility in the world” which began when the Australian National University “developed a management strategy for 7000 blood samples collected from Indigenous communities, mostly in the 1960s and 70s”.

So, the DNA of indigenous Australians is “being protected” by the country’s academic establishment. One can imagine the uproar if an institution was set up to protect the DNA of white Anglo-Saxons. Then again, shouldn’t everyone’s DNA be protected from abuse by big pharma companies and the like, pushing their genetic modification treatments posing, for instance, as vaccines?

Across the Tasman in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, stone structures in the Waipoua State Forest on the west coast point to a possible pre-Maori culture, but no-one in the political and academic establishment wants to know about it. Local Maori (iwi) have threatened people who come to look at them. Why?

If these stone structures were evidence of early Maori culture, the site should be the centre of study for archaeologists. But to the contrary, the structures are planted over by commercial pine forest and in danger of being run over by logging bulldozers and completely covered by regrowth.

What is so unusual about these stone structures is that they are starkly different to the traditional timber huts and meeting houses built by the Maori in their fortified settlements. The stone structures are believed to have been built by a pre-Maori, red-headed, fair-skinned people inhabiting the islands.

[Until recently, New Zealanders generally believed a Polynesian sub-group on the islands known as Moriori were all but wiped out by genocide committed by the later-arriving Maori. But this history was revised by the late Michael King, maintaining they left Aoteroa (NZ) of their own accord seeking a great land to the east. Later, Maori tribes from what is now the Wellington area, pursued them and committed the genocide on the Chathams.]

Investigations at the Northland stone site reveal boundary boulders fenced off from a central cairn heap. Investigators believe the cairn was once a “Beehive House” hovel dwelling, that is now collapsed into an irregular pile.

There are hundreds of cairns amid the trees of the Waipoua Forest and many thousands more are said to be found in other vast forested regions. “The stone hovel dome dwelling was a common form of domicile in megalithic Great Britain and Continental Europe and the selfsame building method was most certainly utilised by New Zealand’s pre-Maori ‘Stone People’,” researchers claim.

The famous expedition by Thor Heyerdahl who built a ship of balsa wood and reeds and sailed west 4300km from Peru to French Polynesia in 1947 lent credence to the theory of Polynesia being populated by South American people. Heyerdahl made a very interesting observation of Maori culture: “Irrespective of how and when the Maori began to cover their carvings with spirals, the habit is absent in their Polynesian homeland and may therefore very well be so in their still earlier fatherland further away. There is, indeed, no such curvilinear surface design on the wood carvings of the Society Islands and these include the very tall ancestral posts which were erected in ancient Tahiti.” (see American Indians in the Pacific, pg. 116).

But claiming that Maori were not the original inhabitants again upsets the current “indigenist” political narrative that unreasonably heaps guilt upon European settlers as colonialist invaders who ravaged the land and stole it from the peaceful indigenous people.

That story was developed over decades in Australia and spread through academia and media by the Communist Party, whose long-term, international objective was (and still is) to foster indigenous separatism, and break up nation states into regional indigenous zones under some sort of utopian global community. This plan was detailed by ex-Australian Communist Party member Geoff MacDonald in his 1980s book Red Over Black.

The strategy has been incredibly successful, with indigenous culture in Australia, New Zealand and Canada now given almost deity status, to which we all must bow and acknowledge in contrived customs such as Welcome to Country and widespread adoption of Maori words in New Zealand. Not all Aboriginal and Maori people buy into this and some actively oppose the narrative, but they are sidelined by the rampant woke culture.

It’s not denied that some serious wrongs against indigenous peoples took place in the past, but if we do not know history accurately, the neo-Marxist grievance industry manipulates it for political and financial gain.

The grievance narrative is of the European colonists being brutal, ruthless invaders trampling on the innocent natives living in their alleged pre-industrial paradise. The truth is that the technologically and socially advanced European culture naturally dominated tribal society. In Australia and New Zealand there were brutal battles between settlers and the indigenous tribes, but also mutual understanding and many indigenous people, whose culture was essentially spiritual, accepted Christianity and whatever else the European culture offered.

New Zealand’s colonial government offered the warring Maori tribes a new unified culture under the protection of the Crown. The agreement between the English Crown and the tribes to cede to the Queen and partake in all the rights and duties of the people of England was strongly endorsed by about five hundred chiefs around the country who added their signatures. The treaty text had been translated into Maori, a spoken language given a written English form by the missionaries.

However, recent New Zealand governments, under the influence of the grievance industry, have fallen over themselves to compensate for the alleged failings of the treaty because it has been reinterpreted into a modern dual-sovereignty paradigm. This interpretation is now being used to promote “co-governance” between Māori and the Crown. 

Scientist and historian Bruce Moon has repeatedly debunked the claims of Maori activism: “More and more today, do we see part-Maori radicals waving a black, white and red flag which they call the “tino rangatiratanga” flag, claiming that those two words in the Treaty somehow mean that there is something called ‘Maori sovereignty’ which continues to exist.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  No such thing ever existed as a unified concept.”

Maori and Aboriginal society was tribal and hierarchical, as were tribal societies elsewhere. Punishment was given under tribal law and hereditary rulers and there was no concept of English law based on national and individual sovereignty with private property rights.

The Australian Aboriginal attempts to right past wrongs resulted in the Mabo court case that began in May 1982, when a group of men from Meriam fought against the Queensland government for acknowledgment of the rights of Aboriginals as the traditional owners of their land. Since then, land claims have ballooned, many of them questionable.

So how indigenous is “indigenous”? Are we not all indigenous if we are born in the location referred to? And does being indigenous give us a higher status than the mere migrant? The fact of the matter is that the early Aborigines and Maori were all migrants, as were the later colonizing English, French, Dutch and other nationalities.

Much more fascinating evidence of pre-Maori people is detailed on a page at Celtic NZ with answers to correspondence (some threatening) on the issue. Topics include the so-called white-skinned “fairy people”; the tall, cave-dwelling “Aztec tribe” of Port Waikato; the bullaun bowls or cup bowls carved out of solid rock, also common in ancient European cultures; geometrically-placed stone markers in the Waitapu Valley in Northland and other locations; the caucasoid Lapita people and their influence in the Pacific.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. WTF! We might as well make up whatever history we like. The sky’s the limit. While ever the fkrs keep manipulating our emotion buttons we may as well park our brains in neutral. The gaslighting nonsense today is so commonplace it’s hardly worth thinking about. lol


  2. “There is no mistaking the fact that the aborigines … gave not only to the Egyptians their knowledge and their foundation of hieroglyphics and their philosophy, but formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come.”

    I’ll tell you what really well-hidden history is, the linguistic and philosophical genius of the Abos, for as of this writing no one has been able to find any evidence of it anywhere. And I fear that this is a situation that will continue indefinitely.

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  3. Most information is delivered to us by persons unknown to us. We either believe what we’re told or we don’t believe.

    Who is it that writes history, of any place on Earth? The ruling Witch Doctors and High Priests who create “reality” for us.

    It’s enough to make our heads spin at 1000 mph as we hurtle through space at 66,600 mls per hour. Just make sure you’re not spinning in the wrong direction.

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  4. I’m not sure what this email means – there are no words. I’m laughing about Aborigines teaching Egyptians and the rest of the world giving all the foundation of all knowledge to come. What a joke if you don’t understand satire. They invented Helicopters too didn’t they?

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  5. ROTFL. “…the aborigines … gave not only to the Egyptians their knowledge and their foundation of hieroglyphics and their philosophy, but formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come…”.

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  6. Nadir… good move. I tried to reply more fully but was canned, as usual. No free speech here.

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  7. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”
    – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Which part of the Communist Manifesto does Australia not follow and why is it becoming more of a totalitarian State every day?

    Isaiah 9:15-16, “The elder and the lifted of face, he is the head; and the prophet who teaches lies, he is the tail ( symbolising a snake! ) For this peoples leaders are led astray, and its guided ones are destroyed”.


  8. Agree with lindesy 100%… and books by authors who say the same will not be found in your local library but the knowledge is out there and ignored because it does not fit with the mainstream accepted narrative.

    Ancient archaeology is really a most interesting subject. There are some good books out there written by authors who dare to question the accepted narrative.. Michael Cremo who wrote Forbidden Archaeology, Robert Shoch and others like him.

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  9. Nadir, yes there was a “religious mound” on a farm/private property close to the township of Brunswick Heads and yes the mound was bulldozed by the son of the owner and father of a friend of mine. Dad did not believe in aboriginal religious bullocks and granddad just wanted to have his farm to be left alone by “authority” and keep running his own business. The (sacred) place was dug up and flattened and there had been only dirt – according to family memories.

    About ancient Egyptians/Phoenicians or other races traveling to Oz to learn about “mound building” and hieroglyphs needs to wait until all of history has been uncensored by a authority that has become ourselves.

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  10. Dr. CK Thong: God in Ancient China Identical to God of the Bible (TSFT15 Los Angeles)

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  11. There is no doubt in my mind that ancient civilizations circumnavigated the globe. The reason why this is suppressed information is because we are supposed to think that we ‘evolved’ and that ancient man was primitive and feral and of low intelligence.

    Structures exist on the earth that could not be built by any known modern technology. The massive polygonal walls of Tiahuanaco or Saksaywaman are made of stones cut out of andacite (just under diamond on Moh Scale),shaped into polygons weighing thousands of tons and fit together without mortar. It is virtually earthquake resistant. Much of this architecture is still buried (on top of the Andes) in vast deposits of sediment with abundant marine life from ancient seas. That these structures are on top of the Andes is evidence for a global flood and an antedeluvian civilization that was very advanced.

    It would stand to reason that the most ancient civilizations of our recorded history conserved some of that knowledge. Of course the Marxist schools can not have people learning about the kind of stuff. They would read the Bible and they would also probably read the Babylonian ‘take’ on the Genesis 6 narrative (Enuma Elish) which was the first major effort to obfuscate the account later written in Hebrew and Aramaic as Genesis. The British Museum has an entire wing completely dedicated to the Sumerian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian artifacts of the Enuma Elish ‘bio-engineering, illumination’ Genesis story.

    Today there is a concerted effort by the same PTB to reinvent this account in terms of science fiction, extra-terrestial beings (from other planets) who kick started evolution on planet earth and bio-engineered the human race. These would be our space brother progenitors, etc. Look for this narrative to develop in the Big Jew media with reference to ancient Babylonian artifacts.

    Eygptian seafarers also left hieroglyphs in the Southwest of the United States. I think they were one of the ancient civilizations to circumnavigate the globe. The ancient Canaanites (also called Phoenecians) following their Rephaim also set up their Punic colonies in the Northern hemisphere. Inscriptions found at the American stonehenge in New Hampshire have yielded inscriptions in the Punic writing of the Iberian Peninsula. Their dolmens, mounds etc are found all over the world.

    I see no reason why these civilizations would not have come to Australia and left artifacts. They built mounds which the indigenous people may have used for ceremonial purposes and probably learned much of them. And I expect they know what is deep buried under those mounds as do the Sardinians in Sardinia, the Navajo, the Hopi and Zuni in the American Southwest and many others . And that will absolutely confirm the Genesis 6 record and its oral traditions conserved all over the world in initiation story, song and ceremony, petroglyfs/ rock art and signed with the human signature of the hand.

    With Google Earth interested investigators can discover without too much trouble what are the astronomical alignments of these structures to others on the same continent.

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  12. Well who knows.. but I do know that a lot of past human history is hidden from us or just called myths and legends. But myths and legends had to come from somewhere and I believe are based on fact, i.e. actual human experience handed down through the ages.

    There have been many civilizations before ours that have come and gone, some of them far more advanced than we are today but archaeologists etc generally don’t want to admit that.

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  13. I stopped reading in the first paragraph, which says: A mound (near) Brunswick Heads, is believed to have been an aborigines’ religious mound, which was a centre of worship for aborigines from all parts of Australia.

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  14. An Egyptian coin showing head of Ptolomy 5 , was found on an island on Barwon River near Kuranda when a farmer was digging a fence post .

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  15. This is like one of those American reality shows, where melodramatic and spectacular characters discover Bigfoot, or Yeti, or lost gold. “Omigod, look. A boomerang in that hieroglyph.” Bored viewer: “Yeah, the ancient Egyptians used boomerangs too, as did many other people on this planet.”

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  16. Yes, Maori culture was hierarchical and featured chiefs, slavery, torture, hegemony, and war. Decisons were made by chiefs or Tohunga. Law was based on four principles. Aboriginal culture was nonhierarchical, had no chiefs or kings or queens, and had no experience of slavery, torture, hegemony, or war. Decisions were, and are, made by everybody. It’s called consensus. We also call it democracy. For crissake, I live in a household in Arnhem Land in which the main languages are Djambarrpuyngu and some Wangurri, with a little English thrown in for western subjects. Our laws are Gurrutu, Malk, Madayin and Rom, which have been static for hundreds of years, and basically the same for thousands.

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  17. Episodic…
    “Maori and Aboriginal society was tribal and hierarchical”
    This is what happens when one learns about cultures from books written by anthropologists who did not believe it was necessary to learn a language to understand a culture. or from people from north Queensland who call themselves Aboriginal but who talk pidgin and live a hybrid culture.

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  18. Haha – the Aborigines taught the Egyptians – the tribe which did not have functional seafaring ships and navigation taught the other tribe which had all of that about things….. Right…. I guess the Europeans were taught by the Africans everything about modern technology when they reached the shores of Africa as well…. Guess the Euros just destroyed their advanced architecture and technology when they arrived out of jealousy. And by mere sympathy the rest of the giant African continent also chose to self-destroy all traces of their advanced science and technology as not enrage the jealousy of those pesky white men.

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  19. So now the Aborigines taught the Egyptians,🙄 what was the author smoking🤣 oh this just keeps getting better, what an imagination.

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