Truth-speaking doctor blows up AMA conference

Dr William Bray speaks to supporters outside the AMA conference in Sydney.


DR William Bray, a Quensland doctor who gave up his licence to practice in order to expose the lies and deceit behind Covid19 and the dangers of mRNA vaccines, has crashed the national conference of the Australian Medical Association, calling Australia’s Health Department secretary Prof Brendan Murphy a liar and citing the high rate of mRNA vaccine fatalities as revealed in the Quatar Study. A video of Dr Bray’s protest was posted on the Concerned Lawyers Network page on Telegram.

The three-day conference held in Sydney and online from July 29-31 featured guests such as Dr Anthony Fauci, Prof Brendan Murphy, Dr Vijay Roach, Dr Anne Tonkin and Dr Raina MacIntyre. Sessions focused heavily on woke/politically correct topics such as “cultural safety”, “climate change”, and “gender equity”.

It’s hardly surprising that Australia’s medical establishment has partaken in the Covid19 scam when it entertains woke ideology at official levels, but that is the nature of globalisation forces seeking to control all institutions.

Dr Bray called on his colleagues to join with the people of Australia and to “stop forcing mRNA vaccines on people who are getting killed by them”. “Professor Doctor Paul Kelly is a liar and he is gaslighting you. There is only a 0.27% fatality rate from the infection and natural immunity has been proven recently in a Quatar study to give you 97.3% protection for life against all variants.”

Dr Bray told those assembled that they were on notice from the people of Queensland through the Queensland People’s Protest. Many of those present in the conference room began to pick up their bags and scuttle for the door like cockroaches as Dr Bray continued to expose the scandal.

As hotel security staff began to escort Dr Bray out of the room, he began a chant: “One shot, two shots, three shots, four. How many shots until you hit the floor!”

Outside the conference Dr Bray warned NSW people that Queensland’s Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment and Other Legislation Bill 2022 would apply in all states and territories and change the focus of medical care from the patient to “the greater good”.

The Bill appears to focus on further national control and standardization of medical practice and care. The Bill proposes a national registration and accreditation scheme to ensure “that only health practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified to practise in a competent and ethical manner are registered”.

“The tyranny is escalating dramatically, that is why I have come out today and I have thrown away my medical licence in front of the chief medical officer Dr Paul Kelly, so help him God, because I will stand with you and I will not stand with those traitors to the medical ethics over there,” said Dr Bray, pointing to the conference venue.

Meanwhile the Covid criminality continues with Australia’s TGA approving the Moderna vaccines for children aged six months to five years, despite the fact that infants have strong immune resistance to Covid and disturbing cases of harm and death caused to infants whose mothers took mRNA vaccines.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Well I guess we can all pontificate, immerse ourselves in philosophical idealism and indulge in unfortunate, strident, and divisive ideologies til we’re blue in the face – but at the end of the day, pertaining to Spirit or Wairua (Spirit of the Soul) – it doesn’t get more percipient or succinct than this: “He who stands up will live, He who sits down will perish.” (ancient Māori proverb).
    Many have been sitting down for that long, their backsides are so numb that they no longer even realise they’re sitting down. So be it.


  2. DJ, David – in regards to the spirit:
    “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see i was right.”

    As many global citizens already have noticed, Hitler’s spirit is “more than alive” in Nations that waged war against him than in mentally castrated and emotionally sucked dry Germany. The origin of Spirit is a simple spark (of natural truth) that will be remembered naturally and grows into healthy Nationalism – caring for its own citizens without foreign dependencies or to loot ones neighbor or Nations on foreign shores. I am very confident that this will happen in Germany, US, UK, Australia and in the majority of global nations. The spark will turn into a raging global wildfire, eventually consuming all that is unnatural. It might take a little more time, more ignorance and denial but it will happen.

    “When people attempt to rebel against the iron logic of Nature, they come into conflict with the very same principles to which they owe their existence as human beings. Their actions against Nature must lead to their own downfall.”


  3. CATACLYSMIC DUCK – Thanks for the info – I agree.

    Most of the unions have long ago thrown in with main stream politics, big business and MSM..

    Not the majority of the members – the union bosses and executive, as shown during the Victorian protests.

    The rank and file members found out that the union executive had (allegedly) thrown in with big business, MSM, and the politicians.

    In concern of the lock downs and the jabs – were most of the unions complicit?

    The Queensland Fire Services Union appear to be one of the few that 100% supports their members, To this day their members do not have to be jabbed.

    What a total difference it would have made, if all of the unions bosses listened to their members, instead of acting exactly like politicians by telling the members what they will or will not have to do – instead of listening and asking, then making decisions to best suit the members concerns.

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  4. “This is not politics.”

    Absolutely! It’s the Australian publicly funded Blankety Blanks Show, featuring a stack of comical Ugly Dave and Davina Grays.


  5. Yes daviddd2, Very sadly I agree – and consider that that ‘spirit’ was insidiously snuffed out long ago…somewhere amidst the ’90’s maybe? That was when I first started witnessing it’s shrinking.


  6. Thanks Ron. Look, it is THOSE unfit human beings who stand in the way of the Aussie spirit: “I dismiss the comments as being totally hypocritical, given the yelling that occurred every time I was on my feet, including non stop gestures, yelling for me to sit down. and that’s just part of the disruption.”

    Australian politics and the imbeciles shouting grotesque stuff at each other while having $100++ p/m deposited into their bank accounts and can neither voted out or be sacked. A kindergarten full of soulless NON AUSTRALIAN hybrids that decide for us what is Australian and what not. This is not politics. This is the rumble of a mental institution which ran out of medication!

    Aussie politics and the S(H)AVING of AUSTRALIA.


  7. I cannot agree that the classic Aussie spirit is still alive and well. It used to be that the typical Aussie never tolerated crap and nonsense and would quick smart tell any pelican where to get off.

    Today, the pelicans rule the roost and the typical Aussie seems to prefer pussyfooting instead. Too much fluoride in the water supply, you reckon?

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  8. Precisely! ron.


  9. Jo – Very good comment. You have a very good understanding of the true Aussie spirit, community, and mateship. It is quite obvious that you have a genuine concern for Australia and your fellow Aussies.

    Your comment brought back many memories similar to the ones you have included in your comment, about small town communities. Those types of people are also found in the cities..
    Problem is – the grubs have for many years (on purpose) divided communities, families, religions, etc and taken us away from our great Aussie way of life, why?

    To break our spirit, our mateship, our strong communities – so it is easier for them to have total control over us.

    “The Australian spirit still exists” For sure it does, but is fast being lost.
    I do not believe that the spirit will survive in the people that are left under the total control of the grubs – it will be knocked out of them one way or another.

    We could turn all of this around, away from where the grubs have been and are still steering and leading us – over the edge of a cliff or into a form of slavery.

    “a romanticized memory from a colonial past” I am not after that. just a starting point that is already in place and can / will be changed or replaced after we the people take back our Australia. The original constitution (using referendum) allows for the necessary changes to be made in a timely manner.

    In the very near future time will have run out for us to do anything of value, then the Aussie spirit and way of life will be extinguished, and may never surface again.


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  10. Hi jo, Yes NEOM (or The Line) has been under construction for a quite a few years – to the tune of (from memory) around $500 billion – expected completion to be approximately 2030…if not sooner. The “vision of the future” as seen by CP MbS and which he considers will be his “legacy”. Nightmarish sci-fi becomes reality.


  11. What a wonderful defence for true health care and a wonderful defence for the truth against these weaponised covid injections. Thank you, Dr Bray; well done.

    In “Our Obituary for Dr Zev Zelenko” I read the following:

    “The end of the doctor-patient relationship?

    Zev spoke openly about the debasement of medicine, noting that in the last 50 years, American education has shifted. Instead of teaching analytical reasoning and problem solving, the education system has been indoctrinating students to bow to authority. This deference to “experts” has led to the corruption of medicine and to doctors obeying counterproductive COVID-19 policies.”


  12. In regards to smart cities, “Bone Saw Bin” the regent, is building one right now in Saudi Arabia: “No roads, cars or emissions, it will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of land will be preserved for nature. People’s health and wellbeing will be prioritized over transportation and infrastructure, unlike traditional cities.”

    The camels will fart emission free in the protected and undercover sand dunes and best of all ANYONE “living” in the city can earn “Bone Saw Bin bonus points” or when misbehave (software problem) will admire the real Bone Saw Bin thing.

    95% of Saudi’s nature will be preserved!, the human diet “meat free” but highly delicious


  13. Ron, allow me to explain what a “Kraut” picked up who migrated to Australia after he visited Oz in the early 80ties: I came to a small village along the Hwy in Northern NSW with one of the most beautiful hinterlands I had ever seen. The people in the local pub were from all over the globe or born locally. There were two elderly gentlemen in their 90ties, one born in England the other one right there, who went to school and to war together and were “joined at the hips like brothers”. The Aussie calling his old mate a pommy bastard. There were some Aboriginals, Islanders, Aussies of all generations, Indians, all kind of Europeans and ALL that I met had surprisingly one thing in common: The love for the country they lived in and their huge hearts for others in the community.

    The majority was employed or working for themselves. The Aboriginal was a very respected member of the little community and a certified builder, who when we met the first time came over to the pigeon English speaking wog, shook hands and said as introduction: “Hi, my name is Darrel, but they all call me black bastard here.” There was a rich south African farmer standing at the bar of the pub talking politics to an “unemployed bludger” who was far better dressed than the farmer himself and there was a local who owned a little shop calling a very hard working Indian Banana grower “bludger” too. ALL of those people had another thing in common: It was ONE BIG FAMILY and whenever ANYONE of the community was needing help of any kind EVERYBODY was there straight away. No matter what and NO EXCUSES. This was Australia known to me then and when I returned to Germany I had left more friends in OZ than I ever had at home.

    There was an intense AUSTRALIAN spirit in all those people who I came to love and it is this spirit that has been taken over by “the opposition” that has invested in other interests than unity and a common goal. These interests of prospering turned to greed and selfishness while a “commonwealth government” enjoyed its own gluttony to expand and by “squeezing” subjectism into its core while being highly rewarded by one of the most unfair tax system in the labor market world. Just to pay “hefty commissions” to the countries owner overseas.

    The Australian spirit still exists. In the memory of the older ones and in some memories of the young that have been implanted by their loving parents and grand parents and most of all by an Aussie nature that has encompassed all. This spirit will survive what ever comes around the Aussie corner and even if Australia ceases to exist as the nation it believed it was.
    The same spirit may lie dormant now or is numbed by anxiety but will rise again. From the ashes maybe but it will be stronger than ever before. There we all will find OUR unity even if it only will be in a bubble that is isolated still, but it will expand and rise again for sure.

    Unity in the SPIRIT of Australia will work for all but it does not need discussions of intellect or a romanticized memory from a colonial past, nor corrupted politics to choose what’s best for us IF the Aussie heart already knows what AUSTRALIAN UNITY will be.


  14. Oink-el Klaus Wants YOU!
    Be happy, Happiness is contagious, you can pass it on to your kids.
    Make sure it’s in your Will, in case some parasites decide they want that too.



    Hi Ron, next time you see a group of hi-viz wearing tradies waiting for their coffees, thank them for demanding their unions create new green jobs and address global warming at the Union Congress meeting at Melbourne Convention Centre in November.

    When they look at you rather strangely, or tell you to foff, pass them a copy of this post, ask them to make 12 copies to pass to their mates and them to do the same. 😀

    ‘This year’s UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development is taking place in a context of multiple crises: Global inequality, worsening environmental degradation, a global pandemic and the rising number of conflicts. All of them are threatening the world’s sustainability and the United Nations is now talking about “rescuing the Sustainability Development Goals”.

    In their role as a UN Major Group and as actors in development in their own right, trade unions have lined up policy priorities for the SDGs that are under review this year. These priorities provide guidance to redress the current trend and bring the 2030 Agenda to safe haven by 2030.

    “We know what is at stakes and what needs to be done. The world has enough knowledge, technology and resources to get the SDGs back on track. What we need now is the political will to act. The 2030 Agenda, along with the UN General Secretary’s report Our Common Agenda and the Global Accelerator, must set the blueprint,” said ITUC General Secretary & ex ACTU leader Sharan Burrow.

    A new social contract with SDG 8 at its centre:

    The International Trade Union Confederation submission to the HLPF frames its recommendations both on worker’s demands for a new social contract (green jobs with just transitions, rights, social protection, wages, equality, and inclusion) and on the results of the ITUC’s SDG 8 Global Monitor. This tool shows the leverage role of SDG 8 in advancing the other goals of the 2030 Agenda, including the goals the HLPF will focus on this year (Goal 4 on access to education; 5 on gender equality; 14 on life below water; 15 on life on land; and 17 on partnerships to achieve the goals).’

    Click to access 5coe5_a_-_draft_congress_statement_a_new_social_contract.pdf

    My Conclusion of the new social contract:

    On the one hand, the global union movement is against neoliberal private corporations dominating the world economy, but on the other, are demanding the implementation of the UN 2030 agenda, pushed by World Economic Forum private corporation representatives who want to plunder the public purse.

    All done under the guise of workers demands for green jobs?, while pushing global warming and covid19 lies.


  16. Hi Paul Hogan, bit like a marriage certificate I unfortunately had once.


  17. You dont need a licence to practice good, the absence of the framed paper certificate on the wall does not make a doctor to loose his mind, neither it dissolves his skills and knowledge.

    Licence means the consent to be taxed (renewal fees etc).


  18. Well ron, we can only fervently hope that enough information and truth has managed to seep through. Allegedly, in the UK, people (who in my opinion shouldn’t be referred to as ‘parents’ if they do) have now stopped having their children jabbed. And all the “sudden deaths” are helping (for want of a better word) as a huge wake up call.


  19. D Johnston – You have a realistic view on what has happened and what will likely happen in the near future.

    Your comment; “There lay a huge window of opportunity which I reckon is now pretty much nailed shut”

    Yes more than two years of opportunity to make a real difference (push back) was wasted – excepting for the protests.

    I am waiting to see if the jabbing of the babies and infants will wake up enough people who will then demand push back.
    Maybe it will make no difference, they did not seem to worry about the teenagers and children getting the jab.

    I believe that if the majority of Australians are still in sheeple mode at the end of this year, there will be little hope of any effective push back.


  20. Thank you Dr Bray for having the courage to expose these filthy medical ‘elites’ who are supporting & enabling this criminal excercise by the globalists & WEF traitors infiltrating our country. When circumstances are right they will answer for what they have forced upon societies here & around the globe.


  21. Thanks ron. Yes they at least serve as a kind of blueprint for that change of direction. I’ve long considered that all the massive assemblages of people at the fruitless protest rallies would’ve been numbers and energy FAR better used in creating networking – aimed towards establishing these alternative communities from all walks of life. All their focus (and I’m not saying it wasn’t well intended), was aimed in the total wrong direction! They should’ve been focusing solely upon themselves; in creating their own NWO. Including driving agendas in creating an authentic constitution etc. Imagine how much empowerment and progression that would have achieved by now eh? Rather than simply lining the pockets of the opportunistic fraudsters (posing as ‘saviours’ and bleating about their bank balance!?) – whilst the ptb wet themselves laughing and continue on their merry way. There lay a huge window of opportunity which I reckon is now pretty much nailed shut. But it’s still attainable – with as you say “people becoming more involved in their communities.”


  22. D Johnston- very good comment, thanks.

    Looked at your highlighted info on Community groups, they are a very good example.

    For the majority of Australians living where and how they do at present, they would only need to become involved in their communities for the purpose of regaining control of governments, etc.

    If we do not start the process by using our original (now hidden away) constitution, what legislation would we use, the illegal corrupted acts,regs,etc put out by the private corporation governments?

    The local community assemblies slowly growing around Australia and overseas are a good example – also known as common law assemblies.


  23. Hi ron, Thank you for your well considered comment. It’s refreshing to finally see someone exploring solutions rather than just bitching and moaning and attributing blame on everyone/everything else but themselves. The inevitable and cyclical Karmic lesson is fast approaching and no amount of wailing and/or waiting for some other entity (divine or otherwise) to save them, will be of any use AT ALL.
    Yes, I fully agree with what you propose. And hope my scant input is of some use. For an inordinate period of time, people have been turning their backs on the construct called ‘society’, which is in reality only slightly tweaked and amped-up FEUDALISM. The shunning of such, goes back way before the ’60’s era hippies began dropping out with their communes, et al. Native peoples’ the world over, have never relinquished their intrinsic belief systems/cultures and established ‘bolt holes’ of seperate and self-sufficient communities. As one example, the Ngāi Tūhoe iwi (tribe) in NZ have over the past several years led the way on this; with living buildings etc. (Personally, when the time is right, I will return to tribe – although as with Māraes – ALL peoples’ are welcomed).
    Going to extremes maybe?, but one only has to look at the Amish. Well they’re not being so ridiculed now are they?! Especially in recent times – they remain totally unscathed by the astronomical hot mess occuring on the ‘outside’.
    I forsee a mass exodus (currently happening) to already well established Independent Communities. There are many variations on this theme. Naturally there are initial outlays – but where aren’t there? I tend to believe these existing communities have become exceedingly sophisticated and very well prepared for ‘society’s’ implosion. Hopefully (but more presumably) they are also armoured to the eyeballs.
    So I don’t think it is any longer a case of “taking back” (that which is dead and buried with nothing worth salvaging) – but rather a case of “removing and rebuilding”. It is NOT running away or surrendering. And most especially, NOT surrendering haplessly to the myriad of false prophets! People have to take their destiny/fate into their OWN hands. “Should I go or should I stay now?…” as the song said. And the ptb will be far tooooo busy trying to save their own collective asses than worrying about where we have all gone.
    Thought the following link may be of interest…


  24. jo: “until a humane group of oligarchs step in to save the world and bring peace and “happiness to all”

    Great story line! lol But it’s been around for a while, part of the Meschiahnic Legacy a couple of thousand years ago.

    And there I am believing the time has come and Oinkel Klaus is promising us just that. Except I can’t see anyone who might help with turning over the tables. lol

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  25. Jo

    I agree with what you have said.

    Still no answer(s) to my question – what will work.

    We are not responsible for the dept, that came from the private corporations that call themselves federal, state and local governments.

    We do not need a physical, violent type of revolt, we just need the majority of the Australian people to take back their communities and en masse provide their own reps for federal, state and local governments. We (the communities) will count the votes.

    We have to go back to the 1901 constitution where we can quickly have referendum (the peoples say and choices) and use common law, for quick changes.

    We can then make changes so that this rot never happens again. If that means something other than the constitution no problem, that will come about by way of the peoples choices.made by referendum.

    We can have our own police, or sheriffs, our own military or militia, our common law courts, etc.

    Or we can just admit defeat and carry on marking time until there is no hope and we just give in to the grubs and their total control systems.

    If that is to be the choice of the majority of Australians I say “good luck having nothing and being happy”


  26. Ron, “to take back our constitution” will lead us exactly where we are now. Every thing what concerns humanity and the world of humanity must come out into the open. EVERYTHING. If not, we AGAIN prepare our own survival lunch with the same rotten ingredients that we originally tried to avoid.

    Here is some “fiction” for you: I am very sorry Ron but Australia can not be saved, as the continent is neither sovereign to its own people nor to the rest of this world that has turned into hell. The Australian debt alone, owned to the overlords of coin can not be overcome by united local communities and banking beside the usual vaccinations and (coming soon to you) mandatory chip implants that will help to adopt to be moved into tiny smart city cubicles. The chip will help the citizens think and adopt to their lives in virtual realities as “Kings & Queens” before “being harvested” by whatever brings “happiness or profit to others”.
    Besides the lack of unity in Aussies, if a revolt to overthrow the government should be successful rest assured that some foreign “Peacekeeping armies” will invade to crush the rebels and restore “global democracy” and this is not taking into consideration that a global financial reset will stop the flow of money and all the rest that man needs for survival. Public order and empathy for others will collapse in Chaos and bloodshed until a humane group of oligarchs step in to save the world and bring peace and “happiness to all”. Welcome to the real Hollywood of horrors.


  27. I have studied and researched what was being planned to happen (what is happening now) for about 40 years. Many others who make comments in Cairns News have been aware of what was coming for many years and some longer than my 40 years.

    My research includes ancient and modern and real history, medicine, nutrition, technology, etc, etc. I am well aware (in detail) of what has been done to steal and sell off our country and replace all governments and government departments with private corporations.

    I could provide truck loads of information to back-up my beliefs, that has already been done by many very switched on people making comments and submitting articles in Cairns News.

    For what is in progress at this time WEF, NWO, WHO, UN, and the like – I believe that the only way out, of this mess is for Australians to form communities in every city, town, area and district in Australia, to elect individuals from their communities to directly represent the people of their communities. If this does not happen we will have no hope of fixing this mess.

    I have a question for all who make comments and/or read comments in Cairns News.

    Other than protests, alternate media articles and comments (both very good push back – community actions):..

    “What will work to / should be done to, push back, to take back our constitution, and reverse all that the grubs have done to us.”?

    I do not believe that there will be too many realistic comments about my above question.
    if there are none, then I believe that we are just marking time until it is our turn to submit to whatever the grubs want to do to us and our families.

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  28. God help us! So so angry they are now going for our small children and babies. The medical fraternity and politicians appear to have no shame where Covid truths are concerned . I was told by my Dr. that I was selfish for not having Covid injections. I had researched enough from outspoken clearly highly qualified immunologists in America, Dr. Fauchi really gave me the creeps, then finally other highly qualified medico’s evenutally followed brave people like Dr. Tenpenny etc who weren’t hoodwinked by Big Pharma. Surgeons General from the Forces in America (at least 3 who pestered USA Senators until one had the courage to Chair hearings on their experiences and Covid immunisation ‘fallouts’ etc etc. The silence from the medical fraternity here in Australia was deafening, as was honesty from any politician professing religious beliefs here in Australia. No one was prepared to step out of the ‘message’ and tell truths about the real risks of ‘experimental infusions’. Now the politicians have sold our souls to edicts of the World Health Organization. What a joke!!! That test card was ‘Fail’.

    The tragedy of loss of life – unnecessarily, the tragedy of health destruction and quality of lives for far too many, as a result of these experimental infusions. Worse the rumoured possible conflicts of interest of some those elected – appointed – to represent us re all things Covid has destroyed my faith in the both the political and medical institutions in Australia.


  29. I think the link to his speech got torpedoed, or something. When you click on it in this article, it comes up as an invalid address.


  30. Doctors are herd animals. Having abandoned the Hippocratic Oath and the Christian faith as a profession they are going to do what the Communist State tells them to do.


  31. The United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime in Australia is now getting its legislative ducks lined up for the standard issue Communist genocide on the population. They are getting all the relevant legislation passed now. As Dr. Bay states the relevant legislation will go through the parliamentary cannery in the Big Pineapple. This is because there is no House of Review [Senate] to hold up these bills getting passed into law.

    The Vampyre Dominatrix Yvette D’Ath, minister for the depop rollout in the Big Q introduced The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill into the Parliamentary Cannery 11 May 2022. It was promptly referred to the Health and Environment Committee for consideration. Does it tick all the boxes for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Will it get the job done on the useless eaters and CO2 breathers who could put Australia over our CO2 emissions limit?

    Afterwards, they all adjourned to the ancient crypt of the Big Q Pineapple Cannery to worship Bauphomet, drink the blood of children out of the communal skull and celebrate with an inferanl din. D’Ath was placed on notice by the Grand High Cabal that while the Bill was under consideration she was restrain herself from ‘morphing’ into anything unnatural in public or on camera. The Committee tabled its report No 21 for the 57th Parliament 1 July 2022.

    Click to access Health-Practitioner-Regulation-National-Law-and-Other-Legislation-Amendment-Bill-2022-6e2a.pdf


  32. We are now dealing with state-sanctioned genocide and when 30% of the population realize this, the Pareto Principle falls apart and there will be more ankle bracelets.


  33. QUOTE: Sessions focused heavily on (…) “cultural safety”, “climate change”, and “gender equity”.

    Classic medical issues and concerns, of course! LOL The handling of the “plandemic” is of no interest to them and doesn’t even rate.

    Too many doctors have turned into gutless, highly paid sheep, too concerned with their status and incomes to demand investigation of the most critical medical issues confronting our lives!

    Too many have been turned into flunky operatives of the minority cabal of medical tyrants which monopolises our medical options and treatments while it fills its coffers from the despair and misery it inflicts on us.

    It’s time for a rethink, for change and for mandatory accountability! Medical Science must not be corrupted by the political tyranny and the profits of a suspect hierarchy.

    We must demand our rights are respected and we must ensure complete objectivity. We owe that much to ourselves and our kids.


  34. Hi bill soko, Absolutely correct. Re: “the study also needs to be quoted so anyone can look it up.” That is of course if they still possess a functional cerebral cortex; after not only having submitted to the detrimental mask wearing and the death shots, but also being bombarded by EMF/RF poisoning.
    As an aside, have people forgotten about the Canberra deployment of sonic blasters? The subsequent outcry that lasted all of around 5 minutes. Do the singing flag waving face paint brigade not realise they are still being (albeit more surreptitiously) exposed to it at their rallies?


  35. There is a big story here as we all know. The centralized narrative and response was syndicated to a vast array of our medical institutions — with some reported inducements for reporting as per guidance from head office. Very well orchestrated.

    On the other hand, making counter statements like “…There is only a 0.27% fatality rate from the infection and natural immunity has been proven recently in a Quatar study to give you 97.3% protection for life against all variants.” is conjecture as well since the scientific data and conclusions have not been peer reviewed and will take a few years to compile. In this statement like lots of pro-covid media, ‘proven’ is scientifically not correct. the study also needs to be quoted so anyone can look it up.


  36. Dr Brays heroic effort will have strong reverberations throughout the Medical Mafia and its dupes.


  37. If only all doctors were like this very brave Dr. William Bay. Instead the doctors present, all wearing face masks, got up and left the conference room when he told them the truth.
    They really showed themselves as the foot soldiers of Governments, bribed by Criminal Big Pharma and following orders from Klaus Schwab and his WEF Gangsters.

    There are so many good doctors, but the overall majority are just plain cowards and very dangerous.

    Doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer, in the United States. I wonder if it is any different in Australia and other countries?

    From Health Scams Exposed:
    “In 2014, Harvard Medical school issued a report claiming that doctors in the United States are willfully killing patients by the simple act of not washing their hands.
    “Doctors,” it said, “are killing most of the patients who die in hospitals.” The report also said that the CDC is studying the problem- but ignoring the real cause- which is irresponsible doctors who believe they are incapable of doing harm.

    “It might be instructive to look at a case from Canada in 2002 when death rates dropped while doctors were on strike. The BMJ reported that during a three-month strike of over 2000 doctors, hospital deaths dropped from approximately 3000 on average to fewer than 1000. A cursory look at the data suggests that doctors were causing more than 50% of hospital-related deaths in that region.”

    Read Elaine Hollingsworth’s book ‘TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH and escape the sickness industry’. A must read if you are serious about your health.

    I thought of the quote below when I watched the video clip of Dr. William Bay:

    “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.
    Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.” – H.L. Mencken


  38. What a brave, heroic man is Dr Bray.The public should continue to honour him with his title Dr as he is proving to be what a true doctor should be…brave, outspoken , thinking of his patients FIRST, saving lives.


  39. Congratulations Dr Bray.. How come these well proven storytellers are still in positions of power ? I cannot understand where the defenders of truth are hiding
    There was a Man who said.”” I am the Way the Truth and the Life .”These people could truthfully say, “This is the Way of Lies and Death .
    Klaus lookes ery happy.
    Not every one has has had adverse effects.There is no-one I have spoken to , who does not know of two or three people who are suffering very bad effects,mostly heart conditions.

    Where are the Truth tellers ? Hiding in our little dens, hiding from the Light..People if we do not speak up.we are done for.No not just us our grand kids and future generations. Can YOU, can I ,live with that, and what is more, can we die with that ?

    It seems to me, their culling program is going well for them.not as fast as they hoped, But not to worry, now there is Mnkeypox and I heard mention of Marburg. Guess what ? I think they are serious.Do you enjoy being stalked by sociopaths ? I do not

    Herr .Schwab was also photographed with his arms around some person sorta like a woman
    with a beard and mustache. He was very happy.

    To be honest, it puts my head in a spin. what happened to what I thought was Normal ?

    I would like a time machine to go back. But that ain’t gonna happen. So where to from here , people ? What are to to do ? And it had better be quick !


  40. Hi Editor

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency = Treason

    The Australian Medical Association (AMA) = Treason

    Health Practitioner Regulation (Queensland) 2021

    © State of Queensland 2022

    Private Company Seal created in 1997 = No Crown and Constitutional = Treason

    Wake up people we are NOT between the Treasonous Seal and the Copyright.



  41. I saw the video clip of him going into the Conference.
    It was telling.
    The Doctors were all there inside hiding behind their masks.
    These Doctors have drunk the cool aid.
    When he started calling them out they scuttled like rats.

    I do think his mode of delivery was really out there but what was there to lose?
    If a fellow colleague kills just one patient you call them out.

    Call them out. Call them out.

    He was prepared to lose his licence over it.
    Because it’s that serious.

    All one can hope is that they believed their own fairytales and took the jab themselves.
    Bye, bye.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Should be Dr William Bay not, Bray.

    Thanks. ________________________________


  43. Totally agree. Doctors beware you are on notice and also politicians who are pushing this deadly vaccine.


  44. Maybe all those following orders Doctors, should be reminded that at the Nuremberg Trials, the excuse of, “I was just following orders” didn’t avoid them being hanged for Crimes against humanity …

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