Nothing new about today’s wet weather and floods

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says today’s weather patterns have occurred in the past.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Agreed what you are explaining, But will the brave Anzac warriors stand up ASAP against their corrupted government, and save the Australian citizen?
    And remove the criminal government?
    Do you think that the Anzac’s patriotic duty is strong enough?
    History can be written here!
    The world always positively looked at Australia, but at the moment,
    we are Worse than many (193) other countries in the same boat.
    It is time we Set an example and do what needs to be done…
    It is not nice to read on Various European websites, “Australia lost the Plot…”


  2. At the moment, we are claimed to be experiencing a ‘La Nina’ scenario.

    As this world is run by PSYCHOPATHS, it’s indeed likely that they are the ones, who are fueling/engineering/steering/influencing all these “so-called” La Nina, El Niño, The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) & Polar Vortex events.


  3. I’ve been in Australia 60 years and in my time I’ve never seen this weather!! Don’t tell me after two years of the planned lockdowns we suddenly get Australias worst floods ever and they aren’t engineered??? Seriously Australia is full of dumbed down liberal Retards! Australia is rum by third world Trash! Second rate idiots who come over from being goat herders, grape pickers and convicts who suddenly think they are better than everyone else!

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  4. Kai Harrington

    “They”, who wish to depopulate the world are using climate change as a cover up for geoengineering aka weather warfare. Geoengineering has long been a weapon of choice in warfare i.e Vietnam War, US war against Iran (Operation Cyrus) to name just a few. The recent attack on Lismore and northern rivers was a show of force to move people out to make way for the smart cities and a super railway. (thank your local councils for signing everyone up to their smart cities!). Geoengineering is all too real, (that is why Victoria has the rain making control act 1967 just as one example) and is without doubt the single greatest threat facing our planet today. All of Earth’s life support systems are dying because no living entity can withstand the catastrophic effects of EMF and the associated highly deleterious chemical toxins deployed using geoengineering. It doesn’t get more serious than this and if we don’t stand up against this diabolical assault against Earth and all of her inhabitants than we will be the 6th extinction event. We MUST unite, please put on your Amour of GOD and educate yourselves and help to create awareness. is a great start!

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  5. The Editor

    kaiwanshou | April 22, 2022 at 6:40 pm

    Have you, personally, witnessed Roberts? Yes I have and have you worked out who he represents.

    Roberts fights like hell and makes his vote worth a lot of money to the party in power when they need

    it to cross the line. Half the time Roberts talks to an empty room.* Wake Up*

    Wake up to yourselves, he doesn’t represent the people, Roberts represents the Members of One

    Nation. Like Pauline states, It’s my Party they will do as I say.


    Members of Political Parties, each under their own Party’s Constitution and policies,

    have deceived us and our Constitutional Sovereign and Monarch, by creating

    under a progressive evolutionary process, Corporations that control all entities inside

    Parliaments, Governments and Courts “of Australia”, with NO Separation of Powers

    and with purported “Governor-Generals” and “Governors” under their control also. I sent similar to the Editor about his remarks but I see it’s not published. Time we learned to grow balls.



  6. Australia, a land of fires and floods.The weather has been manipulated since the sixties I believe.I have a white paper i requested many years ago. 1967. It is from Victoria,they could seed clouds there and make it rain in NSW.And HAARP has been going about thirty years that I know of. I was a fire fighter for a .number of years. Not once did rain put the fire out. If only !
    Read The Club of Rome. pdf on you phone or computer.Everyone should read it.Send a link to you Global Warming Believers. One big problem is some people reckon they know everything ,They find it too hard to admit they might have it wrong . I sure know many people wish to remain in ignorance..They cannot admit they could be wrong.
    I just leave them alone,it is like talking to a brick wall.
    Who gets to read this post. which i reckon is interesting.thank you all. But are many newcomers getting on board ? I hope so.The people I meet are on the same playing field as I am. Somehow we need to get many, many more to awaken. Suggestions anyone ?

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  7. Hi kaiwanshou,

    “Have you noticed how much Max focuses on the negative? Next video of his you watch estimate what % is a negative focus.”

    On the contrary, kaiwanshou. I have to respectfully disagree with you. I watch every video of his, and I am always surprised at his optimism for the future.
    Watch his latest video, just one of the very many examples I could give you:

    Fast forward to the 24 minute mark. Max Igan:

    “But as I have said before: We may yet bring this whole system down, these politicians have exposed themselves so much, the system has exposed itself so much that I really don’t think these parasites are being able to maintain control. I really don’t. I think the world is going to bring them down, wanting to get them out of power.”

    I think that unless all the military of the world turn their guns NOW on their own governments and the Jewish psychos running the show and getting rid of them, we are all doomed to death or slavery.

    Can you see that happening? I can’t. All the “brave” military all over the world are so indoctrinated to follow orders and given the order would not hesitate to turn their guns on their own fellow citizens instead of their own murderous governments.

    The Jewish War Criminal, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and mentor of Jewish Klaus Schwab, Dr. Henry Kissinger was right when he said:

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

    It is Goodbye to Freedom and Happiness and Welcome to Pax Judaica.
    All thanks to the Stupidity, Cowardice and Ignorance of 99% of the Goyim.


  8. Yes often Max does..


  9. Han, here your content shows again the truth, but you know by now most of the populace will not recognize the truth even if it burns their hair on top of those empty tops or for the hairless if the top cracks… They only think about other types of cracks…


  10. Han Barkmeyer
    Have you noticed how much Max focuses on the negative? Next video of his you watch estimate what % is a negative focus.


  11. Editor
    Re: “Dick if this senator was not exposing more bastardry than any other politician then tell us who will. You lost the plot on this one Dick, you can’t keep throwing the baby out with the bath water. Editor ”
    Have you, personally, witnessed Roberts?
    I recommend that you, personally, witness as many as you can. I have and he’s a liar. He came to my local town a few months ago dressed in Western (rodeo) style clothes and prattled on about nothing and got jeered from start to finish.
    I will, again, refer you to the Bill (illegal) that Roberts made up the number lacking to authorise bringing in foreign military, that were already here.
    Given that Roberts and all operate under the Australia Act and disappeared the Crown then of course Dick is correct.
    But I do understand that you must vet many many would be posts and it must be difficult to remain neutral
    Roberts is a multi-millionaire, but as is common, the more they have the more they desire.
    I beg to differ. Roberts exposes other politicians to create less competition so that he can have more of the pie. Look at Scumo. His latest purported personal wealth is $64Million. I’m sure Roberts is very envious. How much is Scumo getting for putting us under the WHO Constitution?
    It doesn’t matter how much they get because they are all owned! They are all slaves, mere chattels.


  12. streetrkf0b663c190

    If this gruberment stopped cloud seeding the poor people on the north coast would not be needing to be moved/brought out. Unfortunately unless more people wake up to this New World Order that they are trying to achieve we are stuffed, next we will be a digital communist china.


  13. White vinegar clears chemtrails? Over the past month I have tried this. Sure enough, it really works!

    The science behind it is quite simple, acetic acid eats alkaline metals (chemtrails). The vinegar or acetic acid also produces huge volumes of negative ions into the atmosphere to counteract the positive ions generated by cell towers etc.


  14. What a poor performance of Senator Malcolm Roberts.

    Doesn’t he know that the Australian Government is controlling the weather for at least the past 20 years?

    The floods in Australia, like the huge fires a few years ago, are all engineered and part of the Great Reset.

    Watch Max Igan’s video ‘The Last World War’

    Watch Max Igan explaining in detail from the 9 minute mark onwards that they can and do control the weather and have been doing it for at least 20 years.

    “This is how we broke the drought in Australia in 2005. This is how we put out the fires in Victoria from Black Saturday in 2009.”

    Weather Modification Incorporated. – When most people look up, they see clouds. We see potential.

    The floods are engineered to destroy the food supply, people’s properties, jobs, etc., so they become dependent on Government handouts.

    Governments wouldn’t do that, would they? They are doing it. They will destroy anything and anyone to push The Great Reset on us.


  15. Proof of deliberate weather manipulation by microwave radiation, chemtrails & chem-bombs by Rob D – The Biblical Man Made Flooding of OZ Continues…heads up Townsville and central Oz:


  16. Bullshit, another globalist scum puppet


  17. Dick if this senator was not exposing more bastardry than any other politician then tell us who will. You lost the
    plot on this one Dick, you can’t keep throwing the baby out with the bath water. Editor


  18. Australia the land of drought and flooding rains.


  19. Hi Editor The Seal behind the little slimy bastard One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts is the Treasonous Political Party Republican Seal Trademark office U.S.A, Serial No 89000533. Treason still holds the Death Penalty. Dick


  20. The real reasons may be a recent major volcanic event in the Pacific which put ash into the stratosphere, a La Nina period, sunspot activity, wet season and other perfectly natural unrelated events aligning to create the perfect storm as happens sometimes, I don’t think any government can change that, however after the last round of flooding promises by state governments and councils to build levies, dams and weirs for badly needed water storage and flood mitigation as well as stopping developers building on flood plains all seemed commonsense but are quickly forgotten and jettisoned by green councils and state government departments and will continue to do so while the long suffering federal government picks up the bill for yet another band aid solution, we are doomed under this idiotic system


  21. It’s the wet season …..after all….. with a little bit of help from our friends.
    You would think by now they would have learnt that a bit if rain doesn’t bring us down… I’m not downplaying the flooded areas by any means.


  22. I’d like to ask Malcolm Roberts, where does the Government get the rights to manipulate the weather or does he believe it’s just a conspiracy theory.


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