from Alison Ryan

Wayne Glew is a retired police officer from Geraldton, Western Australia.
News of Wayne getting arrested has outraged Freedom Convoy Activists. (February 10, 2022)

According to the video that was released on Twitter, Wayne was arrested for inciting others to commit an indictable offence. His wife recorded the video of him questioning the officers who came to arrest him, which resulted in the flow of news. The video shows him questioning the officer about the reason for his arrest and the evidence. The officer showed him a copy of a statement that had been issued for a search warrant, as well as his arrest.
However, he claimed that the warrant was not signed, and that they were doing it to shut him out. The team responded by explaining that the original copy of the warrant is only signed, not the copy that is to be given to the perpetrator.
And the video abruptly ends with the officer attempting to grab the camera

ABC news reported on Friday 11 Feb 2022: It is alleged Mr Glew posted a series of videos on social media where he used threatening language and incited others to arrest government ministers and public officials after documents claiming to be arrest warrants were handed in at Perth Police Station in January. He was granted bail and will face the Geraldton Magistrates Court in March.

Listen to Interview with Wayne Glew beginning at 6:10 on video Warning Over The 75 Arrest Warrants.

Update on Wayne Glew’s court case. The Magistrate adjourned the case until May 5.