Wayne Glew’s WA court case adjourned until May 5

from Alison Ryan

Wayne Glew is a retired police officer from Geraldton, Western Australia.
News of Wayne getting arrested has outraged Freedom Convoy Activists. (February 10, 2022) https://showbizcorner.com/who-is-wayne-glew-arrested

According to the video that was released on Twitter, Wayne was arrested for inciting others to commit an indictable offence. His wife recorded the video of him questioning the officers who came to arrest him, which resulted in the flow of news. The video shows him questioning the officer about the reason for his arrest and the evidence. The officer showed him a copy of a statement that had been issued for a search warrant, as well as his arrest.
However, he claimed that the warrant was not signed, and that they were doing it to shut him out. The team responded by explaining that the original copy of the warrant is only signed, not the copy that is to be given to the perpetrator.
And the video abruptly ends with the officer attempting to grab the camera


ABC news reported on Friday 11 Feb 2022: It is alleged Mr Glew posted a series of videos on social media where he used threatening language and incited others to arrest government ministers and public officials after documents claiming to be arrest warrants were handed in at Perth Police Station in January. He was granted bail and will face the Geraldton Magistrates Court in March.

Listen to Interview with Wayne Glew beginning at 6:10 on video Warning Over The 75 Arrest Warrants.

Update on Wayne Glew’s court case. The Magistrate adjourned the case until May 5.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Vic Sturgeon

    Yes, Wayne was arrested on a warrant that had no signatures on it or the seal of the court.
    Wayne needs the support of all right thinking Australians, those who arrested him were not even Constitutional police officers as none of them have ever sworn the oath of allegiance contained
    On page 22 of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted, and neither have the JPs,, or the Magistrates, they are all criminals to the last man.
    Time to flush them out and get rid of them as they are all snakes.


  2. Thanks for this article I will share it everywhere .Can you please post the court case update on the result thanks


  3. The Constitution Act 1901 is the highest set of laws in this country, its set in stone and must be complied with. Those who think under the lines that you portray are traitors.
    Its the law, without it we have anarchy pure and simple, this nonsense could have been stopped immediately by non compliance
    Of these unlawful mandates. But there are too many sheeple in this country who vote for unconstitutional political parties in an unconstitutional voting system. The AEC
    Is a criminal organisation setting a crooked voting system and you still all go and vote under it you reap what you sow,
    Makes me angry as hell.


  4. Update on Wayne Glew – “he taught them a lesson in Law today”

    The hearing was before a magistrate, the main hearing was about an unlawful arrest warrant. They couldn’t handle the matter today because they were out of jurisdiction, they put themselves out of jurisdiction.The property of Wayne’s that was ceased with an unlawful warrant was returned to him.
    The arrest warrant that was put before the magistrate could not be handled because the magistrate realised it was fraudulent so the case was pushed forward to the 2nd of May for another hearing. Today was only a preliminary hearing. The next case will be to discuss the facts.
    The facts are of the unlawful government that we have, the premiers bringing in unlawful jurisdictions of laws for vaccinations.
    Doing this is intended to bring us back to the constitution. Wayne’s book work was put together to bring the process into a proper court of sovereignty under Queen Elizabeth the second. The magistrate sat under that emblem but could not handle the matter further. It was a fair hearing and Wayne got his words in appropriately and the magistrate recognised the work Wayne had done through his book work showing that the arrest that occurred on Wayne was unlawful. To add to this 100 metres away from Wayne’s property the same police broke and entered into another property before hand. It was said that Wayne stated this was brainless as the police were unable to even act on their own orders.
    Today was a good day because it puts a foot in the door of the documents being seen in the high court as they will not be able to be dealt with in the current court because they are out of jurisdiction, they are not under the queen and the crown. So in that respect today was a good day because the case has no where to go and the court realised the arrest warrant was unlawful and the case has to be moved onto another court because the police were said to be guilty of noncompliance under that court. This is a step in putting this country back into its authority.

    Pls paste these parts of link together:




  5. Prof Twomey has been spruiking this lone for ages. She is wrong. The Magna Charta is entrenched and cannot be changed by a political party. Ed


  6. When looking through the twitter feed (as referenced) one mostly sees the usual low lives who actually think that this is funny.

    It’s not funny.
    It’s really off when an Australian man in his mid 70’s is treated as though he’s some sort of ‘threat’.
    They know full well what his arguments have been as a retired Police Officer who served his Community back in the day.
    He has remained consistent in his perspective from then to now.

    Whether he is actually inciting anyone…really?
    I think not.
    People make up their own minds.

    Millions of Australians don’t need someone else to incite them right now.
    When they wake up in the morning and are reminded that this Country has changed, but not for the better, then those feelings evolve all by themselves.

    In relation to Constitutional law it was Professor Anne Twomey who was quoted a few years ago in relation to Mr Glew.
    At that time, Mr Glew had refused to pay rates on a property he owned and had paid for.
    He claimed under Section 61 of Magna Carta, that it was an ‘illegal Council’ who was charging him for the rates.
    They eventually sold his home from underneath him.

    Professor Twomey argued at the time that the Magna Carta was an important historic Statute but had little relevance in today’s Society.
    She argued “you have got to understand that under British Law, their Constitution is the system of Parliamentary Sovereignty and that means Parliament itself can always change it’s own Laws. There is very little left of Magna Carta in the UK because many later laws have overridden and changed it from time to time. Only the little dribs and drabs that were left, and even those dribs and drabs they are not entrenched as part of our Law they are just part of Ordinary Statute that can be changed by later Statute.”

    That almost makes sense.
    Isn’t that what they have been doing?
    Making it up as they go.

    While most (not Mr Glew) were sleeping, did the fox take over the hen house?

    It sure feels as though no one is safeguarding our human rights anymore.
    Not even the Magna Carta.

    Reference: abc.net. au “WA man has his property seized…”


  7. The Constitution is pretty much only as effective as what’s in the heads of people and thus we really don’t have the protections of the Constitution because the masses have been effectively shielded from it.

    Thought brings change, not paperwork. The string pulling perpetrators know and fear this fact. The only reason the paperwork approach (serving of warrants, etc) has thus far failed to gain traction is because it is putting the cart before the horse. I’m highly grateful and supportive but before posies of ten, twenty, fifty walk up to officials with arrest warrants, it would be better for those people (and all of us, of course) to firstly be amongst the crowd at protest rallies.

    Quite obvious by now is that the protests perform a controlled opposition function, whereby hundreds of thousands are herded together to learn some chants, hear aggressive chicks screeching “freeedom” into microphones and listen to music – all designed to keep protestors ineffective while keeping the likes of Wayne Glew, Brian Shaw, etc, off the stage as much as possible.

    I know from experience that if you have a sign/t-shirt with something of actual educational value on it, then there will be a constant flow of protestors who ask you questions. Then when it’s the right time to put the horse before the cart, those delegations handing out warrants will not only be ten-fold but highly importantly it is the tens or even hundreds of thousands, to even millions, sitting at home doing nothing, except for now being educated, that effectively are the traction for change.


  8. As far as I know Waynre knows the Constitution better than anyone else. Legally the Constitution is the law of this land. T0 be changed there had to be a referendum , which of course there was not.But those good old socialists / communists ,did it anyway. And for that we should never forget., if of course you were told, we must thank Gough Whitlam Bob Hawke, Lionel Murphy, Paul Keating, in his Italian suits, Jim Cairns with his secretary Judy Marosy oh that’s right his girlfriend.or something. she was very pretty, I somehow recall Malcolm Frazer had his finger in the pie. Oh Yes and the Queen.How could I forget that ? Like she did not know ?.Oh dear who can one trust ?
    As far as I can tell Wayne was sticking to the letter of the Constitution. Which is more than I can say about how the police followed the law on that day. If you have not seen the video it would be a good idea.
    For those of you who are Labor supporters, you could study the Fabians well.Study their history.They did not, don’t want us to own private property I get the feeling it is slightly different for them .

    I have before me a booklet from 1984, believe it or not.It is called “”” Options to mould the World. ” The story of the Fabians.By Murraykut. On the cover is a symbol f ..A shield with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I suggest you read it.it may be on the internet.
    I spent much time and money printing a lot of information , giving it away. obviously to people who did not give a damn.That was 38 years ago.PEOPLE WOULD NOT WAKE UP. Now look where we are. And there are still people who WILL not open their bloody eyes, ears and minds,
    Bob Hawke gave an after dinner speech to the Fabians I think 1988.What do they say, ” who does not know their history is bound to repeat it ?” I believe there is a new terrorism law before parliament concerning Govt House, That will be t keep peaceful protestors away.The are enough laws to take care of any terrorist,if the police want to enforce them. But have you noticed, they are rather slow to act on that ? Why ? They are tightening the screws.
    Purely my opinion.Like I am told “” Opinions count for nothing.”


  9. Everything Wayne Glew has put up is constitutionally correct, and yes all what he says about these crooked politicians
    Police etc is deserving as all are operating
    Out side constitutional law.
    Do your own research before throwing Stones.
    Dear Editor as Wayne’s case is in progress
    References to the case need to be suppressed until there is an outcome, i believe that is contempt of court and it could damage Wayn’s case.
    Everyone needs to remember, he is fighting
    For our rights which are being stolen day by day by criminal politicians


  10. Yes, it is unfortunate that Wayne uses very demeaning and insulting language in his videos which does not help his cause to gain wide support. Otherwise he’s right in his understanding of the Constitution which he can quote verbatim. One only need look up on Dunn and Bradstreet Business lookup and see that most so called government departments both state and federal are in fact corporations, even the Police of each state also, and the Courts, and Councils, on and on which means they are conducting there own commerce when they are being funded through taxation. Where are the monies they collect going to? Even the Australian Taxation Office is a corporation. That is total violation of our Constitution which was shelved and replaced by the Australia Act 1986 under the then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, who was not eligible to any hold public office due to holding dual nationality meaning his loyalties were questionable. He was a citizen of Israel. His Labor “government” changed everything to suit themselves for their own personal profit.
    Given the state of the consciousness of the majority of so called Australians one need not wonder why “Australia” is the R & D ground for the New World Order and UN Agenda 21/30 etc. etc.
    I wrote “so called Australians” because the land they think is Australia isn’t, it’s actually Tera Australis which had been occupied for 1,000s of years before Cook allegedly discovered it after the Dutch had discovered it before him for Europe negating the fact that it was not occupied by “white Europeans”. Therefore it was considered that a military takeover was in order, just as the case in India, China, North and South America, Africa and more.
    Business as usual that’s been going on for 100s and 100s of years.
    The line in the Pink Floyd song is very apt,”Running around the same old ground, what have we found, the same old fears…”


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