Geo-engineered weather from Brisbane to Canberra. Tully or Babinda have never sustained rain like this

Tully and Babinda in Far North Queensland each year vie for the wettest town in Australia title where annual rainfall can measure up to 7900mm or 310 inches (1950). Rainfall in the Brisbane and Gympie areas this week has beaten every short term deluge by far since records started in the 18th century.

Overnight rainfall of one metre in the Gympie district this week causing record flooding is unheard of in wet Far North Queensland.

Watch the video to understand how it happened.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks Ron most search engines not happy about this site but we got it with a VPN. Not being weathermen bit
    hard to read. Thanks Ed


  2. Truth is “Climate Change” and Weather Modification are linked.

    In 1990’s, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Atmospheric Laboratory conducted field trials in non-conventional weather modification technologies.
    Through further studies, atmospheric researchers developed a theory that identified macro‐scale weather chaos as ‘the key’ to influencing weather.
    During late 1990’s an independent research team in Australia stumbled on an ‘atmospheric mechanism’ whilst exploring origins of this theory (link). (NA)
    Experimental trials revealed that “small amounts of electromagnetic energy, applied intelligently,” could force change into weather, based on atmospheric sine wave patterns. This research culminated in the development of an atmospheric resonance technology, represented by Aquiess International (aquiess).
    Electromagnetic wave forms are utilized to deliver signals toward a target weather system, that may be as remote as beyond the visible horizon. Proprietary technologies which draw upon data from locally applied hardware and software as well as disparate sensors, are deployed to modify the patterns forming ‘oceanic corridors’ that deliver rain. Scientific analysis of aquiess’ results, shows what is described as ‘resonance technology’, has both a vast reach and incremental scalability.
    The core technology and primary IP are protected by treaties and strict security protocols which surround the project.

    Aquiess has tested a technology, which utilizes an electromagnetic wave-form that can influence weather patterns remotely. This signal can be launched multiple times at a moving weather system to adjust its direction and velocity. Generally, the signals are launched from ground-based servers and triangulate on a moving rainfall system. Utilizing a satellite feedback-loop to observe, review and re-launch signals, multiple ‘adjustments’ are created to influence pathways of the atmospheric ‘rivers,’ of precipitable moisture

    2012 – the past ten years the company Aquiess has repeatedly demonstrated this technology to government and humanitarian observer groups. The proprietary weather modification system operates by utilizing ‘resonance’ signals to divert oceanic atmospheric-rivers into areas.

    2012 UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. GlobalRainProject.
    Dr Mahendra Shah, Aquiess Director of International Planning – Aquiess weather modification technology offers a cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution confronting world weather vulnerability to climate change including droughts, floods, hurricanes and other extreme events.

    “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world” – Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962).

    PS: God answered prayers – Keep Sydney safe. Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST Cancellation Of Detailed Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Sydney area. Issued at 5:14 pm Tuesday, 8 March 2022. Intense rainfall conditions have eased. Cancellation of detailed severe thunderstorm warning for the following areas: Sydney Severe thunderstorms are no longer affecting Sydney Newcastle Wollongong or surrounding areas. The immediate threat of severe thunderstorms has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.


  3. Those Canberra weapons –

    QUESTION – “What’s that”
    REPLY – That is a Long-Range Acoustic Hailing Device (LRAD) also know as a “Voice of God” weapon… considered “non-lethal” and used for crowd (riot) control.
    On Feb 20th, 2022

    *Sonic Weapon Used In Australia On Vaccine Mandate Protestors – Streamed live on 22 Feb 2022 –

    **Directed Energy Weapons 101: Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and Non-Lethal Warfare
    People Cookers, Blinding Lasers, Infrasound Heart Attacks, and MUCH MORE!

    Information from:


  4. RE FEBURARY CANBERRA PROTESTS – now old news but may have future relevance.

    News that Australian Police did use LRAD Sonic Weapon at Protest Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates –

    February 15, 2022

    Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Policing have confirmed the use of a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)—often regarded as a sonic weapon—at the massive protest against vaccine mandates in Canberra on Feb. 12, despite the Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner describing the crowd as “well behaved.”

    “ACT Policing has deployed several types of loudspeakers and amplification devices to quickly and effectively convey voice messages to large, and often loud, crowds of people during the recent protest activity in Canberra,” an ACT Policing spokesperson said in a statement to The Epoch Times on Feb. 16.

    “The [LRADs] were only used to convey spoken-word messages. The ‘alert’ function was not used.”

    LRADs, also known as acoustic weapons or sound cannons, are used to project very loud sounds over long distances. While the voice function can be helpful to communicate in loud settings, the device’s most dangerous setting, the alert function, can cause brain damage, permanent hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, and disorientation.

    A fact sheet by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says the technology is used for crowd control by emitting loud and painful levels of noise that may lead to significant harm to the ears.

    The LRADs work by using hundreds of transducers to create a highly concentrated and amplified sound that can be narrowed to focus on specific targeted areas. Similar devices were used by the U.S. military in Iraq in 2004.

    Photos and videos circulating on social media show the LRADs positioned at the front of Parliament House facing towards the location of tens of thousands of protesters, made up of individuals and families with children, on the lawns opposite.

    Protest attendees have since taken to social media to complain about symptoms they say are a result of the LRADs. However, The Epoch Times has not been able to independently verify these claims.

    Earlier in the week, during a Senate estimates hearing on Feb. 14, senators Alex Antic and Malcolm Roberts sought confirmation from AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw about whether the sonic weapons were present and deployed at the protests.

    Responding to Roberts, Kershaw said: “That would be something that is with our police methodology which we would have to look at some type of public interest immunity claim, Senator.” Roberts responded: “Surely it’s in the public interest to know whether or not they were there without delving too much into it?” “I’d have to … If I could take that on notice, I’d have to get advice,” Kershaw said.


  5. Looks like whoever, is at it again, laying a trail of chembombs in a NNW line 250 km offshore from Port Macquire. Between Broome and Derby WA is even more obvious and worse.


  6. I wouldn’t go so far, at this point, to calling him a prick, But I am wary of “pollies” yes he’s a pollie, when they keep saying what they think I want to hear.


  7. iN bRISBANE Ai HAVE SAVED A SAMPLE OF THE RED, YES, red FALLOUT FROM THESE TOXIC CLOUDS, that has stained everything below…it doesn’t remove from the cement with a gerney. I have had very sore eyes, asthmatic like reactions and no-one has been able to sleep with their wifi interference all night. I watched the massive chem trails being laid above the lower clouds and have been telling everyone I see that they are trying to get rid of us before they are taken down. on 5th march2022 they have a video by Jason that tells you why it is happening…to fill the DUMBS before the military can reveal what is in them! That is why Bosi sent the innocent truthers to Canberra to disrupt the planned 40 days to clean out the tunnels there…now what happens??? Yep…never did trust the loudmouth prick. So much deceit and so many aussies fell for it! use discernment folks…wake the hell up! Blame yourselves for this fkn mess and pray to GOD it stops before we do. On a bright note, Trump and Jason have 2 new social media sites up now that are ad-free and free(: Truth social and watch Jason to get the other name…I just lost the memory due to RNM): Take care all and pray.(:


  8. Please pass this on. Every night over Murwillumbah between 1am and 3:30 am. Jets at Hight moving in a WSW. One week before we flooded up till flooding day. And Thay were not passenger planes.


  9. Has been done before and more than once:

    Weather Modification Inc was contracted by Qld DES in 2008 to conduct a rainfall trial over Mackay which apparently produced 600mm of rain in one night and caused serious flooding. They boasted DES as a client on their website but when I checked it today, it seems their client list has been removed. However, I have the screenshot of when it was there. Can somebody tell me how to upload an image to the comments?


  10. When that low pressure system was parked – just parked – over Brisbane and SE last week, the rain hammered down hour after hour. A bucket would fill up in less than 10 minutes. And it PULSED. The watcher birds – the crows, cockatoos went completely off the dial. Even in the night some of the crows flew over their territory in the times of let up calling out.

    The High Cabal has always been into weather working. HAARP and modern geo-engineering is not the only way to do it although it is the most sophiscated. Yet it does not occur to anyone that the Church has traditional prayers against storm, tempest and the role of infernal powers.. The recitation of the Holy Rosary by populations can deflect these attacks.

    Lord of the Rings FOTR Sauruman Mountain Clip


  11. TODAY, 3:08 PM

    Weather News
    Heavy rain returning to Sydney and surrounds in coming days. A low pressure system “should develop” and will affect east coast NSW from tomorrow. This system will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms, affecting already flooded areas. There is a moderate-to-high chance for thunderstorms and rainfall each day from Sunday 6th to Tuesday 8th, concentrated over eastern NSW.

    “should develop”?

    Tuesday 8th “will be the day” to watch for widespread rainfall, with the possibility of accumulated precipitation reaching more than 200mm over 24 hours, most likely in the Sydney area. This will exacerbate the flooding problems caused by previous rainfall last week.

    “will be the day”? “will exacerbate”?

    YESTERDAY, March 4, 2022

    Severe weather warnings have been CANCELLED for Sydney and the New South Wales Illawarra and Central Tablelands areas but authorities warn residents they’re not safe yet. Greater Sydney ESCAPED the full force of the system as flood waters remained below the worst-case scenario INITIALLY FEARED.

    Good news. Praise God for that. But from TODAY’S news it sounds like prayer is still needed.

    Trust God.


  12. Richard Durham

    We lived in Mission Beach, on the coast from Tully, North Queensland. The trees in front of our house, which was on the cliff top facing the sea, were full of birds. Three days before a cyclone hit us, all the birds disappeared. After the cyclone, which stripped every leaf off, the new buds appeared. Then we had a plague of grubs eating the young buds. Then all the birds returned to eat the grubs and nature was back to normal.

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  13. And if the carabid black beetle invasion that we are currently experiencing in Cairns is any indication, we too are about to cop it weather-wise. Possibly even a cyclone. The last occurrence of this phenomenon apparently was in 2012, and was immediately followed by an intense low pressure system.
    These beetles are ordinarily ground dwellers but are seeking higher ground and hiding places right now for what’s about to come. There was a virtual mob scene of them on my balcony last night.
    Many people are oblivious to the fact that we can learn so much and/or be forewarned, from observing behaviour patterns of other life forms. It has been proven beyond doubt that animals have always predicted major weather events, including earthquakes and tsunamis.

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