Proof that the un-vaccinated are protecting the vaccinated with oxidative burst says vaccinologist

Letter to the Editor

Science is showing that this pandemic might never end. There is but one way out

I Am A Research Virologist coming forward with not new nor unknown information,
Nothing that any Virologist doesn’t already know and that has already been published in
Science Journals for decades.

My background is in Vaccinology, I was referred by WHO to make a vaccine for Dengue Fever.

There is a way to end the Pandemic, but first I need to lay out some science. 60-
70% of your defense are Neutrophils which are the first to arrive at an infection.
They make hydrogen peroxide in your lungs, gut, and thyroid called Oxidative Burst.
This action can be measured by a lab as an assay. You may be able to look this up on Google, or call a lab. When they attack with Oxidative Burst they Oxidize the Virus.

When you Oxidize a virus…It Reverse Mutates ( in Journals). This means that first it becomes more contagious but the Symptoms become milder (Omicron), then people start to not become infected from other people, then humans stop becoming infected, then the virus reverse mutates through the animals it came from until it
Goes back to the animal where it began….and it stays there.

This Is Why Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, MERS all disappeared (The Longest of these lasted MONTHS Not YEARS)
This is the REAL
Meaning of Herd Immunity. Enough people have recovered from Covid to Oxidize the virus and any Variants. No one who has had Covid should ever wear a Mask. They
Should go out in public as much as possible! After they are well of course. They truly are
Walking air purifiers….oxidizing the virus for everyone else, who in catching the milder reverse mutation can then oxidize it ….etc. The Virus just disappears.

A T Cell stimulant vaccine ( as they all are for Covid) actually encourages more
Variants to form. ( this is in Journals). The T cell response actually prevents the
Neutrophils response… Oxidative Burst. Even a Covid survivor will not be
Able to oxidize the virus after vaccines. They should NOT be given Covid
vaccines!!! You will BLOCK them from stopping the pandemic.

Do you want simple proof? Look out at the people swarming Ottawa. No masks,
Close contact, lots of hugs, -25 degrees, not much sleep with the honking, how
Is their nutrition? Their Vit D ? Zinc? Selenium? Doubtful. Yet…..they are so healthy?
No 1000’s to ER or hospital……in fact in videos I haven’t heard a single cough and it is well past day 5. Oxidative Burst at it’s Finest! Proof that the unvaccinated are protecting the vaccinated!

Please research this for yourself for your people.
I am in danger telling you this…..but you must know the truth to make the right

from Mary


Comment from:

Gabriella M Marchetti (BSc hons)

From one Scientist to another, If you can prove oxidization, then why have no Scientists Worldwide been able to isolate a live sample? The only sample available is a computer generated model of the SCV-2 CV19 virus. This theory would have to be also based on a computer generated model it seems.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Colin Mc Leary

    Outstanding article as usual, thank you Cairns news.. 👍🏼


  2. Oh dear, that would be devastating, Ed. Who’s running in the 5th tomorrow at Moonee Ponds?


  3. Hey David BLM will be calling us invaders soon. Ed


  4. Thanks, Seb. Unless they can see a live “virus” and show that the “virus” is a live entity, they need to show us how a “virus” reproduces when it’s dead.

    That’s why I would like to know who has EVER seen a “live virus” of any kind and with what instrument?

    The exosome theory seems just as plausible as the virus story at this stage so when they tell us to follow the science they are really telling us to believe in the version they established before they knew what was really going on, i.e. they “discovered” viruses before they could even see them.

    A bit like Capt Cook “discovering” Australia before he even saw it..


  5. Herd Immunity , not proveable. Virus not proveable. DNA pure bullshit… So then is RNA, more crap. eugenics science goes waaayyyy back , all it is , a mindfuk.


  6. In response to Davidd2, “has anyone ever seen a LIVE virus?”….it depends on what the Scientists are trained or believe they are seeing.

    Therein lies the dilemma.

    In simplistic terms, the Germ theory adherents believe they see something different to a bacteria or other microscopic creatures. So they call it a Virus.

    The Terrain theory adherents believe they are seeing an Exosome.
    The person’s own cell exuding the crap it has had to deal with.
    A dead fragment of material.
    Not contagious.

    Since the very beginning of the “pandemic”, big name Scientists were arguing about Virus versus Exosome.

    In keeping with the confusion there has now been increasing discussion that a virus is an exosome.
    But it’s still a virus.

    All this proves is that the Science is not settled.
    It is foolish to believe otherwise.

    Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to win any debate because this Sars2 version has never been isolated.
    You would think that it wouldn’t be that hard to find someone.
    You would think they would shout it from the rooftops.

    So everything is based on a computer generated model on which they were to create their warp speed vaccine.
    If you believe it really was warp speed, or whether it was already being planned out long before…

    Nevertheless, as in Science, there are theories and there are interpretations.
    That’s why they always say…..”get a second opinion”.


  7. Australia doesn’t have a herd immunity problem. Its problem today is herd mentality.


  8. John by now you still haven’t got it have you?? We don’t take sides everybody gets a go here. Wakey Wakey. Ed


  9. Has anyone EVER seen a “live” virus and with what sort of microscope?


  10. Ed: No doubt about the benefits of hydrogen peroxide, but 10 drops of 35% in a glass of water is a little different to 35% straight.

    I figure any unwary reader should take note, which is why I picked on the point. Cheers.

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  11. Ten drops of 35% H2O2 in a glass of water taken daily has great effect on almost any infection and has been
    proven to deter and kill most cancers. Ed

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  12. Neville Thompson: “35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will do the trick”

    You mean 3%? 35% is hazardous, as good as paint stripper. Get a grip on yourself. lol

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  13. Vaccine free blood, sperm and eggs will be in high demand after we start to see all the issues with vaccinated parents babies.
    Every effort will be made to blame covid for this new spastic generation. Lucky slowmo has the NDIS Scam to help with his covid Scamdemic.

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  14. WORLD DOCTORS ASSOCIATION President announces Covid is a seasonal infection and all of the Lockdowns and Masks and Vaccines are OVER !!!! Politicians of the world you are all in BIG TROUBLE

    Secret Network of covid 19 co-conspirators revealed Here’s how they rolled out the covid tyranny so quickly – World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab


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  15. People still die from the covid jabs and have serious life disabilities. I believe these covid jabs need to be pulled off the market place and destroyed. They are not meant for good but only for evil. We have a God given immunity and if we work at looking after our health with the right nutrionals and food to keep us healthy. Herd immunity is our way to support our bodies to stay healthy and deal with the viruses. We don’t need these dangerous jabs to destroy our health.

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  16. Wow! Thank you for your scientific savvy and thank you Cairns for publishing this information. It shows how wonderful the Creator of the universe gave us a way out. I am totally awed. I would love to have the citations for the medical articles. Mary, do you have them?
    Sincerely, Michele


  17. Michele santamaria

    Wow! I am totally awed at how the great God of the Universe has created a way out! Thank you for your scientific savvy and bringing it to us! And thank you Cairns for publishing it!


  18. Thank you Mary – this gives me a window of hope!


  19. Neville Thompson

    35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will do the trick as I informed every one including President Trump when all this mess commenced


  20. very interesting .


  21. From one Scientist to another, If you can prove oxidization, then why have no Scientists Worldwide been able to isolate a live sample? The only sample available is a computer generated model of the SCV-2 CV19 virus. This theory would have to be also based on a computer generated model it seems.


  22. Thanks Mary. We need everyone to tell the truth. One cannot make a solid judgement about anything if all is based on lies. And the past two years have been full of them.At last we are getting truth tellers standing up and speaking out.
    We must act, now. Look at Canada.How can Trudeau be allowed to continue in office.? Ms Chant was on another control spree today. They continue to make it up as they go along.


  23. Mary
    I am trying to find more information on the process you described. Can you provide a few references and some links that I can use for my own research.


  24. In response to Mary, you seem to be describing natural herd immunity as being key to bringing this to an end.
    Almost as it does in a usual year.
    Until the next year when a new cold or flu turns up and we do it all again.

    Unfortunately, as you would also know, WHO changed the definition of herd immunity to imply that herd immunity = fully vaccinated.
    It was because of the change in definition by WHO that we are where we are today….at the beck and call of ATAGI to achieve the new definition of ‘herd immunity’.
    Until that definition changes, this ‘pandemic’ will never be allowed to end.

    The rearrangement of the White Blood Cell Army (Neutrophils and T cells) has directly impacted the Natural Order of the complex immune system.
    That in itself is a terrible thing.
    Surely that is Science gone wrong.

    Your answer seems very clear: we need to stop doing that.
    Thank you for sharing as a Research Virologist.


  25. Bless you Mary


  26. Don’t believe the psyop BS from the mouths of the enemy…
    Hey Cairns News, which one is it? Either the virus is real or it’s a hoax. Make your choice and stick with it. Then we will be able to determine whose side you are really on.


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