Enforced inoculation is genocidal land grab in Northern Territory, sold out by all Land Councils

NT Aboriginal elder Keith Rory says no more mining on their country. Go to video below.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Only read the transcript and thought that link was very much worth while reading Hermann.
    To own peoples mind is influencing the world “they” project to live in. It works quite well as many have noticed lately.


  2. I’ve just read the transcript, I appear to have I mis-heard what he said, he said ‘mind,’ not ‘mines’, so ignore that. Apologies.

    He said, ‘the really important way to own the world in future will be to own the minds and the productivity and the thoughts of those in the model.’

    Nonetheless, when you own peoples minds, you own everything they have.


  3. I also heard that Bill Gates had bought land in the NT. . . just wondered how much and what he plans to do with it.
    He’s the biggest agricultural land owner in the USA.


  4. Not sure on this one [some strange evidence]: but the International Grand Jury [Day 2] witness, Alex Thomson, during last Saturday’s testimony, described how the City of London owned the Crown, the Commonwealth nations, etc.

    He also said, that after the Constitutional Revolution of 1870, the City realised that controlling the World via financial capital was no longer valid, to which they concluded, that owning mines and productivity was the means to achieve this end [See link: 8:32-9:09].


    He appears to believe that these Elite families are ultimately ruled by Satan [36:10 to 36:3].


  5. We know quite a few miners and Aborigines from the NT and yes there are substantial deposits of uranium and other precious metals as yet undeveloped. Ed


  6. dagmarvanderlemgmailcom

    Tell me, Cairns News, is it true that we have the largest finds of Uranium in the NT??? Would that somehow explain why the government is doing a huge land grab? Why they want to take the land away from the original owners? Just questions?


  7. That is why most regional birthing has been transferred to Darwin. Ed


  8. Yeah Jo the Marxists of the Qld ALP designed Justice and bail laws to allow the continued theft of cars by
    blackfella and white fella juveniles, but it gets worse because there is virtually no penalty for stealing cars it has become an organised ring of car theft run by older males mostly white and the juveniles steal the cars and take to somewhere to be stripped or sold. All by ‘government’ design. Ed


  9. “how do we unite better?”

    Look at what Shy Ted wrote? How can one convince Ted that mining of foreign corporations in Australia is bad for ALL of Australians because no Aussie will greatly benefit from it?

    How can one convince some of the ED’s at CN that car stealing abo’s are not a disease but a cause from our designed world we live in. A world that under NO COSTS ALLOWS UNITY of the people.

    How can one convince an Australian royalist that the commonwealth is the opposite of what the word commonwealth states?

    How can one convince an Australian what it means to be a (free) Aussie when Aussies were born into subjectivity of being “owned” by some “other nation” that even has a longer history of treason against its own people than any other nation in the world?

    How can one convince Scott Morrison that beside being an hippocratic moron and reversed show pony “Christian”, he is driving the last nail into Australia’s coffin and that it is NOT AUSTRALIAN to do so?

    To step over ones own shadow and accepting being ONE of many humans that believe in freedom and aim at it at all costs is easy. To follow pursuit is where “old baggage” will come in.

    The “hidden baggage” of ones own superiority and wisdom, especially in “liberated” people or people with faith. Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists and especially the intellectual “intelligent” free thinker that put themselves at the top of the human food chain and caste(d) pyramid of mankind will need to make a personal decision here.

    Mankind seems like a little spoiled child who rebels openly against God because the child wrongly believes that creation will take its favorite but imagined toy away.

    How do we educate “our” inner child better if the “outer” child chases all other kids away?

    UNITY might become a new idea or stays broken to all eternity. What will it be “thinkers”?


  10. This was also the reason after the military came in and took away the remote communities and jabbed them – a number of them died in the internment facilities. The bodies were not released back to their families for the traditional burial. This way, with no Aboriginals buried on sacred ground, the “government” can say that it is not sacred and then start their already planned mining! The push to kill all our tribal People is even harder than it is to kill the rest of us! It is about land grab. How many know that their “title deeds” to their home is now in digital form and can be erased at any moment. You no longer have proof it is your land and home. You say you have a paper deed? Sorry, that’s NOT proof (anymore). Australia is the New World Order Headquarters.


  11. The whole thin stinks. One can plainly see the lies and corruption that has been going on behind our backs, and I must add also in clear sight .For years some of us have known there were secret plans going on ,but could not exactly figure out the end game.Now it is coming into full view.
    My family is half aboriginal half white, we are in the same boat.the land that we paid for we no longer own.WE own the house only We can thank our lying politicians for that.both dead and alive.And the lying corporations,such as Brigalow in Queensland.
    It is time for all Australians to join together,If we play stupid separate games , we will not have a hope.We will not have a home . We will not own anything as that egotistical bastard Klaus says.But we will be happy. Like bloody hell we will.

    But just in case you do not know why he says that ,is , I will relate to the best of my ability. And if it sounds insane, do not blame me, I did not think this up.
    The injections are to implant in each person a means of controlling our very thoughts and actions. They will be able to control our moods.That is why we see that video of that idiot young white man saying just that,'” We will own nothing and we will be happy .” Well I have news for him. I am not happy and will never be happy about it.This land has the blood sweat and tears of ten generations of my people. That is the white side.No we will not be happy.Neither are the other half of my family.My tracks are all over this country that i love.My mother and father walked Nullabor Plains, and I am no talking the highway, when i crossed there was no highway.
    The so-called Government of the people has already locked it away from so many. These people do not love the land.all they can see are the dollar signs.liars, thieves.
    To get to the nitty gritty,How do we get together to destroy their plans ? They have been working at it for generations . Much of our culture , our children’s culture has been destroyed. I have been told, Australians have no culture. Which I might say slightly upset me, but being a well controlled person ,did not start a brawl.The thought did cross my mind.

    Okay,so how do we unite better ? I am open to suggestions.This is no time to beat around the bush.



  12. The stealing of land and resources by Globalists at the cost of people’s lives and livelihoods can only be done by those who are morally bankrupt.

    I noticed a similar trend with mapping in Western Sydney when they were targeted as being a hotspot under the former NSW Premier and particularly Health Minister Hazzard who announced in advance that they were “coming for them”.
    Land coincidentally in that area appeared to be earmarked for the UN “Global Green New Deal”.

    Possibly a slightly different reason (not for mining), but same players.

    All Mayors also need to come under the spotlight.
    They too are looking like a corrupt and complicit bunch.


  13. The Aboriginal people are in the same position with the Aboriginal Industry and Land Councils that we are in National Cabinet (Politburo).

    All of these Bad Actors will (of course) work together to divide the Australians in our demographics on the sovereignty issue.


  14. Continuing an old crime conducted against the original people in NT, now with the double-edged sword.
    It’s also conducted against the first people groups in BC, Canada.
    Land grab happening in Victoria by AUSNET too. Farmers are threatening to lock their gates to stop AusNet’s land grab.

    evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived


  15. geoffrey mcmaster

    would this ever get to sbs insiders?


  16. Can’t agree with their stance. One of the main factors contributing to the catastrophic state of Aboriginal health is lack of real jobs. Mining and pastoral businesses try very hard to employ local people and with that comes a sense of purpose. The anti-mining stance comes from the fauxboriginal elite who oppose everything. They oppose everything that works.


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