D’Ath’s deception and lies in parliament omits third shot kills immune system

To Queensland Health Minister

Yvette D’Ath

Dear Mrs. D’Ath

You have stated in a letter, addressed to Mr Neil Laurie in response to his Petition tabled in Parliament on 2nd December, that, to quote:

“While vaccinated people can still be infected and transmit the virus, the higher risks associated with unvaccinated people are well documented. Unvaccinated people are far more likely to catch COVID-19, more likely to transmit it to others, and are more likely to require hospitalisation.”

The research that I have undertaken (referenced below) does not support this claim! 

The data coming from studies in Germany, with a total population of 84,206,954, which has had 9,896,344 cases and 118,527 deaths indicates the opposite:

  1. That the vaccinated are 8.12 x more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated in Germany
  2. That the vaccinated have an 87.7% lower immune response than the unvaccinated have to Omicron in Germany
  3. That Germany had an 81% immune system degradation in 2021
  4. That it is the 3rd dose that kills the immune system

There is absolutely no reason to believe that things are any different in Australia! 

On the basis of this, and other evidence that is emerging, will you please retract all of your false and misleading public statements about vaccinated and unvaccinated people in relation to Covid-19, and will you please withdraw all mandates that are coercing, in any way, people to have repeated “vaccines” which are clearly not working and are, in fact, doing harm.  I quote from the enclosed reference:

“The vaccinated fare so badly against Omicron because vaccine induced antibodies against the Wuhan Alpha spike protein are next to useless against Omicron. So the underlying progressive immune system damage wrought by incessant spike protein production has almost nothing to hide behind, nothing to offset itself against.”

“By the end of January every fully vaccinated person in both countries (Germany and UK) over 30 years old will have full blown vaccine mediated AIDS. However much of the immune system that is presently left with the ability to fight Omicron will have gone.”


Ann Sale

Hervey Bay

Queensland 4655

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. People seem to be (maybe deliberately) missing the point they’re NOT trying to help sick people, they want to kill them!!


  2. Have you heard the term “monoclonal antibodies?” Until this scamdemic, I had not. According to an article from the University of Minnesota entitled “Monoclonal Antibodies” they are:

    “Antibodies produced naturally by the immune system recognize components of disease-causing agents to mark them for destruction. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are laboratory synthesized to mimic these natural antibodies. The mechanism by which therapeutic mAbs protect against infectious diseases is similar to that of natural humoral immunity, although the details of microbe elimination are not completely defined. mAbs may be particularly useful for patients with compromised immune systems who may not be good candidates for receiving a vaccine”

    Wikipedia explains the cost of this treatment: “Monoclonal antibodies are more expensive to manufacture…in addition to the enormous research and development costs involved in bringing a new chemical entity to patients. They are priced to enable manufacturers to recoup the typically large investment costs.” Basic business sense tells us this is fair. Research and development can be quite costly, especially when you are creating something never done before. Unfortunately for Big-Pharma, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been FDA-approved for a long time and the patents for these drugs has expired.

    Enter the utilization of Monoclonal Antibodies to treat patients who are suffering from COVID. As with all things good, evil seems to lurk in shadows waiting to pounce. The Biden Administration’s Health and Human Services department is rationing how much each state can obtain….



  3. It’s got to the stage that it’s as hard to believe “official” stories from yesterday as much as it is difficult to believe the “official” stories of today. Even a half intelligent moron has likely figured out that D’Ath’s credibility must be close to zero by now.

    Speaking of yesteryear, it will be interesting to see whether German self-demonisation abates as the revision of figures by the “Auschwitz authorities” continues to slide down the number of Auschwitz casualties from 4 million in 1945 to around 1 million today.


  4. Thanks for the link Allison.
    “A society that can no longer distinguish between itself and the forces that would dissolve it is living morally beyond its means.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described him (Rolf Peter Sieferle) as “embittered, humorless, ever more isolated.”
    Die Franfurter Zeitung and the Zentralrat der Juden go hand in hand. The ZR is the (un)official not elected Government of Germany and occupier of German brains. Even sauerkraut these days (sour krauts) has/have become kosher.

    To live morally beyond its means is the world agenda. It will be very hard to “vote” out during the next Australian election charade.


  5. Hi jo

    See > Germany’s Newest Intellectual Antihero
    C. Caldwell – The New York Times

    After German historian Rolf Peter Sieferle took his own life last September at age 67, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the country’s progressive paper of record, called his erudition “breathtaking.” … But last month, a posthumous collection of Mr. Sieferle’s observations on Germany’s political culture, “Finis Germania” (the title plays on a phrase meaning “the end of Germany”), hit No. 9 on the prestigious Nonfiction Book of the Month list — and a scandal erupted. Certain passages on Germany’s way of dealing with the Holocaust horrified reviewers …Sieferle is critical of Germany’s postwar culture of Holocaust memory, which he argues has taken on the traits of a religion … He believed that Germany’s self-demonization had left it unable to say anything but yes to a million or so migrants seeking entry to Europe in 2015 …


  6. Congratulations to Ann Sale for putting the spotlight on our Health Minister and a lot others, it has confirmed the English official data that indicates the efficacy not only goes to zero but actually goes negative, Insurance claims for younger people are apparently going through the roof. With full blown AIDs a likely result the Eugenics mob may win after all, the BIG unanswered question is HOW LONG IS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ADVERSLY AFFECTED, IF ITS PERMENANT HUMANITY HAS DONE ITSELF UNTOLD HARM?

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  7. “There is absolutely no reason to believe that things are any different in Australia!”

    Yes there is! Everything is different in Australia. Truth are lies, black is white, male is female and reality has become political correct imagination. The “health system” caters for continuing sickness and profit for the rich, Justice and equality only exist in the ranks of corrupt politicians and their puppeteers. THINGS are very different in Australia (and Germany).

    Strange that data coming from studies in Germany are NOT published in their own holocausted native media and is used down under for relief from governmental lies. Many – if not all of the “German Cairnsnews” have been neutered, are censored or were completely removed and silenced. Protests against lies in Germany are classified “extreme right wing” which is VERBOTEN under law since becoming second in the last world war. This is different between Australia and Germany – but not so much.

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  8. D’Ath is just another lying Big Pharma POS whore. They know the Truth but they have their orders. The sooner these murderers face a Military Tribunal the better.

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  9. Let’s not forget Daft’s response dated 13 October to another petition about PCR tests where she says: “Kary Mullis had no hand in developing real-time PCR” – well since he got the Nobel Prize for it, I think the Prize committee knows more than Ms. Daft does.
    She also admits in the same response that Qld is running the PCR test at between 35 and 45 cycles which – from what I’ve read – completely invalidates them – you could get a positive result from pineapple juice at those rates.
    Here’s the response if you want to read it yourself:

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  10. Don’t expect the bitch to recant, she’d be castigated by her handlers and likely “get sick” and stand down., only to be replaced by another potential Queensland Governor in due course.

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  11. Yeah and our police think there is ‘nothing to see here’!

    Turn up at police HQ’s in all states and territory’s at 10 am Tuesday. This time I am and will be videoing it so we can all see it, no idea why no videos of Monday, I can’t find any anywhere.

    I believe this must be the last time we bother with the police if they do not help, let them all be charged and face the same life sentence, no parole or appeal, for Misprision of Treason and crimes against humanity (conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity as their failure to act in the face of all the evidence is complicity, this must be pointed out to them that all who do nothing from here are complicit and will face the same justice as any one else would, we are equal under the law)


  12. In this interesting letter > “it is the 3rd dose that kills the immune system” > “every fully vaccinated person in both Germany and UK over 30 years old will have full blown vaccine mediated AIDS”

    Dr T.C. Fry talks about medical fraud by vaccines and specifically AIDS.
    He relates that the people dying in the hospital from AIDS less than 50% had the AIDS virus. They had a so-called antibody to the virus. Now, he says, the rationale for vaccination is so the body will create antibodies and you will be immune to the disease from which you have the antibodies from. But Dr Fry says that the medical system has done a switch in the rationale and now having the antibodies means that you are subject to getting the disease.

    Exactly. This is what the WHO says: The detection of antibodies to Covid-19 is not enough to declare a person immune because we don’t yet know how immunity to this virus works.

    “The medical system is based on drugs and it needs scapegoats in order to justify the system” – Dr Fry.

    https://twitter.com/constanzag77/status/1355379233606885381 (1/2,2/2 excerpts)
    (full video)


  13. Excellent letter. Polite. Reasonable. Well referenced and evidence-based. I am persuaded of these points. Exactly the type of letter that should be appreciated by the health authority in a free and democratic society which seeks the health and well being of all constituents.

    Here in the Big Pineapple, the Comrade Minister for Health has a different metric. Baphomet requires all slaves to be dependent on the Communist state for vaccine mediated immunity. The diseases being created by the Big Pharma / Big Bio-Tech / Big Abortion / Big Organ Harvesting Combine in the dungeons are designed to destroy the immunity of the non-hybrids once their time of usefulness is expired. This is the most efficient way to dispatch them. So when they get on Twitter and whinge about their termination, they will not require so much censorship if they believe a benevolent authority is saving them from plagues brought upon them by unvaccinated malcontents and dissidents who simply can not be persuaded to do the right thing and keep the community safe.. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Comrade Minister on live TV does not support this narrative. Most likely she is behind quota on the required number of children to be sacrificed to Baphomet. Her adrenochrome has been reduced to keep her on a short lead. Even so, it would never do for her to morph or turn into something unnatural in front of the minions. Her Handlers try to prevent this type of thing.

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  14. The political agenda has Just about reached the end of the branch now.
    CORUPT Police, CORUPT Politicians and CORUPT media will soon start to fall.
    Let’s make sure they receive the treatment they deserve when the hit the ground.


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