To Queensland Health Minister

Yvette D’Ath

Dear Mrs. D’Ath

You have stated in a letter, addressed to Mr Neil Laurie in response to his Petition tabled in Parliament on 2nd December, that, to quote:

“While vaccinated people can still be infected and transmit the virus, the higher risks associated with unvaccinated people are well documented. Unvaccinated people are far more likely to catch COVID-19, more likely to transmit it to others, and are more likely to require hospitalisation.”

The research that I have undertaken (referenced below) does not support this claim! 

The data coming from studies in Germany, with a total population of 84,206,954, which has had 9,896,344 cases and 118,527 deaths indicates the opposite:

  1. That the vaccinated are 8.12 x more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated in Germany
  2. That the vaccinated have an 87.7% lower immune response than the unvaccinated have to Omicron in Germany
  3. That Germany had an 81% immune system degradation in 2021
  4. That it is the 3rd dose that kills the immune system

There is absolutely no reason to believe that things are any different in Australia! 

On the basis of this, and other evidence that is emerging, will you please retract all of your false and misleading public statements about vaccinated and unvaccinated people in relation to Covid-19, and will you please withdraw all mandates that are coercing, in any way, people to have repeated “vaccines” which are clearly not working and are, in fact, doing harm.  I quote from the enclosed reference:

“The vaccinated fare so badly against Omicron because vaccine induced antibodies against the Wuhan Alpha spike protein are next to useless against Omicron. So the underlying progressive immune system damage wrought by incessant spike protein production has almost nothing to hide behind, nothing to offset itself against.”

“By the end of January every fully vaccinated person in both countries (Germany and UK) over 30 years old will have full blown vaccine mediated AIDS. However much of the immune system that is presently left with the ability to fight Omicron will have gone.”


Ann Sale

Hervey Bay

Queensland 4655