Letter to the Editor

The whole World will be “SAVED” in May 2022 (Or whenever the election is held?) when God,….sorry, I mean,….Albo, becomes the new PM!There will be World Peace, NO more Wars.There will be NO more violence in the World, NO murders, NO robberies, NO rapes, NO violence against women and children, NO drunken sluts claiming they were raped, NO homophobia, NO racism, NO gender inequality, NO rioting, looting, stealing, murdering in the streets by left-wing extremist activist groups, NO more Climate “Fluctuation”, NO more Flu or Covid virus, NO poverty, NO unemployment,….and the list goes on!

Albo will instantly, and miraculously solve all the World’s problems,….all the problems that were NEVER there before Scomo came to power in 2018! It’s ALL Scomo’s fault,….he alone caused/created ALL of the above issues,….none of them EVER happened before 2018!I guess that I should be fair to all the evil and corrupt left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) war criminals (90% of politicians, journalists, celebrities, teachers), and declare that NONE of the above issues EVER happened before the Coalition came to power in 2013!

Bill Shorten never (allegedly) RAPED a girl when he was at Uni!Kevin Rudd was never violent, aggressive, abusive, and bullying towards women!NO Greens politicians were ever violent, aggressive, abusive, and bullying towards women!Bob Hawke was not a drunken no-hoper womanizer!Bill Clinton (Democrat) did not rape his secretary while he was the actual PRESIDENT of the USA!(Yes, I did say “RAPE”, because if a CONSERVATIVE politician did the same thing, the left-wing extremist scum would immediately label it as “RAPE”!)Scomo has a lot to answer for,….HE has single-handedly destroyed the whole World in just THREE years,….hang the bastard!Praise our saviour,….Adolf Albo!

NOTE: The Labor Party has NEVER, and NEVER will, win an election WITHOUT “The Greens” preferences! A vote for Labor is a vote for The Greens,….FACT! The Greens, and Xi Jinping, will be running Australia by the end of 2022!After reading the latest political opinion Poll, I feel embarrassed, and almost ashamed to call myself an Australian! It’s hard to believe that there are so many stupid, ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated MORONS (Australians!) who are ready to RE-ELECT the WORST Government in Australia’s history,….the Rudd/Gillard, Labor/Greens Government (2007 to 2013)!

They are ALL still there (same government), minus Rudd and Gillard! The same Labor/Greens government that turned John Howard’s (Liberal/National government) PERFECT economy and a $22 BILLION “SURPLUS”, in to a DESTROYED economy, and a $600 BILLION “DEBT”, invited over 50,000 criminals (illegal boat-people) in to OUR Country, and introduced economy wrecking Carbon and Mining TAXES! The new incoming Labor/Greens/China Government will be much, much worse!

Rusty Marsh,