You came for our children now we are coming for you in Canberra today

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  1. Our Australian Heroes are driving to Canberra in the Freedom Convoy. Only independents will be standing in the future elections. All political / controlled opposition parties out. Electorates will be putting the trusted people we know into gov’t with a mandate to take out the trash.

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  2. tonyryan43

    I can imagine the big smile on your face. For many years you have warned us about the mess we are now in. Much of that info was new for me.

    Thanks for all of the valuable info.

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  3. Now you are talking!

    This is exactly how tyranny is defeated, as history has demonstrated again and again.

    Not with legal challenges or political party speeches, but with action and confrontation. Tyranny out; Freedom in. Utterly unconditional. There is no road back from this. It is Freedom or nothing.

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  4. Go aussie, go ♥️
    That’s a good list there.


  5. End all Corporate Government…


  6. Right now my heroes are the real Australian men women and children who are taking part in the Freedom Convoy, other protests and push back, and the arrests of the grubs and parasites.

    Hopefully the police will assist.
    The police who do carry out their duty to assist and protect the people deserve to be on the heroes list, instead of the traitors list, same for the ADF.

    The final results of all of the efforts of decent Australian patriots is yet to be seen, at least they are putting in the hard work that is needed to get things moving in the right direction.

    I am very grateful for all of their efforts – thanks Aussie heroes.


  7. Congratulations all…I so wish I could be there!


  8. This action is so needed. In all free countries we need to Let these hedonistic “animals” they are wrong, we will not surrender. WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OUR FREEDOM.

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