from Alison Ryan

Michelle Malkin, a member of the print, broadcast and internet media for the past 30 years, says: “I cannot emphasize enough how complicit so-called mainstream journalists are in perpetuating such double standards and stoking hatred of dissidents. The Fourth Estate will spare no one — not even the dead — in its ruthless pursuit of absolute power over political narratives.”

Ashli Babbit shot dead by Capitol police officer in a Deep State sting in Washington. Pic The Guardian Garbage

“If nothing else, the past two years have demonstrated with blazing clarity how the ruling elites live by one set of rules and impose an entirely separate set of rules on the unfavored, ostracized, dispossessed and deplatformed.”

“Let us consider a widely disseminated hit piece by Associated Press investigative reporter Michael Biesecker published on Jan. 3. Here’s the bias-laden title that reads more like an MSNBC op-ed whine than a straight news headline:

‘Ashli Babbitt a Martyr? Her Past Tells a More Complex Story.’

“Ashli Babbitt, as you may know, is the 35-year-old Air Force veteran and Trump supporter shot and killed by a Capitol police officer one year ago this week during the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C.”

“The fetid article under the fetid headline is victim-blaming at its rock-bottom lowest.”

“The AP makes a grand performative show of its commitment to fighting bias. ‘We must be fair,’ its online statement on ‘news values and principles’ asserts. ‘Whenever we portray someone in a negative light, we must make a real effort to obtain a response from that person.’

“Just to reiterate: Ashli Babbitt is dead. She is unable to defend herself against the clearly calculated and anniversary-timed sliming and smearing by “investigative reporter” Biesecker. That doesn’t seem to have bothered the AP ethics gurus one bit. Biesecker’s bio touts his status as a “2019 Pulitzer finalist,” but his trashy piece of trash trashing Ashli Babbitt doesn’t even rise to the level of People magazine or TMZ. It’s pure manure.”