TWU support for inoculation of members comes back to bite them while food disappears

‘Plandemic of the vaccinated’ remains oblivious to unions and government

A reckless decision to wind back close contact isolation requirements for asymptomatic transport workers will threaten the health and safety of workers and exacerbate disruption within the supply chain, says the Transport Workers Union, as it calls on the prime minister to meet with concerned unions.

Michael Kaine TWU National Secretary. The unions which supported jabbing all of their members can’t get it through their thick Labor heads that the only plandemic we now have is that of the vaccinated. Maybe they will wake up when trucks crash and passenger planes start dropping from the skies as vaxxed pilots have heart attacks just like the US

NSW Health’s decision to wind back self-isolation requirements for close contacts who work in critical industries like food logistics means employers will be able to prioritise operational matters over the safety of workers. The union is urging the prime minister to include unions in an urgent supply chain meeting scheduled for Sunday afternoon to properly hear their concerns.

“Scrapping isolation requirements for transport workers is beyond reckless – workers are being thrown to the wolves by a government that continues to ignore all the warnings,” said Michael Kaine, National Secretary of TWU.

“We know even if you’re asymptomatic you can still spread the virus. Requiring potentially sick people to go to work won’t make supply chains healthy. Sick drivers won’t get stock onto supermarket shelves any faster but it will certainly help the virus hitch a ride across Australia.”

The decision requires asymptomatic close contacts to wear masks and take daily rapid antigen tests, but the union says RATs alone don’t offer enough protection as they won’t pick up every COVID-19 case.

“Someone who is a close contact is by definition the greatest risk of passing it on – the NSW government is effectively scrapping the last buffer we had left to protect workplaces.

“To rebuild a healthy workforce we need to have isolation requirements and rapid testing working together – we can’t have one without the other. Testing combined with precautionary isolation is our best defence against this virus.

“The TWU wrote to the Prime Minister and National Cabinet in September and October urging governments to provide rapid tests to road transport workers to avoid unnecessary delays and keep drivers on the road.

“Instead, we have a completely predictable scenario where drivers are delivering rapid tests to be sold on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies – but they, like most Australians, can’t access them themselves.” – from TWU

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s a PCR test pandemic


  2. Yes, on bitumen.


  3. Wild ride was it bitumen then? Ed


  4. This is utter BS!
    Since when the TWU cared for the safety of drivers?

    I give a case in point.
    And its a very interesting and somewhat dangers point.

    Many years ago I was on a road trip from Sydney to Perth.
    We ran out of petrol about 150km west of the famous Nullarbor roadhouse in the middle of the night, We knew we would run out of petrol, that makes it more the crazy adventure.

    One Semi passed us doing great speed when we waved to stop., tried to stop but accelerated on into the darkness.
    Nest Semi stopped right next to us. tied our car at the rear of trailer and away we went, Driver said he will keep it slow for us. I seen 140kmph on our speedo and no petrol to us power brakes to snap rope when we got to next road house. We where flying on a wing and a prayer,
    Oh, driver was off his face on drugs to keep to the time limit to Perth.
    Poor guy, trying to make a $ under those conditions and putting us in danger. However that was part of this road trip adventure.

    Now TWU are worried about a virus.


  5. We asked them 12 months ago and they said no the the jab.Ed


  6. Wow! I saw the recent video clip of Schwab boasting about having the unions, governments and media in his pocket but do they have to shout it from the rooftops? Asymptomatic transmission is a myth. Ask any real doctor if you can catch a cold sore from kissing someone who doesn’t have one. Maybe the union are tied up with the insurance line since life insurance will not pay out on jab-related deaths because you voluntarily took part in an unapproved medical experiment. Ring your insurance company and ask them. While you have your phone out, ask your health insurance if they’ll pay out on jab-related illnesses like myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, heart attack, clots, amputations, thrombosis, neurological disorders, bleeding disorders or miscarriage. Quick, call now and ask – just for shits and giggles.


  7. Hear! Hear! “For decades and decades truckies and delivery drivers dealt with their colds and flu before this BS Covid came along.” – Kaiwanshou

    And even if this virus is gain of function it’s still a cold/flu.

    It’s the covid vax that should never be taken.


  8. The “injections” are still NOT FULLY approved ! THE INESCAPABLE LOGICAL DEDUCTION IS THAT THE ENTIRE POPULATION IS BEING TREATED LIKE LAB RATS, forced to participate in a medical experiment trial. What part of that does the average “reasonable person” not understand?


  9. Corrupt paedophiles all of them

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


  10. Setka was in bed with Dangerous Dan for years, some say literally? Ed

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  11. “meet with concerned unions”? Now there’s an oxymoron. The only thing they’re concerned about, is themselves. Moreover, if these clowns after 2yrs of this bullshit still believe this is about a virus and our health, they’re certainly not qualified to make an intelligent, let alone, informed comment. Crawl back under your parasitical rock Kaine.

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  12. This Covid thing is bloody boring.Seems like nobody hs any thing better to talk about/ argue about fight about. If you are sick stay home.Get out of the way.Some people are taking a sear a book a snack wait three hours for a test. No Not sick, scared out of their bloody wits. Why don’t they get a life..
    People losing their businesses, kids losing precious school time The everybody frustrated, what the hell for.Do something creative.make a garden.grow plants,do exercises ring your friends, and do not mention THAT word.Get a life.Two years of this , is toooo much.Do you want to live the rest of your life this way ? If you comply , you freedom will all be gone , so will mine and I do not want that, And I sure cannot change it on my own. One of my mum’s sayings, GOD helps those who help themselves. Please can we do something, or we will live in slavery.What abput your kids.

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  13. I am sorry to swear but the problem is so huge because of these fuckwits who are either dangerously clueless or dangerously Complicit in these dangerous jabs injections vaxxines and the heinous crimes against innocent populations by the mandating of them!
    If the international criminal court takes no action against these totalitarian regimes known as governments then the people will themselves bring justice! !!!!! a group of German physicians join the chorus of experts who have discovered foreign objects in the coronavirus vaccines and in the blood of the vaccinated.


  14. The unions have been so disappointing – selling out their members to the poison. Of course this is understood when you dig into their origins.

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  15. “Scrapping isolation requirements for transport workers is beyond reckless – workers are being thrown to the wolves by a government that continues to ignore all the warnings,” said Michael Kaine, National Secretary of TWU.
    Come on!
    The Truman Show was a 1988 US TV show!
    Who and how much was Micheal Kaine paid?
    Michael Kaine? I know that name from somewhere….
    Anyway, I can’t give the source but I read recently that the Rapid Antigen Test contains something quite injurious, worse than what’s in masks.
    For decades and decades truckies and delivery drivers dealt with their colds and flu before this BS Covid came along.

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  16. I’m surprised the rank and file have not removed their union leaders or at least broken away to form renegade outfits to challenge these corrupt imbeciles. Did we ever find out if John Setka was paid off?


  17. Lol Wuhan not friggin Wigan bloody predictive txt.

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  18. You know asymptomatic spread is bullshit. Many scientists have proven its almost impossible. 19 scientists studied 10,000,000 ppl in Wigan and found zero spread from asymptomatic ppl.


  19. They will depopulate the country by fair means or foul…. Reap what you have sown, scummy bastards


  20. The more bio-engineering injections, the more cases. What part did they not understand?

    Didn’t Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland and other highly vaccinated countries teach them a lesson?

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