Trump’s support for vaxx dividing his base – Dr David Martin

by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

Dr David Martin joins Man In America host, Seth Holehouse to talk about the motives for the death shot.

Dr Martin says that 30 years ago, it was known that Social Security was going to run out but rather than solve this, the fund was instead raided continuously and is currently set to run out in 2028.

President Donald Trump’s support for Covid shots is dividing his base

He says that the targeting of those 65-and-older as the first in line to receive the jab was because the Government wants to shrink the pool of social security beneficiaries and this was most evident with the actions of the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California, who all intentionally allowed tens of thousands of elderly patients to die with their policies of returning hospitalized COVID patients to nursing homes.

He explains that killing the elderly off is also form of gerrymandering. If you reduce the population of those over 65, who tend to be more conservative, it turns out that you get to re-district.


As for Fauci, he says he had no credentials to be “America’s doctor” for a respiratory pathogen program.

Dr Anthony Fauci, US Chief Health Officer. “He was put in that position to show that he had, in fact executed the coup d’état on the Presidency. This was the pharmaceutical industry having photo ops to say, ‘The President of the United States has been marginalized and emasculated and he is standing behind Fauci, he standing behind Birx, he’s standing behind Alex Azar and the fact of the matter is Trump(at rear), to this day does not understand that, not only was he played but this was a coup in which he had the coup leaders in his inner circle.” 

“He was put in that position to show that he had, in fact executed the coup d’état on the Presidency. This was the pharmaceutical industry having photo ops to say, ‘The President of the United States has been marginalized and emasculated and he is standing behind Fauci, he standing behind Birx, he’s standing behind Alex Azar and the fact of the matter is Trump, to this day does not understand that, not only was he played but this was a coup in which he had the coup leaders in his inner circle.” 

Seth asks David about the theory that by launching Operation Warp Speed, he averted 5 to 10 years of lockdowns. David shakes his head.

“Neil Ferguson’s 2 million bodies in the streets didn’t happen – and it didn’t happen because the bioweapon that was engineered – if we go back and read the ingredient label on the bioweapon – it says: ‘Infectious, Replication-Defective.’

“Now, Seth, the problem with that is they told us what it was. They told us that they were making a thing that made you sick but was hard to transmit. We had to look all over the place to come up with these BS stories of transmission and not one of them has been empirically shown to be the case. As a matter of fact, when a study was actually done on asymptomatic transmission, not only did we not find evidence of transmission, we could not find the provenance of the infectious agent.”


Seth talks about how Trump’s support for the vaccine has been divisive among his base and he asks for David’s take on it.

David replies, “Leadership is saying the truth. If you’re not capable of saying the truth, then you’re not a leader and the fact of the matter is, there is not a single possibility that President Trump could possibly make the statement, ‘No one has died from the vaxxine,’ because in the clinical trials, themselves, there were abnormal numbers of deaths in the vaxxine population…

“The fact of the matter is that Trump is lying and we need to call it what it is…

“In the Fall of 2019, he received a very, very clear statement drafted by Yours Truly that actually said, ‘If you want to have a chance at winning the election, you have to stop supporting the coup attempt.’ That letter is a letter I wrote and I know it was requested by a member of his family, delivered to him. I know he knew it.

“And my point was, ‘If you want to win the election, you have to point to this short guy that’s in front you at the podium and go,

‘By the way, this domestic terrorist is the reason why we almost lost our country and I’m holding this domestic terrorist accountable.’

“Now, convenient thing is it would have been very easy to have the Secret Service or the FBI there and arrest him and cuff him and we would have been out of this nonsense a long time ago.

“But for reasons that can only be described as patronage, because it turns out that it is bad, bad, bad for business if you’re going into an elected position, it’s bad for business to be on the wrong side of the drug dealers, because let’s face it: drug dealers are the largest endorser of political campaigns in America.”

Big Pharma is the largest campaign contributor by nearly three times, compared to the next biggest lobby. “If you hold the drug dealers accountable, they hold you accountable and you don’t get elected and that has got to stop, because Trump’s morality was for sale for 30 pieces of silver and he has sold American lives to the drug dealers.”

Seth asks David whether he thinks Trump might have signed an NDA that is preventing him from speaking out. David answers, “What I do know is that on the 19th of September, 2019, when he signed the executive order that included the mandate for the vaxxines that included recombinant gene technology, in September of 2019, Seth, there was not a single reason for that to be an executive order…The only reason that executive order was

put on his desk is someone paid him to sign it…

“That’s the executive order that ties into the mRNA platform, which is exactly what Anthony Fauci told Congress in December 4th of 2019. So before there’s a Wuhan anything, before we’ve heard about anything happening in China, we were told this was for the mRNA platform, that’s what the executive order was for. That’s exactly what was said on December 4th, 2019. 

“And that gives rise to the economic interests of CRISPR, because it turns out that if you start putting mRNA into people, you’re going to have to find technologies that clip it out. And the only way you’re going to do that, because as many times that people tried to do it before, it never succeeded because the Church always got in the way. Morality always got in the way. We needed to find a way to get the Church and morality out of the picture and we needed to make sure that we could edit the human genome and have nobody comment on that from a moral or ethical standpoint, and God forbid, have a religious objection.

“So what do we do? We actually manufacture the agent of delivering the altering chemistry, the mRNA platform and then, lo and behold, mysteriously, in December of 2020, we have two women win the Nobel Prize for CRISPR – during the pandemic created to get CRISPR into mainstream without the objection of the Church, who had object to it for a decade before.”

Seth asks him if there is any way that Operation Warp Speed saved lives, and David responds, “I wanted this to be answerable in ‘Maybe there’s a multi-level chess board and this is a move on one level to save a move on the other level,’ but here’s the problem with that story: The problem with that story is what’s happened to the military.

“You do not allow the Department of Defense to issue a self-inflicted harm order to the Department of Defense, where you take military men and women, people who are trained advance fighting forces, Navy SEALS, Special Forces, special air wings in the Air Force – you do not take our best defense and sideline them by forcing them to take the kill shot. You do not do that if you’re playing for the same team…[AB note: Trump never mandated vaxxines for the military or for anybody, so how is this his fault?]

“And by the way, the current Secretary of Defense is a traitor and we need to call it what it is. You do not weaken your own army so that a foreign party can take advantage of that weakness. We have fewer Special Forces, we have fewer Marines, we have fewer defensive postures than we had 6 months ago and 8 months ago and we did it for what? We did it because we were trying to force people to take a jab that would ultimately harm their fighting force readiness.

“I wrote a piece for the Department of Defense and it was circulated internally, which actually suggested that, in addition to the vaxxine injury question, which is actually a very significant problem, we were doing what is called ‘battlefield softening’. In other words, we were self-inflicting onto our defense forces a means by which fewer of them could potentially rise to the defense of this country. And we did that intentionally and no empire in human history has survived an internal military fighting force softening. And we did it to ourselves…

“This is corruption at its core. This is evil at its core and We the People have to be able to actually call it what it is. This is the expression of evil. And against that expression, we have to have the voice of truth and we have to have the forces of good.”


Seth then asks him where sees this heading and where does the hope lie?

David replies, “I’m not a fan at all of hope, I think it is a disgusting metaphor that allows us to defer reality, so I’m going to go with I am certain of a present where we, as people of courage, we as people of faith, we as people of morals, we as people of values have the opportunity to let this be the clarion call that wakes us into action…

“The evidence shows that people who do have a moral compass, people who do have a voice, people who do understand what leadership is and who do understand what it means to put the lives of others before their own, this is a moment where we in fact are standing up.

“And so the great news is, I don’t have hope for a future, I have certainty for a future, because the fact is that we are now coming into the Christmas season – and listen – we tell the Christmas story like many other stories so freaking wrong, because we’re trying to make it a Hallmark greeting card.

“Remember that King Herod sought to kill every child. Remember that. No different from the Puppet-in-Chief Biden, seeking to kill and maim everything under the age of 5, so that he can actually continue this reign of domestic terrorism.

“And it was in that moment that what happened? It was in that moment that wise men from the East came and found a stable and in that stable they found a mother and they found a child and they actually realized that there was something so much bigger, so much more transcendent than any of the forces of darkness.

“And listen, we’re talking about the whole Roman Empire killing off every child. You think that was a bad day to be alive? You better believe it but guess what? It was into that moment that our Incarnation’s story happens.

“We have to start telling our own truth and our own truth is the Light will always prevail against the Darkness. This is the absolute certainty – not the hope – the certainty that we, in fact are going to prevail.”

-Forbidden Knowledge TV

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Trump’s push of OPERATION WARP DEATH when he KNEW he was lying to the American People will cost him the 2024 election, no matter how much good he has done and would do if he would get Demented Pedophile Biden out of the White House. Trump’s endorsement of the Lethal Injection Bioweapon will result in the death of 200 million Americans, and that we will never forgive [I personally lost two close friends who took the suicide shot because Trump said to take it, and one of them was a doctor]. No excuses will matter. We need a Presidential Candidate like Dr. David Martin who will end the Vaccine Holocaust once and for all! Stop Spike Proteins, Prions, Graphene Oxide and Graphene Hydroxide from killing people. Don’t worry, though. We are near a tipping point where enough people are either dead, dying, or becoming well-informed to see through the pretense and the veneer, and realize that BOTH Trump and Biden are nothing more than prostitutes and whores for the Big Pharma Drug Cartel. Enough is enough of these vaxx-pushing, mandate-pushing, mask-pushing PIMPS!


  2. In the beginning I believed Trump was a breath of fresh air; and that the swamp really was going to be drained!
    Then I could NOT believe how he slunk away like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs when he realized he didn’t win the crown for the second time! I thought he would have fought the demon-crap bastards with all guns blazing. My next fear was that he WOULD get back in somehow; but prove to be a ‘false messiah’.
    I am contacted anything up to eight times a day with emails from Trump’s RA-RA group on the bludge for donations for the great ‘Don’. ALL are deleted.
    Just finished reading ‘Under the Radar 537-555 TRUMPENCE’ [2017].
    A terrific read! Most of it rings true, as it rings bells! Written BEFORE the covid crap hit!
    After his recent jab rant; I’m NOT a Trump fan anymore!
    IT IS UP TO US AS TRUE AUSSIE PATRIOTS…Trump was just a cheap card hustler, and won’t be there behind us, ever.
    Read today’s Mike Adams piece on the upcoming International Criminal Court Case at The Hague on behalf of the Citizens of the UK.
    My Christian faith will not falter! A lot of us are just waiting for the ‘GO’ signal. What that will be; I do not know. Besides freedom; I think we all know what comes first!


  3. You areall talking crao and not reading between the lines, its not about gaining brownie points its about our freedom and fighting for our God given souls. You need to wake up now and not create division amungst the patriots. Wake up now you heroes.


  4. David Martin is doing a fantastic job.I have watched him numerous times.What he says rings true.I was an admirer of president Trump. His attitude has concerned me for a long time.2 plus 2 were not making four.The pieces are falling together.Does Trump have the courage to come clean ? There are leadership courses everywhere.The so-called leaders are not worth following , I wonder how De Santis would stand up to scrutiny ? A good man or woman is hard to find.
    I cannot think of anyone else, I wonder if he or his family were threatened ? What about the service men and women ? There are dirty traitors every where . Looks like the whole world is a mess. One thing is for sure.,It is not worth going back to where we were.It was not normal, Is there a normal ? Or is it all an illusion ? When is is nightmare going to end ? Or is it like what Ricardo Bosi says. “It ends when we say it ends .” I believe now is the time.


  5. I used to be a huge Trump fan but the fact that he let them get away with stealing the unloseable election and setting up his supporters over the Jan 6th Capitol protest when he had so may ways to prevent it suggests to me that he deliberately bowed out. Either they had dirt on him all along with which they could control him or he was effectively the 2nd Democrat 2016 candidate in case Hilary failed, installed to make it appear that a vaccine had bipartisan support. Remember, Fauci stated years before Covid that the next administration would have to deal with a surprise pandemic. So much of his time as POTUS appeared to be staged.


  6. Trump? Oh yeah he cleaned out the swamp, arrested them all, they are all in prison.
    In reality no swamp person was arrested, not one, he had many from the swamp on his team.

    Months before the pandemic arrived he changed the meaning of a vaccine to include mRNA ingredients..He still states that the jab (and now booster) is safe, everyone take it, it will be good for you.
    In reality it harms and kills.

    Trump saved the world with his warp speed jab.
    In reality Trump played a very big part in the invention of the plandemic and the harming and killing of millions of people world wide.

    The plandemic will end very soon.
    In reality they have years of boosters made and stored, ready for use on adults, kids, and babies.

    We just need to follow the dictates of tyrants, just follow the mandates, hope for the best.
    In reality we need to wake the hell up and push back, or we will be very busy attending funerals of family and friends.

    Trump may get back in to save America.
    In reality if he does get back in he will feed us b……t and carry out the orders of his NWO masters.

    Think I am a bit over the top, wait until early into 2022, the 5 to 11 year old kids will have to get the jab. They may not get too many injuries and deaths until the second jab, maybe not until the first booster. Then the babies will be next.

    The majority of Australians keep going along with the plandemic, and allow an experiment that harms and kills to be injected into their kids.

    Most of that majority will likely end up with some real health problems caused by the initial jabs and many twice yearly boosters, or they will be dead.from the “it is safe and effective” injections.

    Many of them demand that I go over the cliff with them (get the jab) that demand is the reason that I loose respect for them. They are part of the problem, they support the tyrants, they support the mandates, they fully comply.

    My main concern is with helping those who have woken up to the reality of what is going on, those who protest, those who push back.


  7. A very good post for the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents – Ded. 28. The backstory to this (which is also playing out today) is that Herod was an Idumean king who ruled Judea under the Roman hegemon. He was of Edom / Idumea. He was a dragon of the wilderness of Seir and not of the Covenant. He was of the “Synagogue of Satan – those who say they are Jews (of Judah) and are not”.

    Naturally the expected Messias, the Desired of Nations, the Key of David, the Light of the Gentiles and the glory of Israel was everything Edom was going to oppose. Anticipating the Feast of the Holy Epiphany – the manifestation to the Gentiles – the Magi never returned to help the Idumean king with his enquiries. When he realized he had been played, that was when he ordered the deaths of the children.

    Just like the politicians controlled by the same Synagogue of Satan. They know they have been played. And now they are going for the children in the Australian genocide.


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