Covid jab has never been about health

Letter to the Editor

I think the reason they are pushing for 100% compliance is because their pandemic of the vaccinated is simply the vehicle by which they can best introduce their check-in social credit system.

The federal government has been preparing the groundwork to implement facial recognition for every citizen hence the introduction of its digital identity bill in parliament to record every citizen’s private details

Without full participation – ie without EVERYONE jabbed and controlled with a digital ID — their planned social credit system can’t function properly. Failure is not an option to them. If we do not comply, they will firstly exclude us from services, make everyday life difficult, bankrupt us, seize our assets and eventually round up the dissenters. (most states long ago confiscated and shredded parchment land titles. Purported land owners no longer own any land-check with your titles office.Ed)

This was never about looking after our health. It makes zero sense to vaccinate people with something that only makes you sicker. Everything they’ve done in response to this alleged pandemic has been counterproductive and demonstrates either incompetence or malfeasance. Attempting to vote out the major parties won’t work because most of those who are already jabbed (the majority, if we believe their figures) will tell you that the government did a good job protecting Australians. All we can do electorally is change the composition of the Senate.

If we’re not prepared to get jabbed and join their social credit mark of the beast system we will need to build ourselves a parallel economy run by and serving the uncontaminated.

from David Esplin


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Better chance on the Melbourne cup winner. We await the next episode of Australian Underbelly, the Government series… ED2


  2. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    They are not Government they are Crime Syndicate’s pretending to be Government we have the ability and the numbers to STOP THIS……the question is will we UNITE & do it……


  3. All well and good, however the unseen elephant in the room is the total control of population management. When 100% of the population has been genetically engineered to be vulnerable to a pathogen that can be delivered at will. A eugenics dream.

    Kind regards Gary



  4. Well the Governments paperwork for the new Digital system is already in place and it doesn’t look good for the ones who don’t comply. Say, do, put anything that goes against them and it certainly isn’t nice for the ordinary people, with a penalty points system over 200 or 300 penalty points or in money terms over 27,000 thousand dollars or over 41,000 thousand dollars in fines.


  5. Well the Governments paperwork for the new Digital system is already in place and it doesn’t look good for the ones who don’t comply. Say, do, put anything that goes against them and it certainly isn’t nice for the ordinary people, with a penalty points system over 200 or 300 penalty points or in money terms over 27,000 thousand dollars or over 41,000 thousand dollars in fines.


  6. Jo, also
    “I think you are attempting to hold together a collapsing system, with the cabals help to boot.”

    The Cabal is destroying this system, by dividing us. I think you will find your running into the hills is right up their ally. Your dream of a parallel system is promoting a two tier system, dividing us further.
    Do you think you can hide, do you think they will allow that?

    I know who is helping the Cabal and it is not I. I am saying fight for our rights and freedoms.


  7. We don’t need a parallel society! We need to CLEAR OUT the one we already have. We need to expunge the scum who are stealing it from us.


  8. obviousbob.
    Not until we hang some pirates will this happen.


  9. Jo??
    I have been to meetings were this parallel society is brought up and I have asked many times how this system functions outside the present system, all I get is “I have a dream” and you have not explained it either. I am all for solutions, but I require these solutions discussed, I am not a blind follower of the faith. I do not require a leader, but I do require discussion.

    The parallel people are generally renters and appear to all be running on government coin.

    I am not prepared to give up and run away to the parallel universe. The present system has failed because of traitors, but also because the people got distracted. The system is collapsing because we allowed it to collapse, we watched as it died.

    “parallel can be bigger happier and more fruitful and successful than any previous system. All that’s needed is vision and drive.” Just words again Jo, without explanation, detail is always lacking in the parallel world.

    I see two solutions and only one is peaceful, non-compliance.


  10. Two weeks to flatten the curve? And today we have fourth and fifth booster injections? Next thing you know they’ll have us sheep on forced overnight dips.

    The totalitarian tip toe in progress. Enjoy while you can. Click go the shears go click, click, click.


  11. An good example of a semi-autonomous parallel economy is Orania (South Africa), who were forced to start looking after themselves.

    Possibly a useful role model: worth monitoring.


  12. We should ALL work together – this issue is too big and important..


  13. Thanks Tony keep us informed. Ed


  14. A M Pleming: It is called INLAND PIRACY, becuase it is usually done via fraud and barratry and the absence of FULL DISCLOSURE. And piracy does not change ownership. Once the piracy is called out the goods and chattels and loot must be returned. An older piece on this-if you remember Jeff Sessions you will twig:


  15. MP – I think you are attempting to hold together a collapsing system, with the cabals help to boot. It appears you will have to go through deeper pain before you realize parallel can be bigger happier and more fruitful and successful than any previous system. All that’s needed is vision and drive.


  16. The First Nations fightback commenced spontaneously in Darwin, Canberra, and central NSW a couple of weeks ago. For the first time ever, they are speaking the same message with the same voice.

    I would never have believed this possible, but I have seen it for myself. They are including all mainstream Australians in reclaiming The Land and rejecting elitism and hierarchism. Australia run by pan-Australian consensus, as in Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.

    More info as more comes to hand.


  17. Oops. CDC plays the ‘silly us – Incompetent’ card. Yes it is too bad millions of people died, but there you go with sillies like us who just didn’t get it that the RT PCR test is [wait for it — drum roll please] ‘inappropriate’. The RT PCR Test does not diagnose any disease. Now we get what Dr. Kary Mullis was trying to tell us.” Too bad we killed him too.

    Is anyone going to believe this horseshit? The biggest Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum operation in the history of the Masonic Agentur and they have resorted to: ‘Oh dear. What can we say? Silly us.’

    There is no ‘covid’ pandemic. There never was. There is no SARS Cov-2 that ever was isolated from any human tissue. The CDC had to quietly admit that back in June 2020 when independent virology labs (not on Fauci’s payroll) demanded samples for research as they were entitled to do.

    There never has been and currently is not a ‘covid pandemic’. But there is certainly a world crisis of entire populations that have been injected with a lethal spike protein disease and are now genetically recoded to produce this viral sequence and transmit it. The so called cure for the pandemic the CDC created with their ‘inappropriate’ test.

    Criminal charges must be laid against these suckers. They must be tried by a jury of their peers. If they are guilty, they must hang publicly – no body doubles, authentic identities who must pay for these crimes against the human race.


  18. none of us own anything – we are to see this soon I suspect..


  19. I wonder how many of these politicians understand the working principles of facial recognition and biometrics. One of the fundamental flaws in the technology is the inability of the algorithms to distinguish features in black peoples faces (not being racial) but the cameras cannot pickup wrinkles, shadows, high and low tones and general features you can visually see on a pale face. The technology does not work and people in the know, know this major deficient characteristic of the technology. Governments will get milked into believing this is the future, but proof will be in the evidence.

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  20. This has been going on for just on two years.They are using the old Fabian trick of slow but sure, The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. .Well it is sure they are going to forge ahead and do what ever we allow.I hear lots of complaints but I do not see much action.I thank all the loyal men and women who are really putting them selves out there. Thank God there are still some loyal citizens, but we need many many more.As an older woman there is not a lot I can do, but I work at it. I am all for women’s rights,have been since I was 11 years old, and that is a bloody long time ago. I am the matriarch , I am an elder of my tribe , in my large family, what I say has an impact on quite a few people. Women , are you awake,? Do you realize the power you have if you choose to use it ?
    From reading the articles and the comments in this and other posts I have had my eyes awakened to new thoughts and horrors I never dreamed of, I truly believed people were much nicer.And there are many lovely people thank God.
    I know till the day I die , I have a responsibility to try to influence my family to be God- fearing, loyal to family and country and to respect others around them.
    This is no time to be weak.It is a time for us to find courage to fight these bastards.That is not lady-like.I know..My Mum and the nuns must be turning in their graves. if they read this ,But no, I reckon they would stand up and be counted.They were women of courage. Come on women , your country needs you.


  21. Dissenters will get the nazi treatment from the zio controllers


  22. A good retort: Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

    A visionary whose discoveries have treated numerous diseases. A global finance expert. A man who has brought pow… |



    Once again Dr Martin exposes the culprits.


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  23. Hit enter before I had finished.

    We need to discuss solutions, “Parallel society” is not a solution to businesses, is not a solution to the vast majority of mankind.
    A huge number of people have got themselves coerced into putting something into their bodies and they have no idea what is in the needle as its a corporate secret.
    The only solution that will work peacefully, is non-compliance, but this will take a majority of our population and while people are lining up for boosters for something that did not work the first two times, we remain a small minority.

    This is what is in store for the vaccinated, words from the mouth of Greg Hunt.

    Parallel society, brought to you by the people who believe we can hug our way out of this mess.

    When we all stop complying, this ends.

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  24. Yes I agree – the new credit based blockchain system – which they have ready – will be the end of freedom. I know all across America groups have formed alternate communities and are setting up. It’s hard here as so many are apathetic and sheepish..One way may be to join in with the the real Indigenous people – who are the real owners – not withstanding the criminals who stole it.
    I had some preliminary ideas around forming small groups around food – security etc and gathering those who have lost their jobs into those groups – teachers for homeschooling – mechanics etc I would start a security company and employ the young – give them skills – hire them out – build business between groups etc…. Big job..But really – look at Austria – coming our way – and they will be poisoning the babies soon..

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  25. Yes


  26. Again the words “Parallel society” are thrown out, yet nobody can explain what this actually means or how it is supposed to function outside the system that controls, food, roads, fuel, power.
    Cave at the end of a rainbow, fields ploughed by unicorns. Usually a non solution put forward by those who have nothing to lose in relation to assets.

    I own property, but only while I pay rates to the system, I stop paying I stop owning

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  27. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    Just because an ILLEGAL CORPORATION MAKES A STATEMENT that does not make it anymore Legal…….”THEFT IS THEFT” even is the theft occurred in 1973……time does not eventually make a theft Legal these people are still Crime Gangs playing a “POKER STYLE BLUFF” with us……..I do not agree they are not my Government!

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