Dictator Dan carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy in Victoria

Victoria is in real trouble and has been for quite a while. Maybe a look at some history of the state will show why.  Victoria was built more on free settlers, miners, manufacturers and small farmers,  rather than convict labour and huge land holdings such as was held by personage of the NSW rum corps and privileged aristocracy of many other states.

Confederate General Albert Pike, a murderer who pillaged America in the Civil War. His legacy has defined modern day Victoria

From it came the early political movements that resisted  what was then called The Venetian,  City of London Rothschilds power structure. This didn’t escape the notice of this criminal fraternity. Early on they began to undermine any Nationalist development in Australia. 

They imported a war criminal and occultist by the name of Albert Pike from the Uniter States of America.  Albert Pike was a Confederate General who organized a group of guerrilla fighters during the Civil War. They conducted raids way deep into the US mid west States.

They raided small towns, robbed, raped and murdered the inhabitants, mostly women, children and a few old men too feeble to fight in the Union Army. Unfortunately for Albert, a couple of survivors identified him as leader of the group. 

After slaughtering nearly 200 civilians in a town in Illinois and then scalping and dismembering the bodies to make the massacre look like Indians had done it, President Lincoln put a price on Alberts head. Wanted Dead or alive.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy with the blessing of the LNP/ALP duopoly federal government

Pike had been a lawyer, and was a business partner of George Bush’s grandfather until the Civil War began. Prior to that,  Pike had constantly traveled to and from London. He also was responsible for spreading the Jesuit front, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the South of the USA.

He became Grand Master of these lodges.

When the war began to go badly for the Confederate rebellion, Pike fled to Canada.

As a war criminal with a price on his head for murder, he was given refuge by the British.

It was from there he was sent to Victoria to start “Scottish” Freemasonry. He spent several years founding these treasonable witchcraft based entities whose goal is to establish Global Government. Victorians tolerated and supported this criminal in their midst and many communities opened lodges. He should have been deported to the USA for trial.

Pike wrote a book which all high masons value called “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”. It is a ponderous tome of doublespeak, withcraft, anti Christian slander and instruction in nefarious ways.  It was a sad waste of good paper and ink.

These lodges created the Liberal Party. Pig Iron Bob Menzies was one of their favourite sons. The lodges assisted the destruction of the old Nationalist, Labor Party by infiltrating the British Fabian society into it.

 Governence only went down hill from there. Corruption became the norm. Churches were overtaken by the lodges.  One Liberal masonic Premier, Rupert Hamer went to Las Vegas on the Mafia’s check. 

After gambling, boozing and whoring for a week he returned to Melbourne. The Mafia were given the freedom of the City. They began by taking over the Melbourne produce markets, then spread out from there,  never to leave. Victorians tolerated this.  The police became their protection detail. Now the Vic cops are just thugs. Government became an arm of organized crime for the lodges. 

God has a warning,  given to old Israel. “I will bring judgement and destruction upon those who hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.  But I will show mercy to thousands, who call upon my Name and obey Me”. Herein lies the way out for our nation. Either we serve Baal or Christ.

from the part time Philosopher. 

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Are you from Toowoomba region Jon? There are a lot of Freemasons there. Ed


  2. The article on Albert Pike is total fiction. According to Wikipedia Albert Pike was born and died in America and never travelled to Australia. There is no mention of him leading a rebel group of confederate soldiers deep into Northern states and massacring peaceful towns people – So the entire article is a crock of shit.


  3. Funny ?? I don’t know about you people, but when the Main S**t Merdia , GayBC mention President Xi, or Kim Jong Un I don’t have in my mind the picture of Dr. Fu Manchu ??
    But when I see the picture of Our Dear Beloved Leader Dan Andrews there’s the picture of Norman Bates coming to my mind ?? Wonder why ?? As to Bret Sutton, it remind me of Dr Harold Shipman ?? Anyone can tell me why I see that ??


  4. You make some excellent points of American history James. Lincoln hitched his wagon to the Abolitionist Movement of the North. These would be your forerunners of the civil rights movement (led by trained Marxists) against racism (a Marxist concept forged for the Long March of the culture wars).

    The Americans of the Southland backed the states rights of the original American Constitution. Lincoln did not give the proverbial fig about either Blacks or slavery. There were thousands of White slaves in the North which certainly were not freed by the Civil War. These slaves were purchased from the Irish, Scots and English populations under the penal laws following the War of the Succession 1688. And, of course, the Charter of the bank that owned the land title to all estates of three nations in allodial / udal title : the Bank of England 1694 – a corporate asset of The City of London Corporation chartered under the Tonnage Act. That is why the UK went under Maritime Law.


  5. The idea that a Lucifarian Grand Master in the Freemasonry Secret Society actually settled in Victoria came as a revelation.

    The 3 published tenets of Albert Pike were to destroy the family, destroy the Catholic church and destroy Nationalism.

    Any wonder Victoria is presently a basket case with a spiritual legacy like that.
    Those tenets sound so Communist.

    In all fairness to Lucifarians they do see themselves as good upright people.
    As I understand, they believe Lucifer is the god of this earth, and that they too are gods.
    Lucifer even offered the Kingdoms to Jesus when he was tempted on earth.
    “the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour. All this I will give you he said, if you will bow down and worship me”.
    As it goes, Jesus refused.
    Reference: Bible, book of Matthew 4:8

    Freemasonry has a core belief in the ‘Great Architect’.
    This is eventually revealed to the higher degrees as actually being Lucifer.
    New recruits are not privy to that but writings by ex Freemasons reveal it.

    Secret Societies like Freemasonry surely compromise a Democracy.
    You can’t be doing hand shaking deals to get yourself into positions of power or to control and influence outcomes as ‘members’ on a local level or on the World Political Stage at the exclusion of others not in your Secret Society.

    Removing such a secretive movement is no mean feat though.
    There are historical claims that Hitler banned Freemasons in Germany when he came to power by destroying all their buildings and making it illegal.
    This makes sense if it is also true that Hitler was a Catholic prior to the war.

    Either way I’m not sure anyone has tried such a purge since (if it is true)

    Eventually the Freemasons came back stronger after the war with a new mission.
    To infiltrate all corners of life in a more public respectable way.
    To get recruits.
    They have joined Churches, Cults, Clubs, Politics.
    They are members of the Judiciary, the Public service, Law enforcement and Medicine….

    Now here we are.
    A Lucifarian World Order on the horizon.
    Novus Ordo.
    Years in the planning.
    By them and for them.
    The gods of this world.

    Or so they believe….

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  6. So today I thought I’d try something new so I decided to have a go at poetry. So here it is ladies and gentlemen.

    *’Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Get f…..dictator Dan’ *

    How do people like my first attempt at poetry?


  7. So the Communists did at least one good thing: taking down Albert Pike’s statue. But I suggest that the author read two books by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. These books thoroughly document the truth concerning Abraham Lincoln. Contrary to popular opinion, Lincoln was definitely NOT an egalitarian; he believed Blacks were inferior and wanted to send them back to Africa. According to DiLorenzo, Lincoln started an unnecessary war by denying the South the right of secession. IMO, Lincoln also started the slide towards big, centralized government. The North wanted a “Civil War” and a highly centralized government. The South wanted to be free from big government, and the vast majority of Confederate soldiers did NOT own slaves. It was not a “Civil War.” It was the War of Northern Aggression. If the communists weren’t so abysmally ignorant concerning true history, they would take down Lincoln’s statue too. Lincoln had nothing but contempt for Blacks.


  8. It will be news to the Scottish Rite that they are Jesuit front. Their alleigance is to the Synagoge. Their oaths are to the Synagogue. For republics founded upon Masonry as the basis of social order, there is no separation between synagogue and state. The Scottish Rite is part of this covert system.

    Pike and Mazzani founded the Palladian Rite when the Italian Peninsula fell to the Revolution under Mazzini and Garabaldi.

    The Jesuits were regarded as infiltrated / subverted or a front for the Jews by many European powers, including Rome. They were expelled from the countries of Western Europe beginning 1759 and suppressed by Rome 1773. They continued their operations in China, Russia, Prussia and US – indeed nations which pay no attention to the Papal Bull.

    In 1814 their influence had grown to such an extent they were rebooted by Pius VII. The capture of the Vatican banking system by the central banking cartel probably had much to do with that.

    And in the 20th century, the SJs spearheaded the Revolution against the Catholic Church, finally capturing the hierarchy at the Vatican Council II. Undoubtedly they backed the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and their universities in the United States post the Bolshevik Revolution were hotbeds of Marxist liberalism and modernism and ‘liberation theology’ – of which Pope ‘call me Jorge’ Francis SJ is a salient example. In the 21st century there is a Catholic proverb that goes : ‘More gender options than Fordham University.’

    When he was the SJ Provincial in Argentina – he sent priests to Israel. Apparently instruction by the Rabbis of the Chabad Lubavitch was part of their formation.

    The SJs have an entire corporate sistema like Black Rock, They need a front like they need a dorsal fin. They are who they are.


  9. Ed

    Bottom of the Cairns News page, it is still there now


  10. Minister Greg Hunt finishes his farewell speech with hand on the heart … signal to the chiefs of the “house”…says he is going home…leaving Australians without medicine for the virus, he’s done his job and is going home.

    Hand On Heart —Sign of Devotion to the Chiefs


  11. Hello Editor,

    Thank you for your news and consistenthard work. I’m just curious to know when you came a believer in Jesus Christ?

    Kind Regards

    Donna Abbott


  12. I am not sure everyone has to pay for the sins they perform or the injustices they inflict on others . I do believe that one will have to someday,some way Pay for the sins they enact and the injustices they perform.Otherwise there would not be a word called justice.There is of course the word Karma.
    I have worked for wealthy,educated people,the elite one might say including Sir Rupert and Lady Hamer. There is a class system in this country.I am from the working class. The wealthy often make sure or try to make sure , you do not rise above it .
    As I study the premiers of our land, I wonder who the hell do they think they are, and how come they got so much power.Can someone enlighten me ?


  13. First heard of Mr Pike almost 20yrs ago.. Shortly after 9/11 l realised who controls the Western World. Frigging never new Pharisees product Albert Pike set foot in Australia. Makes a lot of sense why Victoria is so corrupted and had the massive gangland war. The Russians (Russian Jewish mafia) has a very strong foothold in Melbourne and to a lesser effect the rest of Australia, Once Informer 3838, aka Lawyer X Nicola Gobbo was exposed and Carl Williams turned informer exposing Detective Sergeant Dale, the shit hit the fan and any potential loose lips had to be shut for good, in the ensuing killing spree.

    Halt the Vaxx extermination NOW!! Ban the jabs until properly tested and proven SAFE. It’s abundantly obvious the Clot Shots are doing more Harm than good
    Lets face it our politicians, Medical mafia and msm are Pfizer$ Big Pharma puppets who have sold out the people because of $, blackmail or fear of persecution


  14. Brilliant article.

    A lot of history in an easy to read and understand short article.

    An article about how the same system stole and sold off Queensland and our (now theirs) government would be good – or just click on the video on the bottom right of this page under How politicians stole your Australia, the video is about Queensland.

    They have already turned federal, state and local governments and courts into corporations – not the peoples corporations, none of it is ours.


  15. And Andrews even LOOKS like a simpleton, the lights are on, but nobody’s home.


  16. Good thing karma is just around the corner for these bastards. He has a face that only his mother would love….


  17. bravo!   well-written!   true!



  18. Lincoln was no great shakes either. See these two articles: http://annavonreitz.com/lincolntherat.pdf and: http://annavonreitz.com/lincolnandillinois.pdf We have inherited this too.


  19. Brilliant article, I cannot fault it & as a Victorian I can say for sure that Dan Andrew’s auric emanation is malevolently selfish to the nth degree, very dark & he appears to be overseen by major demonic entities. We are all screwed unless a major attitude change sweeps the Nation but with so many sheep asleep at the wheel or trough then this seems but a distant hope.


  20. What a great history lesson. Some time please do Queensland for us.

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