by Lindsey Symonds

That’s right Alexandra, Australia is at war. Pfizer is a Gook battalion and they are tasked with bringing a bioweapon against the Australian population.

The entire government – all branches, mainstream political parties are fallen to the Deep State / Fifth Column of the Revolution which has been Long Marching through all institutions of social influence for decades. In 1980 there was a top level inquiry: The Australian Senate Inquiry into the Implications for Australia of the New International Order (read world Communist state). All parties to the resolution which came out of that Inquiry pledged support. “We are fully engaged and will use every tool to promote it.” This Agenda has been driven by every branch and level of government for decades. And this subversion has been resisted from within for decades. But now – they have all their bases covered, as the Masons would say. Picture them all cutting their stupid sign with their hands folded over their dicks.

So now with Operation Corona, when the international Communist state – which gov’t is the UN – brings the nation to the third stage of subversion ( crisis ) , the government is revealed to have completely capitulated.

As important and encouraging as is the show of people power, great numbers and decisive actions being galvanized on behalf of the nation – there is no branch of government that represents or is responsive to the Australian people. They are all on board with the UN and what was called back in 1980 the New International Order.

They are not going to back down. They are going to double down.

They are going to double down with this whole regime of how they are going to deliver the bioweapon. It will go in phases so that the standard issue Communist genocide is in slo-mo. The sequence of injections and boosters has been designed to take out the immune system in stages. Each successive group of survivors will be a little bit more genetically modified and patented as human resources. In the end, the survivors will have immune deficiency. They will depend on the state for their immunity and will have to take their boosters.

So now at a time of high morale, it is good to get a hold of this idea. Nations have won against the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution and Australians can do the same.