Why hire a lawyer when you can rent a judge?

NSW Supreme Court judgement on Covid mandates just proves, like Queensland, NSW has the best judges money can buy!

Letter to the Editor

“Soylent green and gold” gave insight into the arrogance of some men in wigs in this Country but no one was listening. This legal grab really needs to be sorted before they announce the coming Marburg virus. That’s the one predicted by censored Scientists. It will be hemorrhagic and deadly as a symptom of those who continue, with boosters, to be jabbed. Like an Ebola. After 9/11 Australia created new Counter-Terrorism Laws (2008) and we still have rights under the International Human rights treaties including the Covenant on Civil and Political rights. Surely Section 100.1 of the Criminal code could be argued.

In this, “an action or threat of an action, is made with the intention of advancing….a political, religious OR ideological cause….and coercing or influencing by intimidation, the Government of the Commonwealth, State or Territory or the Government of a foreign country OR intimidating the public or a section of the public….it is a terrorist act if it causes serious physical harm or death, seriously damages property, endangers a person’s life, creates a serious risk to public health or safety….” All these things have occurred in 2020/21. Suicide, bankruptcy, family breakdown and violence, death in Nursing homes…people locked up in Unit blocks.

In my way of thinking, we continue to be terrorised (by fear tactics) and harassed, not by guns but by needles. International lawyers have already called out WHO and have already won. The PCR tests are redundant. They will no longer be used after Dec. The whole pandemic was based on a false test. We know who GAVI is. We know who turned up to influence the WHO in 2015. We know what the World Economic Forum want…for the serfs to own nothing and be happy. We know they are pushing for their NWO, a One World Government ideology. We know of the Biometric Digital ID pass system that they are trying to impose by DNA collection/PCR testing and jabs. This is an ongoing assault on our lives. We the people are being terrorised.

From Seb


Justice Beech Jones is supposed to be a Common Law judge. We doubt he has any knowledge of common law at all. Maybe he was a conveyancing clerk before he was appointed to the bench at the Inns-of-Court late one night while being jolly at the festive board. Editor

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. My wife raised an interesting question yesterday,”I wonder if the “vaccine” contains anything like sodium fluoride in it to suppress the will to protest? We know that like fluoride it suppresses the ability to reproduce”.
    Maybe that’s why the sheeple just agree with everything.


  2. Oh come on ED, Who won the election is who WE SAY won the election. The only way to win that one is to have a vast majority NOT vote, so there’s no numbers to manipulate.
    It has been postulated before that to vote for a foreign jurisdiction (THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT) is an act of war (against the Commonwealth of Australia). Actually, treason.
    Treason is defined as ” breach of allegiance”


  3. VOTING ALP/LNP/GANG GREENS OUT is the weapon that will destroy the juggernaut. Days of the duopoly political party strangle hold by party faithful is diminishing as there eyes have been opened by politicians they have supported who have incarcerated them in their own homes, no jab no job enforcing unemployment,mortgage foreclosure, and more. ED2


  4. Something I had concluded in research earlier but F Tupper Saussy (A French Hughenot name) told in brief how he came to this conclusion in his 1999 book “Rulers of Evil”. In the first 20 pages, he tells of his 1(985?) IRS prosecution which he expected to be dismissed because he had a letter from the IRS to say he did not need to file a return. He discovered in prior friendly banter with the prosecutor, who ran the court system, but had no idea at first what was implied. The court was not interested in any exonerating evidence. The book is freely downloadable.
    I had thought there was no independent spirit, no independent news in Australia but I found this site a month ago or so. It may have been through an article in Infowars.


  5. This morning I made the mistake of stumbling across a blog called ‘lawyerocracyontrial.wordpress.com” and ‘friendsofjamesjohnson.wordpress.com’. I figured surely this was not the same Lawyer who had written the play ‘Soylent green and gold’ under attack by his own Judiciary. But it was. Then I realised the wig wearing swamp was deeper and dirtier than a neglected water tank. God help us all…. because the ‘Corporate’ Government’s legal system surely won’t. Don’t waste your money. The Judiciary’s few good men and women are as gagged and bound as the few good Doctors/Nurses and Scientists left. It’s dirty out there.


  6. “FIRST you will require national pride, solidarity and drive to return our freedom.”

    National pride, solidarity and drive? Are they animal, vegetable or mineral? I don’t think they’re available in Australia anymore. Only in our dreams, but it would be nice if Australia woke up and got some again. Lest we forget we ever had any.


  7. Someone may wish to correct me but from the MAINSTREAM MEDICAL literature available, the injections appear to be a pre-cursor for our cells and bodies to MANUFACTURE OUR OWN “VACCINE” in the form of SYNTHETIC spike proteins.

    A “VACCINE” BY ANY OTHER NAME, INDEED! It’s pure Dr Mengele speak.

    Did anyone really expect the learned judge to DEVIATE from the Supreme Court’s earlier declaration that anyone appearing in the Supreme Court from December 1 must be double vaccinated, i.e.double injected with experimental injections which are still being trialled and popularly referred to as “vaccines”?

    No doubt any court these days might also conclude that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man as far as the law is concerned. All it needs is “expert” scientific evidence and a ministerial order.


  8. “When you find this in Australia Roland, I will be available.”

    Should be ,IF, you find this in Australia, I will be available

    Now the magnitude of taking our guns, begins to become apparent.


  9. WWII French underground marquee hit and run guerilla set the German army packing based on national pride, solidarity and return of their freedom. Guns and such are not required—– Passive well-organised guerilla teams to hit and run government daily functions. FIRST you will require national pride, solidarity and drive to return our freedom. When you find this in Australia Roland, I will be available.


  10. It is The lunatics are running the asylum


  11. There is British common law. But Australia has its own version – Australian common law, made up by the private corporate administration masquerading as Aust govt, so good luck with that.
    Also note, crown was taken out of govt and, so, also the judiciary – they are an arm of govt and do what they are told. They have no head of authority .


  12. I WATCHED THE CASES UP UNTIL THE LAST ONE . HE MADE NOISES BUT NOTHING MORE . he was bought . the summary was .the constitution is not worth the the paper . the legal system has failed . the only way forward is guerilla warfare . hit and run tactics .no invader has ever prevailed against it. like minded need to mobilize.


  13. When will they ever learn that there is no remedy for a constitutional matter in a Maritime Court…

    The Corporate Government administrators will see that it never sees the light of day.

    They are all part of the same gang and as the Late George Carlin stated it is a big club and you aint in it…

    Language warning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyvxt1svxso


  14. Why not? We hear Dangerous Dan often wears them. Ed


  15. Beech Jone official title is head of the Common Law division


  16. Common Law Judges do not exist in Australia I fact there are no Lawful supreme court judges in any State of this country. No e have sworn a Lawful Oath of office or Affirmation, they are not an Officer of the Crown and as sutch is a ring in treason by sitting on a Queens Bench masquerading as a comon Law judge. The so-called Judges are under control of the politisians and the conduit to the judges is in Victoria’s any way is the DPP they control any out come of all judgments where the so-called government is in court. The apointments of High court judges are in fact political appointments just ask Amanda Vanstone she knows the way it all works. If you ever step into any so-called court challenge the jurisdiction of the court the judge, Lawyes and the police ask them for a copy of their Oath of Office, remember the use of the unlawful “queen of australia” is with out double un constitutional.


  17. Why rent a lawyer when you can buy a judge.


  18. Ask a stupid question , you get a stupid answer. It has been known for months the test does not work. They are going to stop it in December. Why ? So they get get more faulty answers ? Well that makes a lot of sense,doesn’t it ? Now that Australia has been painted as one of the most violent countries in the world. Do we have to act like one of the stupidest ?


  19. Toyota Corola Virus

    Has a good idea, lets stop being victims and get the Masonic Pedo Judges to work for us!


  20. I agree with Adenovirus’s comment above, Whilst the lawyers take the hard route & think there maybe a chance of remedy when the over whelming evidence lays within the PCR tests and the evidence of the virus never being isolated has yet to bee seen. This alone I would have thought to be the basis of the challenge.


  21. We are attacking them on their ground. Wrong, any court in the land as a straw man you will loose, you have no voice. They are all controlled.
    To be heard we must be living man and woman, and ask the question of these Judges are do they stand under common law or fictitious maritime law. Are they a corporate soldier, this we already know as Judiciary is registered as a corporate under Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd.


  22. Hi Editor

    Chief Justice French States *“We do so against the backdrop of the supremacy *

    *of Parliament” Not Guardians of the Constitutions and No Crown and *

    *Constitutional Authority = Treason *

    Justice Beech Jones and all the Lawyers are controlled by Treasonous Political Parties.

    *Lawyers = “officers of the court”. “That designation also reflects the reality that you owe *

    *your professional legitimacy to the court: it is the court which admits you, and it is the *

    *court which will as necessary impose sanctions for ethical dereliction.” *= *Treason. *

    *Most Judges are only failed Lawyers.*

    Judiciary Act 1903 of the Commonwealth of Australia, Act No. 6 was amended by

    the Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1988 (Cth) Act No. 120 of 1988

    which amended

    *Common Law to Govern*

    *Section 80,*

    replacing “common law of England” with “common law in Australia”.

    Political Parties abstract Australia *= Treason. *Political Part*ies *abstract Australia, being

    abstract doesn’t hold *Common Law of England which includes King James Bible, *

    *Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus etc, etc*, therefore we the people have no rights.



  23. Werner Schmidlin

    Dear Editor, below is what I sent to three newspapers, the CP, TB and Courier Mail as letters to the editor, none was published, perhaps you can publish it.

    With kind regards,

    Werner Schmidlin **

    It is proposed that from 2050 on, we’ll have alternative energy, solar and wind and, blackouts. We have then saved our planet, so they think. How wonderful! I’ll not be here then, than thank God and, I don’t have to get a wood fired stove and I don’t have to cut down my trees down in my yard for firewood to cook and for warmth.

    However, we’ll still mine coal and gas and sent it to countries, like China and India, to name a couple who are the biggest polluters. And our myopic Greens and leftwing politicians who are pushing the above, have not been able to work out yet how to stop volcanos in Indonesia which is producing more pollution when active as China and India combined.

    The proponents of this unreliable alterative energy should be role models now, instead hypocrites and, give up driving the car, discard all electrical appliances and use candles for light. And talking of hypocrites, Al Gore comes to my mind who has unsuccessfully run for US president twice, and Prince Charles is another one.

    Sincerely yours,

    Werner Schmidlin signature..jpg

    Werner Schmidlin


  24. Knocking off Shane Dowling…Kangaroo Court of Australia’s title there!


  25. I would never trust a man in a frock and a wig!


  26. Heavens, Ed would you rate him as high as a conveyancing clerk? More likely a nosey tea boy.
    I’m with Dick, what did you expect. But they might have unwittingly shot themselves in the foot,Thousands of people were watching that court, they weren’t watching because they had nothing else to do, they were praying that SOMEBODY would do the right thing, and in a funny way Justice Leech Jones may have done just that. Thousands of folks are now pissrd off, and as Margaret Thatcher found out, that may just be the catalyst needed to galvanize otherwise passive people into action.


  27. What is up to the judge to maintain his highly paid position at the bench, is to carry out, and to the letter, instructions from his political masters adjudicating accordingly here in the real world of Australian justice at work. In your Peter Pan world you are correct .. ED2.


  28. To be fair the lawyer needs to come in with one simple argument for the judge.
    For example
    Explain the health act 2010 and requirements
    Show 11AM updates do not constitute control orders
    Show Brad Hazzard with a law degree does not constitute one of the four medical orientated roles that issue orders in the 2010 act
    Then pose the question, should all legislative mandates be null and void and immediately rescinded given the procedures in the 2010 act were never followed?

    No need to criticise the test, the virus never isolated, Ivermectin, blah blah
    One thing at a time.
    It is not up to the Judge to create their narrative.

    The good side is Kerry Chant and Brad the Hazzard cannot say now they didn’t know the test was shit and whatever else was said.
    Lets go for many cheap and super simple wins, this is the CHS/ICAN model.


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