Australian patent 2009 for corona virus vaccine manufacture

Download [HERE] this document being 834 pages. However the first 10 pages are of interest with most of the remaining being technical information.

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  1. Thanks, I’m about to embark on a computer learning experience!


  2. YES.. read it on this site by utilising the scrolling reader it is presented in .. ED


  3. Is there a way to just read the first ten pages as suggested? I have a feeling my computer will die if I ask it to download 834 pages.


  4. I was going through this document only about 20 pages just feels like it’s all made up science.
    Two things in this document came across that really throws a light on Covid 19

    the isolates and viral sequences described in Drosten et al. , “identification of a Novel
    Coronavirus in Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”, New England Joumal
    of Medicine, published online at http:/ on April 10, 2003.

    One skilled in the art would be able to identify and clone additional genomic regions using
    a variety of standard cloning techniques, such as, for example, using random primer RT-PCR
    and detection of sequences overlapping one or more of the above sequences, and/or using
    oligonucleotide primers, degenerate primers, based on the sequences provided herein
    Cloning, sequencing and identification of SARS winn by one skilled in the art can be
    further facilitated by the use of polynucleotide sequences, particularly RNA polymerase
    sequences, fmm related Coronaviruses.

    The take away is from the first paragraph that Sars was the Novel Coronavirus not Covid 19 and next paragraph mentions cloning no idea why cloning needs to be involved or how it could be accomplished.


  5. Pamela, you’ve got the wrong document.


  6. Hi,I note that Australian patent in 2009 is by an American company in response to the SARS outbreak in 2003, so I am not sure of its relevance re C-19 today.

    Regards, Pamela


  7. Hi, Im not sure if you have seen this government document.. The Australia’s national action plan for health security..

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  8. Thank you for finally reading this document.


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