Australian tyranny now under world microscope

Stew Peters of Live RED VOICE MEDIA (RVM) introduction to total government people control in Australia is damning enough, this is further substantiated by a televised interview involving New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research since January 2017 reflecting total arrogance as seen at those podium dictatorial speeches made by Adolf Hitler.

The program then moves to Stew speaking with Royal Australian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy, who bravely came forward to paint the picture of what’s really going on in the land down under.

This video is but one of many window through which the world now views demise of freedom and democracy unfolding before their eyes in Australia, now reduced to concentration camp enforced administration to uphold some hidden government agenda of false salvation.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Tyranny is illegal. The people have every right to take back their country by what ever means.
    Police: join the people for you children or stay thugs and take the shots!

    People, it’s your country not the tyrants!


  2. Thanks mate can you please email the book title. Ed


  3. In regards to Port Arthur: a friend, who sold me a very enlightening book on PA, went to see a man in Armadale, Melbourne, who had been shot through the cheek at PA. he told my friend it was not Martin Bryant who shot him. I the book, Jack Sarong, who was the best shot in the army at the time, said that all shots were head shots, and that the kill rate was just extraordinary. It seems, from what Sarong says, here is a rate they have for these sorts of thing. He said the kill rate was absolutely phenomenal.


  4. “they cannot do this, it is illegal”, but they ARE doing it.Tyrannical governments do not care about constitutions, or rights, or he people, or laws. They are lawless.


  5. Total quackery.


  6. Arrogant piece of shit, hazzard by name and nature. Genocide plan will fail.


  7. phillip robert taylor

    Hi Rob
    I was not going to comment on this story until I read your last comment above @5.32pm.

    I simply want to say that you and your staff are doing an outstanding job.

    I think I’m going to have to put you in the same category as Serene Teffaha and call you an outstanding Australian.

    Well done and thank you.




  8. You’d not be wrong.


  9. Sorry David not getting that correct, I have changed it. Working here at Cairns News 12 hours a day seven days a week, like the other two as a non paid volunteer at the age of 78 I guess it was a dumb mistake


  10. ALan like myself, also ex-RAAF, keep right off lists from ratbags who research list on the net .. ED


  11. Further: I’ve viewed pics showing some kids in a large hall that had Palachook’s face on a large overhead screen but there was less than 50 kids visible around the area. I saw the pics of Police lined up but there wasn’t any sign of the students nearby. Friends have told me that they’ve seen videos of the mass vax but none have sent any actual videos, just that photo I referred to above. Surely 24,000 students who have 48,000 parents there’d be some posts on social media about it, especially from the parents whose kids allegedly died. Nothing. Out of 48,000 parents there’d have to be one or two dissenter posting, even the students, all supposedly 18.
    Who is “Royal Australian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy”? Can’t find him anywhere on RAAF lists on the net.
    Not saying he’s not real or the event didn’t happen but Martyn Bryant killed all those at Port Arthur, right? All those Aussies at Bali died from an agricultural chemical blast that doesn’t leave a blast hole, right?


  12. Roslyn Bruckner

    Important information for all Australians has been provided here, and l appreciate this clear and concise advice. I will support freedom for our country.


  13. In the printed preamble to the video, Brad Hazzard is referred to as the Australian Health Minister!!!

    Please correct this, as it is a dumb mistake!



  14. Pete Credlin is an employee of that adrena chrome junkie Rupert Murdoch who renounced his Australian Natural Citizenship yet he controls 75% of Aussie Media. He was keeping it all in the name of his son Lachlan but he’s jumped the family ship. While she does do good reporting and confronts Dictator Dan I’ve found in viewing/listening to her reports she leaves out some important points, which I assume is to keep her job. They all do it on Sky News.


    I am absolutely furious that in Australia,
    They are still using the PCR test that are totally ineffective. Giving over 97% of false positives. It has been revoked in the USA so why are we still using it in Australia.
    No wonder there are so many positive cases!


  16. I am already not complying where I can. I agree that it is waisted energy to try and wake up sheep. The Lions are already waking up as the draconian lockdowns in Melbourne have gone on too long for even the most tolerant people. Most people are anti lockdown and I sence that anti mask sentiment is increasing all the time. Re the covid jab I believe in informed consent and that’s just not happening. Covid lockdowns, mandates and passports are a declaration of war against the Australian people.


  17. truthtellertonni

    Australia is screwed.
    Too many sheep & not enough warriors.
    They’ll all cave once they can’t get there grog & fags at the supermarket without getting the death jab.
    Look what happened at the trial of the pedophiles in Parliament. NOTHING. John Howard put a 99 years suppression order on it. A police document that proved 27 politicians & 1 ex Prime Minister were raping children & sweet bugga all was done about it.
    44,400 witnesses were never heard & Morrisons father was the Chief of police in NSW at the time & he helped them all get away with it by covering it up.
    Australians are piss weak bar a few.


  18. The Delta variant FOI reply I referred to says that that strain of the alleged virus has not been isolated either. The question was for a document showing that the Delta virus had isolation had been “…confirmed by means of a purified viral sample being imaged with an electron microscope.”
    The second question asked if the sample had been shown to cause the disease in animals or humans?
    The FOI reply was in the negative, saying that the Therapeutic Goods Administration does not hold any such documents.
    That seems conclusive-and I confirmed the contents of the email version of that document that many people have received, and I have sent it to a number of Parliamentarians, both in Victoria and federally, including David Limbrick and Craig Kelly.


  19. Well done Jonathon watch the world this week they are coming for the guilty. We are now worse than WW2 with genocide .


  20. Jonathan Foster

    The People pushback has begun. Watch the next seven days esp. 31st Aug. I was at the Border Demo and the all pervading revulsion of our fascist government was overwhelming. We need to wake the woke who have been dumbed down by years of Education and MSM/SM. Also watch carefully the world for the next seven days. Look at monumental switches in global currencies, continued arrests of criminal pollies and fake media puppets plus many other things. I need more space to inform you. Bye For Now Jonathan


  21. A question to all the Covid believers. We all purchase items that are supplied with a Manufactures Warranty, So WHY are people getting the jab and worse still giving it to their children when there is NO COMEBACK against the suppliers of the so called vaccine ?
    I agree that a large portion of society have been hood winked by Governments of the world and the suppliers of the so called vaccines are literally rolling in money as there is no recourse available to claim.
    It is time for the “HERD MENTALITY OF PEOPLE, TO WAKE UP, TAKE OFF THE BLINKERS ANS SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM. It is your choice like mine and I have said to myself, No, this vaccination is NOT for me.


  22. To Peta Credlin today, via email, about a Delta variant article of hers on Sky News:
    Hello Peta

    In regard to COVID, the alleged Delta strain, etc, Peta:

    If you want to tell the truth about COVID and the Delta variant the information is all in the attachments.
    The audio verifies the content of the page on the Delta variant as being in the actual reply.
    The FOI people I spoke to could not authenticate the document, technically, because the entire thing is
    not visible.
    But this lady did confirm that what you see on the page is in the actual reply document.
    That is good enough for me, and should be good enough for you to cast some aspersions on the Delta
    strain narrative-and, given that viruses mutate every couple of hours, it would seem that the Delta form
    of the virus must have disappeared many moons ago, and would have mutated its way through the alphabet
    hundreds of time by now.
    Perhaps we should be at Zeta-Epsilon Mk 3 by now?


  23. During the weekend, as PM Morrison (aka “The smirk”) sought a position that would free him of any blame for the severe economically destructive lockdowns, he was reported as saying about the current Indian/Delta “Variant’ that’s the excuse for the lockdowns, “less people are getting seriously ill, let alone dying.”

    Until COVID-19 ‘variants / mutations’ were known to be consistently weaker than the ‘parent “virus”‘, and spread quicker. They were also known to peter out sooner. Their “virulence” did not mean they were deadlier…

    The PM has put a gun to Australians heads: ‘ economic destruction will continue if enough of you dont take the RISKY shots’, even though “less people are getting ill, let alone dying.”


  24. Yes, STAND UP AUSSIES , this is our country Do you think our forefathers and mothers fought for our freedoms, died by the sword only to see what is happening now !!!
    Its time to pull the plug on the Canberra sewer, how dare they impose this NAZI tyranny on our people. They are beating their chests lining our kids up at Olympic Park Gas Chamber, destroying the youth of our nation, not to mention our young adults. Stand next Tuesday at your council chamber. FREEDOM. DAY !!!

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  25. I’ve been trying to educate the sheeple for 15 years and the only conclusion I can see is that you cannot wake up a suet pudding.


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