Monica Smit gives a live update on the Truth Truck that has been spreading warnings across Victoria on the dangers of COVID vaccines. BELOW: Russell Broadbent is confronted by aged care workers over mandatory vaccination threats.

HAS Dictator Dan backed down like his mate Scott Morrison on coerced vaccinations for health and aged care workers? It seems so, because the usual swarms of Victoria’s Gestapo were conspicuously absent from a small but dramatic demonstration at Warragul in Victoria on Monday.

Not a cop was seen when dozens of striking aged care workers and protesters from Reignite Democracy occupied the office of Victorian Federal MP Russell Broadbent. They were there to make sure the Liberal Party politician and his boss ScoMo got the message that they are not going to take a vaccine under threat of losing their jobs.

Broadbent stood outside and listened to the speakers who addressed the crowd and then heard their complaints again after he entered his office and donned a mask, which made much of what he had to say difficult to hear.

Cops were also absent when Monica Smit and her Truth Truck with messaging screens and loud speakers blasted shopping centres from Geelong and across the city to Pakenham with the anti-vaccine message for two days. No hovering surveillance chopper or roadblock in sight, apparently. Has the ring of steel been broken? Is the big COVID con finally tripping over its own stupidity?

The ABC reported on June 6 that “an executive update from the Department of Health” stated it was in fact “voluntary for workers to be vaccinated and to disclose if they have received a COVID-19 vaccination.” 

Smit and Reignite Democracy went ahead with the protest anyway because the Feds had already announced they wanted mandatory weekly reporting of the numbers of vaccinated workers, which implied vaccination pressure on employees.

So can Victorians now expect Dictator Dan or other Labor Party MPs in the state to open their electorate office door to protesters like Broadbent did? It’s doubtful, because corrupt, seedy dictators like Andrews make sure they are as distant as possible from the public.

Andrews’ big spin about his slip and fall down the coast also remains highly questionable, given his record of spin and cover-up in the injured cyclist episode in 2013 involving his wife who somehow avoided a breath test at the accident scene.

So some kudos to Broadbent, who certainly got an earful from the aged care workers and their supporters who rammed home the message they weren’t having vaccines. The workers might well ask who actually sent out the “executive update”. But the writing is on the wall that the COVID psyop is faltering everywhere because of push-back from a population that is just not buying the narrative.