Qld Labor Party’s continuing push to depopulate the regions

The Queensland State Government’s push to depopulate the regions has taken another turn for the worse as farmers in the Paradise Dam irrigation area in the South Burnett face water allocations of just 14 per cent, down from a usual 80 per cent.

Because of a farcical lowering of the dam wall by the state government owned entity Sunwater, allegedly due to engineering faults, farmers will suffer.

Irrigators say it will be the end of the line for many of them.

Plant and equipment has started to be removed from the Paradise Dam site and the workers camp buildings will be removed from site in July 2021. Picture: Sunwater
Paradise Dam near Bundaberg will have its wall lowered allegedly due to engineering faults which farmers say is fraudulent and will see many leave the industry because of 80 per cent reductions in water allocations. Pic QCL

Then the socialist state government plans to allow the corrupt Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to rewrite the animal cruelty act which is akin to placing Dracula in charge of the blood bank.

Farmers will be decimated by new and harsh animal cruelty laws which will make livestock ownership impractical and nonviable by stopping the castrating, fire branding and dehorning of male cattle– thus driving more farmers from the regions.

The Nationals, once the farmers’ friend has dumped its core support base in the bush and now is cosying up to the Liberals and the inner-city latte set.

Three Katters Australian Party state members assisted by a lone One Nation member have been representing rural Queensland in the absence of the LNP for the past two terms of parliament.

With the livestock industry at its most buoyant in recent history and cattle numbers at an all time low the Labor Party can see another opportunity to push people from the bush to make them re-settle in the cities where they can be controlled under the providential Covid regime hoax.

The depopulation agenda which will ultimately result in a loss of production as family farms falter, has also got a hand up from another prong of the Labor attack.

Pastoralists on Cape York Peninsula, the last bastion of cheap cow breeder country in Australia have been active on the front line for a decade or more defending their Pastoral Holdings from the ongoing Labor and Greens assault.

Aboriginal encroachment of their properties is steady and continuous as graziers are forced to negotiate Indigenous Land Use Agreements with Aboriginal Prescribed Body Corporations before any change of land use such as building stock water dams or clearing fence lines.

Then along ride the cowboy cops from Cairns in deference to local police operations hammering white pastoralists along property roads and insignificant tracks sometimes on private property enforcing unworkable traffic and gun policies, issuing huge fines for unregistered farm vehicles or for carrying a firearm in a vehicle without it being locked up.

As one white cattle worker said: “I was fined by a Cairns copper for driving an unregistered four wheel drive car along a private road running through our property and this is not the first time they have struck on the Cape. They check the cars for road- worthiness. It is going on all the time.

“They are trying to drive us out and give the land back to the blacks to do nothing with and let it go to wasteland like all the other cattle properties they have seized.”

Road worthy certificates are not required in Cook Shire which covers all of Cape York.

Another grazier was apprehended on a road through his property for carrying a firearm in his vehicle, about to shoot a wild dog he saw menacing his sheep, goats and calves. The errant and hopeless cowboy cop from Cairns grabbed his gun, immediately checked the chamber of the bolt action rifle and in doing so unknowingly chambered a round from the magazine. He waved the rifle about uncontrollably causing the occupants of the car to duck fearing they would be shot. The officer did not know how to operate a simple bolt action rifle. Remember he carries a semi-auto .40 cal Glock lead pelter.

Then along came Wyatt Earp, the sharpest aerial shooter in the north. Contracted by the national parks service, helicopter culling of cattle, horses and pigs has been quietly going on for several years. Valuable branded and unbranded cattle belonging to white pastoralists straying into any state or Aboriginal owned land have been shot from the air often leaving wounded animals suffering for days on the ground.

One white pastoralist was left fuming when a horse was shot from the air at a salt lick trough and left to die while its foal was running in circles around its helpless mother.

Leaving a mare to die and rot at a crucial salt trough kept the traumatised cattle away until the manager turned up a week or more later to replenish the salt which the cattle had not touched.

The pastoralist said the foal lived and now runs with the cattle.

These atrocious government-sanctioned activities are an almost daily event on Cape York according to those who live there which they say are part and parcel of the campaign to drive them off their properties.

Another attempt to surreptitiously shoot valuable cattle north east of Weipa two weeks ago was thwarted when an alert property owner spotted several drums of Avgas aviation fuel at a remote airstrip.

Inquiries discovered the national parks service was about to start aerial shooting cattle, the property of indigenous and white property owners.

A call from Member for Traeger Robbie Katter to the Environment Minister’s office was all it took to shake them down.

The Minister’s office denied any cattle were to be shot and that the helicopter was being used to show traditional owners their property boundaries.

Subsequent calls by property owners to the local TO’s revealed no knowledge of any helicopter flights for them to inspect property.

Such are the day-to-day events being hosted across Cape York Peninsula by a deceitful state Labor Party hell-bent on turning the once prosperous Peninsula into a world heritage park at the request of its mortgagees, Rothschild Bank.

Voter fraud keeps these socialists in power.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks for reporting on the plight on the Northern end of Queensland, Ed.
    FYI: We visited Bundaberg in early March 2021 (we’re from SEQ), and while there, obtained a copy of a newspaper, BundabergToday. Front page – cont’d on page 5, headline “Farm rates fight”, where it was stated: “More than 200 Bundaberg farmers had their rates more than doubled, while 64 had a 90% increase, 125 an 80%, 167 a 70% increase, 252 a 60% increase and 318 a 50% increase” Agforce, Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers (BFVG), Bundaberg Canegrowers & Canegrowers Isis joined together to fight the hikes. Agricultural properties now contribute more than 12% of the Bundaberg Region general rates – this is a doubling of the percentage in a single rates round, which is unprecedented.” Bundaberg Canegrowers’ Dean Cayley said.”

    Outside of the CBD are HUGE farming interests, ie: Macadamia plantations, Avocado trees by the thousands, Mango trees and smaller fresh fruit & vegetables. The seafood is also a huge industry, with million$ being poured into the Bundaberg Port. With a new pontoon for the Lady Musgrave Experience Pontoon [ie: tourism], the farmer’s who feed Australians are being hit hard from all angles.
    Back to the dam fiasco, the farmer’s have banded together to raise $1 million to fund a class action suit against the State Government and SunWater over Paradise Dam. They shouldn’t have to do this on their own, but the locals are behind the farmer’s 100%. Even we made a donation to their fight. It was suggested by some locals that a go-fund-me page be set up, but haven’t followed through on whether this happened. Cheers, ozbattler, aka CAL.


  2. All part of the plan to control people more than they already do. Get people to move back into the more populated areas, so they’re more easily monitored and controlled.

    And also, as a farmer in the US said last month… whoever controls the food, controls the people. If the government are controlling farming (food production) like this, it’s dangerous.


  3. Corrupt, evil, paid off State Govt…how sickening…Un Australian bastards!


  4. HI,something wrong with comments section, when I comment it asks me about 50 million times if I am who I say I am. After a lot of frustration I manage to post comment but you kick me out and I have to start all over again. My comment today simply disappeared as I was writing it.
    As I was trying to say, the depopulate regions is part of Agenda 30 from the U.N.democratic great reset bloc.We will all rent tiny cubicles in inner cities, we will rent our clothes and use municipal green bikes to travel around the 350 meters we will be allowed to travel in.But we will be happy, or so says Schwab.

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  5. Keep up the great work Cairns News, Australia needs you.
    With all the low body blows to this country and it’s farmers how can the Nation be fed long term; let alone survive economically?
    Traitor Joyce re-elected leader NCP, the CCP, Labour and Greens, the flu mutating to CoVid-19, the stench of Communism is everywhere with Rothschild’s controlling the purse strings.
    When the Communists controlled the farming in Russia millions died of starvation and many murdered for resisting; Will we repeat this history?


  6. We definitely need Independents to stand in every election in every Australian electoral seat, and not just on opposition to the imposition of any vax passport / australia card…


  7. When the farmers leave the Chinese will eventually arrive


  8. Same thing as divison created in Africa and the genocide of white farmers. Sir deindustrialization, suits breaking down the food chain, suits agenda 21 land grab, and yeah suits depopulation- for the greater good.
    Puts into question the suicides of many farmers that’s for sure.
    Kill humanity to save humanity, yeah right..


  9. horsecowsheeps

    INSANITY 😡‼️

    Sent from my iPhone



  10. I’m scared the ALP will build FEMA camps and put our loved ones in there. They could have lackeys in schools telling us that our children have Covid or whatever new germ comes up – and take them to FEMA camps without us or anyone else checking on them.

    How do we stop this?


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