UK High Court case exposes Western Australia’s role in national scandal

Darryl O'Bryan2


A CASE brought to UK courts by former WA Senator Rod Culleton has shown the government of Western Australia is unable to demonstrate that it has legal standing under the lawful Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, as opposed to the unlawful “Australian Constitution” and its so-called “Queen of Australia” head of government.

Constitutional researcher Darryl O’Bryan believes the case is the most important one in the history of the Commonwealth of Australia. It also has implications for the UK itself and other British Commonwealth nations.

The case has led Senator Culleton’s Great Australian Party to call for more “interveners”, that is people in any way affected by this situation, to file a claim in support. Already interveners include the Original Sovereign Tribal Federations, 10 indigenous tribal councils, the Rural Australia Intervention Directive and various individuals.

Culleton has been in constant court battles related to attempts to disqualify him as a senator, originally based on larceny charge in NSW over a $7.50 tow truck key. He was convicted in March 2016, but the conviction was annulled in August.
Australia Act 1986
In December 2016 he was declared bankrupt by the Federal Court in Perth and was subsequently barred from serving in the Senate under section 44 of the constitution where a senator who is declared bankrupt or insolvent is disqualified. The verdict followed legal action against him by alleged creditor and former Wesfarmers boss Dick Lester to have him declared bankrupt.

Senator Culleton’s counter action included asking the courts and Senate to show him a valid Australian court order that offended the Constitution, which they were unable to do. “It was then that I decided I would fight this the whole way,” Culleton told Cairns News.

Constitution Act(2)

“The whole point is that the government is not recognised under the Commonwealth Constitution and the law makes it clear that we’re supposed to be under that Constitution.” The situation led to Culleton and his supporters taking the issues to the Privy Council and other UK courts.

The WA government was unable to answer Culleton’s UK case by the deadline. It was an application for judicial review of a decision of the Chief Justice of the WA Supreme Court and for the Governor and Attorney General of WA to demonstrate lawful standing. The government failed to file a notice of appearance or defence and instead chose to write to the UK court asking it to throw the case out.

But case No. CO/588/2020, currently before a judge in the High Court in London, gives Australians a chance to “reset their governance” and regain the rights that have increasingly been violated in recent years – especially under the so-called COVID pandemic, says Melbourne-based legal activist Darryl O’Bryan, one of the original parties in the action. O’Bryan is a leading independent constitutional researcher and says the WA case implicates all states and all levels of government in Australia.

O’Bryan and other researchers in recent years have discovered that the Whitlam government’s Royal Styles and Titles Act (1973) silently transformed the lawful structure of government in the nation into a shadow system, most likely designed to facilitate the country into the emerging global corporatist system we now see today.

O’Bryan says when the UK became part of the European Union in 1972 the Queen became an EU citizen, and this was without the consent of the Commonwealth of Australia. The UK “let Australia go” and that was why the Queen signed the top of the front page of The Australia Act 1986 as “Elizabeth R”.

By this time Whitlam had removed the word “Commonwealth” from all government legislation and stripped the Queen of her full Constitutional title including the words “Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Defender of the Faith” into the “Queen of Australia”, under the guise of making the system “more Australian”. “It’s a parliamentary-created monarch and that’s not the prescription the Constitution allows,” O’Bryan said in a recent video. “The signing of that document (The Australia Act) has no legal effect. It’s still waiting for assent.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Taking this to the existing government to deal with it, is like asking a criminal to investigate itself and ask them if they found anything wrong… it’s time for pitchforks and torches mate.


  2. Hi Zeke ~ Will look into this for you over the next few days and email you back .. ED2


  3. Hi,

    I’m an Original Custodian of the Wiradjuri Tribal Nation (Wellington NSW) and would like to know what I can do to support Case: CO/588/2020 being heard in the UK?

    I’ve lobbied 11 letters to the Victorian Parliament, as suggested by “The Crows Nest”, via The Telegram site, yesterday against the COVID RESTRICTION MEASURES and follow the Australian One Party’s movements.

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  4. So did Whitlam act in resentment to the Queen’s departure, or was he taking advantage of the situation?

    Above all else, if the Queen is the signatory on our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (CAC) and she no longer represents her title, does this not make the CAC null & void?


  5. David M Albert

    These politicians are the highest paid in the world and we know why. This deception from the citizens of Australia have been led to slaughter through experimental vaccines which are anything but a vaccine. We are guinea pigs to these pharmaceutical companies and it’s not looking good for these people who have trusted the politicians/ media and the police. It’s an abomination to think this allows s to happen to the taxpayers of this country.


  6. It’s time we had a voice for the people of Australia not for Government members as they have been overpowered by the UN and the WHO. And those two are overpowered by Bill and Belinda Gates and all their rich buddies. I have read so many articles about these two and some of the things they do and have done is a bloody disgrace. We are the people of Australia but we need power from the uncorrupt to help us.PLEASE.


  7. Darryl O’Brien – are you able to provide letters that we can send to the local, state & federal governments to have them look into this matter and for them to realise that we the people are aware these governments are not the lawful governors of this country. I live in Qld Wide Bay Area.


  8. Sharron Flanagan

    Something needs to be done and very soon… this is going from bad to worse very very fast. So many ate holding their breath and waiting to breath, including myself..
    I don’t know anything about Common Law.. but trying very hard to get my head around it but not ha v ing much success. I think fear of what’s happening is hindering me esp when I heard 40000 UN troops were here to deal with the unvaccinated ..hiw true that is I don’t know but it has certainly put the fear of God into me…


  9. Where is the link to CO/588/2020 in the courts to prove there is a case actually happening in the UK


  10. Dan chambers

    How do we sign up ?


  11. Hazel Howard

    How can I help. Australia must go back to its true constitutional law and our present Governments must be held accountable for the wrought and lies they are holding the Australian people to ransom in and destroying this country under the guise of a pandemic.


  12. Janet Nicholson

    Thank you for this.
    This is What Wayne Glew is talking about.
    We need to involve New Zealand as it is also part of the Australian Common Wealth constitution of Australia 9th July 1901.Magna Carta
    Clause 6
    Clause 61 citizens have right to arrest the Government and lawful rebellion


  13. Darryl, further info is that David J Walter has filed a “Petition of right” that just got returned from the Queen Elizabeth the second. They are waiting us out and have cut us free… Only when enough wake up and remove the Parties from power will there be change.

    David pointed out that they changed a fundamental part of our constitution without referendum when they moved to a fiat currency, not being coinage of the realm or legal tender. It is a promissory note known by many as”Debt bondage” and that bit of treachery occurred in 1965, Between then and now “Johnny Jackboot” shifted tons of Gold.

    Predicting that they will claim that Australia became a sovereign nation in 1919 [Hughes] and that they have no jurisdiction as they did with Fitzgibbon v HM Attorney General.

    Other references are Late Emeritus Professor Clements wherein he made a statement regarding “Fraud of monstrous proportions upon the Australian People”…

    When you read their Statutes, statutes that exhibit the copyright logo on the last page. Copyright property of a private business you will discover that there are no living people within those rules, only “Persons” and by definition a person is a corporation. Only when people actually and factually realize that they are men and/or women and wake up to this trickery will we see change. They could wake up to the fact that they are nationals and not citizens if they were live born on the land. At the moment they are distracted by the common cold whilst the Parties and bureaucrats aided and abet by the Policy enforcers tighten their grip on power. If the cops would just wake up that their oath of office is to the people and wake up that they are now a paramilitary agency for dictators this would be over in a heartbeat…

    We live in a lawless land surrounded by inland pirates operating on the sea of commerce.

    As said once before we are governed by an “Insolvent corporation trading in human slavery”, let that sink in… “Tyrants never go willingly”


  14. The principle of the divisibility of Crown, (the reason why there’s a title Queen of Australia) has already been upheld by the UK Privy Council in relation to the title Queen of Canada in R v. Foreign Secretary ex parte Indian Association of Alberta [1982] 1 QB 892, and in relation to the title Queen of Australia by the UK High Court in Fitzgibbon v HM Attorney General [2005] EWHC 114 (Ch), which was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction over the affairs of a sovereign nation, citing their decision in Buck v. Attorney General [1965] Ch 745. Each one of these cases is sufficient to dispose of this application in the same way, for the identical reasons stated in these cases. You can read the full judgments here: (1) (2) (3)

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  15. Hugh Crowther

    Never, ever, ever vote Labor! Go the Donald! Hugh

    Sent from my iPad


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  16. graham francis girolami

    i have been watching this process from the beginning, hope all goes well for you and especially for us as australians, every year we see our rights being eroded, becoming more like a police state and being dictated to by bureaucrats.


  17. Go to right hand column and subscribe


  18. I do believe that not only Australia, but the world is being manipulated by government lockdowns using a manufactured virus ( 97% recovery ) to push their narrative! From Vaccines to face masks!!! Someone is making a an enormous amount of money at the expense of small businesses and most importantly,
    The Freedom we, the common people once enjoyed !


  19. Richard Noakes

    Huh. heard of an Aussie who was once “interviewed” by Detectives and she told them to read me my rights and they said “this is Australian Law, not English Law and in Australia, you don’t have any rights, whereupon when they questioned her, she said “I’d love to help you, but I don’t have anything to say at this time” and they tried the Good Cop, Bad Cop technique – but afterwards she still got charged with 1/3rd of what they thought they could get to stick, but not the other 2/3 which they dropped, on hearsay evidence from a 3rd party


  20. To Editor *Coms on people wake up.*

    *“Elizabeth R”. (“R” stands for the Latin Regina, meaning “Queen”.) = Queen of Australia * [image: Untitled .bmp] The Australia Act 1986 was enacted to the Treasonous Political Parties Constitutional and official definitions in 1973. For the Governor-General to use the Royal Coat of Arms he is enforcing Political Party Treason which makes him also a Treasonous bastard. The Proclamation for the Australia Act 1986 was enacted by [image: A G-G .bmp] Queen of Australia Great Seal of Australia BOB HAWKE Pseudonym are Not legal names The Political Parties are laughing at us. You can’t get an Australia Act 1986 till the Referendums and Criminal charges of the Australia Acts (Request) Act 1985 by all States are heard in a Court of competent jurisdiction under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. *Wake up people * Dick


  21. Hi I would like to be on your email list for your coverage of news. Thanks


  22. Good job. I’m one of many that’s been trying to wake people up (3yrs+) to what’s been going on! Our entire political system is treasonous and needs to be pulled down!


  23. glynnesutcliffe

    What happened to Rod Culleton was an absolute disgrace. It also showed up how the constitution no longer provided any legal protection from this kind of cowboy rule. Please attach my name to any protest going forward that can offer the chance of remedy.


  24. All good stuff. But the Queen was taken out last year, the woman being paraded about is not the Queen, just a poor look-alike. All governments are acting illegally presiding over bankrupt Corp Orations (speech of a dead body), I do not recognise any of these impostors especially not Jim Carrie and James Wood playing the part of a long dead Joe Biden.


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