How many politicians will turn up at this nation-wide rally?

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  1. This “event”, is in Qld and is scheduled to finish on May 16th, the day after the Freedom event. Coincidence?



  2. Hopefully all 8 of them.


  3. Greg Willson

    It is NOT a vaccine … stay away from those who are JABBED…!!AlJDvtNtJOAAg6gi6HFCGSTym00VTw?e=IsNLQC

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  4. I would hope NONE. We don’t want politicians meddling in our affairs any more. They are not in Parliament to serve we, the people. Instead, they are members of a political party corporation called THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, with a corporate identity registered in the USA.
    Watch this video to learn how:
    and here is where you can see all the political party corporate registrations in the USA:
    If you didn’t know this before, please take the time to visit those website pages and learn how we have been FOOLED BY THE TRAITORS!!!


  5. I could cry when I see them lining up so eagerly to get their treatment. Sheep to the slaughter!
    Or are those shots on tv, propaganda to boost the program?
    ONCE only, did I hear that people were NOT flocking to the vaccination centres.

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  6. Valerie Dodd

    Very few if any one


  7. plutonium853

    None! All politicians are big noses globalist elites puppets


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