Petition Reason

We want the Government to confirm that there will be no restrictions placed on citizens or residents who refuse a COVID-19 vaccination. This includes restrictions on travel, right to re-enter the country, social events such as concerts or sports, and access to shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. I believe that such a move would be against our human rights as outlined in the UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005, as well as Australian Rules on Consent to Medical Treatment and the Ethical Standards of Helsinki. Consent should be voluntary and informed.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to consider the legality of imposing any restrictions on the citizens and residents of Australia should they chose not to have a COVID vaccination, and to endorse this petition by confirming that this will not happen. We also ask the House to agree to provide advice to all business operating within Australia or in partnership with Australia that they should also not impose any such restrictions on our right to travel, re-enter the country, access social events, such as concerns or sports, and should not restrict access to shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Any decision to be vaccinated should be voluntary and informed.