Covid-19 vaccine survey poll

Your opinion is important for a positive or negative vote to compulsory vaccination of the COVID-19 serum.

Government hype and knee jerk reaction for development of a vaccine is a worry to many and to others of no concern.

Please vote.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. UK old folks dying like flies after injections – death rate spiking



  2. Definitely not…I’m healthy and responsible for my own health. I have a brain and I use it. I am over sixty and extremely disgusted in the draconian rules and fear tactics that are being implemented.


  3. Kabbalah secrets

    Bidens 25,000 soldiers = the 25,000 protein coded genes in humans?

    “This is typical of the US and should be shown in contrast to 25,000 soldiers that were surrounding Joe Biden when he was being inaugurated, just a few days ago.”…………

    I asked myself why 25.000 soldiers at Bidens inauguration –

    Did each soldier represent one of the 25.000 protein coded genes in humans?

    COVID 19 – 19 = slaughter
    Strong’s Hebrew: 19. (ibchah) — slaughter

    Vaccines are bio-weapons

    Italy Blows the Lid Off Vaccine Scam. Will No Longer Poison Citizens with Globalist Eugenics

    COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Oxford-AstraZeneca Linked To British Eugenics Movement
    by GreatGameIndia

    The developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as well as other Eugenics-linked institutions like the Wellcome Trust. ….

    Eugenics under another name


  4. If you by chance voted Yes to this. Punch your self Hard in the Face! Save me doing it for you..




  6. My sister on law just died after receiving the vaccine. Also many more very sick from the vaccine, so do not think it safe for old people.


  7. Every human should have the right to chose the things that are best for them. Some people have fraile immune systems that react adversely to vaccinations and could even cause anafalactic shock or even death. Governments should never force things on anyone.


  8. Christina Morton

    God has given us our perfect cure for all sickness. This being our immune system…We do not need any poisons,chemicals, or foreign DNA to be injected into our bodies….look after your immune system, and it will look after you.
    No need for any vaccines,just good clean food and not processed rubbish which surrounds us everywhere.. If anyone actually ‘wants,’ to be vaccinated let it be by THEIR CHOICE ONLY, NOT FORCED UPON THEM by Billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, where there is no accountability ,should you have a bad reaction including death…and ‘THEY’ should be held accountable …every other industry is …how ridiculous is that, something as important as YOUR HEALTH , has no accountability….?


  9. We need NO more evidence to prove the whole pandemic is a crock of shit…Everyday thousands more are waking up to the scam


  10. When the New and unproven technology used in these Vaccines has been proven to be safe, when the Vaccines have not been rushed to market without adequate trials and have been tested over several years-

    When the Law is changed and vaccine manufacturers,who are presently exempt from product liability by the Law and can not be held responsible for their products side effects-

    When every politician and Public Servant have been vaccinated for at least two years without serious side effects arising from the vaccine-
    then, and only then I would be happy to consider vaccination for myself and my family.

    I wish to clearly state that I am not an Anti Vaxer and have had all the standard vaccines of the past offered in Australia and for overseas travel, however, since the early 1980’s the Law was changed to protect Vaccine Manufacturers from Product Liability suits, things have changed.

    When the Gov is talking about Mandatory Vaccinations, then things have changed.

    In summary, the changes, as advocated by our politicians, do not provide Australian Citizens with any guarantees, or protection, nor the ability to sue for injury or death from the Vaccines whether forced upon them or taken voluntarily by them, is tantamount to dereliction of duty.

    This issue of vaccination should be resolved after open and public debate, by a National Referendum as the Politics of today can not be trusted to act in our best interests.

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  11. I am not Big Pharma’s LAB RAT thanks #stickyourvaccineupyourarse


  12. I am not aware of the Government at any level suggesting making the COVID 19 vaccination mandatory.
    Special groups of workers like aged care may need to be vaccinated


  13. Excuse me for not completing your poll. I consider the question moot: Under the UN Human Rights declaration and also under general Commonwealth constitutions, Medical Procedures are not allowed without informed consent!
    That is why most countries have abdicated medical regulation to various ‘Subordinate’ authorities to avoid conflicts, as with the Canadian Charter of Rights, which specifically blocks most of these “Covid” regulations!
    Sorry for the typo in the first comment, I didn’t mean to denigrate culinary artists.


  14. It is unlawful to mandate the use of any medical procedure in this country.
    and the politicians, the Doctors and the nurses who get involved in such acts as mandatory Covid Vaccination can not only be sued individually, and all purported govt officials and politicians can be sued for malfeasance while sitting as a minister in a purported gov or a purported Legislature. and since 1960. this has been the case. (Purported) we can sue them individually or collectively. this applies to all common law countries at least.
    Plus read s51: 23A of our Lawful Constitution. it says that no medical and or many other things can be used on you by forced conscription . that is constitutional law.
    so vaccines, lockdowns, signing documents to track you or using the Mandatory Q code to Trace you. are all acts of treason. if you value your rights and freedoms take heed of this. if you don’t value your freedoms then sign them, have the unproven experimental covid vax that’s Killing people around the world. it’s your choice.
    I know what my choice is.
    Watch this video, you will have to scroll down a bit to find it, you don’t have to sign up to watch it.

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  15. Politicians don’t seem to be any smarter than the average cook. Normally, it is held that when you find yourself in a hole, ‘Stop Digging!’. Canadian and Aussie leaders didn’t get the message? Like children; When they got caught in their various lies, they just lied more to cover up!




  17. This whole China Virus thing is a fake. Mostly the elderly have died just as they would from any flu virus… Its all a planned-demic, designed to test how far they can push people, and for how little the general public knows about the law. Also great chance for these so-called Leaders to flex their fake power and bloat their egos. …
    Now they have a second one on the way, which they say is more deadly, so everyone will hide even farther under their beds … Covet Cowards one and all! Theresa Tam will spend eternity in Hell for her part in this BS.
    If this was our reaction in WWII, we’d all be Nazis today.

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    Valid consent
    Valid consent is the voluntary agreement by an individual to a proposed procedure, which is given after sufficient, appropriate and reliable information about the procedure, including the potential risks and benefits, has been conveyed to that individual.8-12

    As part of the consent procedure, people receiving vaccines and/or their parents or carers should be given sufficient information (preferably written) about the risks and benefits of each vaccine. This includes:13

    what adverse events are possible
    how common they are
    what they should do about them
    Table. Side effects following immunisation for vaccines used in the National Immunisation Program schedule can be used to inform valid consent.

    Criteria for valid consent
    For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present:12,14

    It must be given by a person with legal capacity, and of sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the implications of receiving a vaccine.
    It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.
    It must cover the specific procedure that is to be performed.
    It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person.
    The person must have the opportunity to seek more details or explanations about the vaccine or its administration.

    The information must be provided in a language or by other means that the person can understand. Where appropriate, involve an interpreter or cultural support person.

    Obtain consent before each vaccination, after establishing that there are no medical condition(s) that contraindicate vaccination. Consent can be verbal or written.

    Consent on behalf of a child or an adolescent
    In general, a parent or legal guardian of a child has the authority to consent to that child being vaccinated.

    Some Australian states and territories have legislation that addresses the issue of a child’s consent to medical treatment. Check with your state or territory health authority about these laws.

    The common law applies in the states and territories that do not have specific legislation relating to children’s consent to medical treatment. This common-law position is often referred to as Mature Minor or Gillick competence.

    For certain procedures, including vaccination, a child or adolescent may be determined to be mature enough to understand the proposed procedure, and the risks and benefits associated with it. These young people may have the capacity to consent under certain circumstances.8,11

    If a child or adolescent refuses a vaccination that a parent or guardian has given consent for, respect the child’s or adolescent’s wishes, and inform the parent or guardian.8

    Consent on behalf of an adult lacking capacity
    Carefully assess an adult’s capacity to give valid consent to vaccination. If the adult lacks capacity, refer to relevant state and territory laws for obtaining consent from a substitute decision-maker. For example, this may occur for influenza vaccination of an elderly person with dementia.

    See the enduring guardianship legislation in your state or territory for more details.

    Resources to help communicate the risks and benefits of vaccines
    Use plain language when communicating information about vaccines and their use. The person to be vaccinated (or their parent or guardian) must:15,16

    be encouraged to ask for more details
    have enough time to decide whether to consent
    Provide printed information to supplement any verbal explanations.17 Table. Comparison of the effects of diseases and the side effects of NIP vaccines provides some basic information to communicate the risks and benefits of vaccination.

    More details about vaccines and their use are available from:

    the Australian Government Department of Health website on immunisation, which includes information on immunisation throughout life and vaccine-preventable diseases
    the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases website, which includes fact sheets about specific vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine safety. The website also hosts an online decision aid to help people decide whether to receive MMR vaccine.
    Evidence of consent
    General practice or public immunisation clinics
    People can give consent either in writing or verbally, according to the protocols of the health facility. All consent must meet the criteria for valid consent.

    Document evidence of verbal consent in the clinical records.
    For electronic medical records, include a typed record of verbal consent in the person’s file, or scan a copy of written consent into the file.

    If the practice or clinic routinely follows a standard procedure, show that the provider followed the procedure by using a stamp, a sticker or the provider’s signature.

    People need to give explicit verbal consent before receiving any vaccine, even if they gave written consent at previous vaccination encounters for the same vaccine. Document verbal consent in the person’s file each time they give it.

    School-based vaccination programs
    Consent is required to provide individual vaccines or a vaccine course through school-based vaccination programs.

    In school-based, and other large-scale, vaccination programs, the parent or guardian usually does not attend with the child on the day they receive the vaccine. Written consent from the parent or guardian is desirable in these circumstances.

    If the parent or guardian cannot provide written consent, or if they need further clarification, they can give verbal consent to the immunisation provider by telephone. Clearly document this on the child’s consent form.

    In some states and territories, older adolescents may be able to provide their own consent for vaccinations offered through school-based vaccination programs. See Consent on behalf of a child or an adolescent.

    Consent requirements and vaccines offered in these programs vary between jurisdictions. See your state or territory school-based vaccination program guidelines for more details.

    I would like the governments Valid Consent to be enforced

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  19. The gov can stick there demon juice up their…


  20. Never ever, not in a million years, and if they try and introduce some type of vaccine pass and deny us access to essential services, i.e doctors, supermarkets, domestic air travel, etc they will start a civil war in Australia !


  21. Voting is entirely irrelevant, as vaccination will become a pre-requisite for flying on airlines, interstate, intrastate and overseas, as well as in many businesses in general. Proof of vaccination will become a form of passport in this manner, which will make voting on this issue entirely irrelevant, as people want to do business, and they will enact these provisions for their own businesses themselves. In other words, if you want to do business, see the doctor (including in private hospitals), see the dentist etc., you will need proof of vaccination. It’s coming anyway, whether you like it or not, simply because of the fear factor that has been generated by the hype over this disease


  22. The only virus that needs isolating in this country is the lying cheating pack of satinists that have stolen the au government .IF we can isolate them in fema camps to stop them from infecting the humans .WE can live a normal life . Corona viruses have been around for hundreds of years and this year is no different . The so called vaccine is a DNA changer. If you dont want to be like them.or like a mutant zombie . Put your faith in god and refuse there poison . Your eternal life will be your reward …. Fight for heaven not hell . They know there ultimate destination and want to drag you down with them .


  23. They can give me the vaccine just before they hammer the last nail in my coffin.
    Any effort before that will cause somebody grief.


  24. 1 if vaccines actually worked (I never found statistical evidence for this anywhere)
    2 and they were actually safe (no percentages for chances of getting a disease versus chances of side effects, no long term study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated)

    You would want a SARS one as COVID one is just the symptoms of SARS COV2
    A covid vaccine just reduces mild symptoms to milder symptoms.
    There is no SARS vaccine that doesn’t kill the animals tested on years ago.
    It does not prevent transmission of the SARS virus.
    SARS COV2 is the disease COVID is just the symptoms (for less than 1%)

    Get it?


  25. The mRNA COVID Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine

    “………..The only reason why the term [vaccine] is being used is to abuse the 1905 Jacobsen case that has been misrepresented since it was written. If we were honest with this, we would actually call it what it is: it is a chemical pathogen device, that is actually meant to unleash a chemical pathogen production action within the cell. It is a medical device, not a drug, because it meets the CDRH [Center for Devices and Radiological Health] definition of a device.

    It is made to make you sick … 80% of the people who are exposed to allegedly the virus [SARS-Cov-2] have no symptoms at all … 80% of people who get this injected into them have a clinical adverse event. You are getting injected with a chemical substance to induce illness, not to induce a[n] immuno-transmissive response. In other words, nothing about this is going to stop you transmitting anything. This is about getting you sick, and having your own cells be the thing that get you sick.”……………

    Dr. Wakefield warns ”This is not a Vax, it is irreversible genetic modification” (9:54)

    What is being injected as a ‘vaccine’ is not legally defined as a vaccine because it doesn’t stimulate an immune response

    Not being acquainted with the legislation that provides indemnity for the vaccine manufacturers, I am guessing that if what is passing as a vaccine causes harm, then on that technicality the manufacturers may be liable to prosecution.

    Dr Martin is qualified to make the claims he does.


  26. Editer

    Doctor in white coat



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