Brisbane mugs fall for Covid scam as they lock themselves in their homes

While we thought Brisbane had some astute, free thinkers, alas this moribund mob is just as hopeless as most Victorians, who have allowed their CCP-driven Premier Dangerous Dan to decimate their business and then themselves.

Brisbane businesses trying to recover from unnecessary Covid lockdowns last year have locked themselves up again. Pic ABC

The Covid scam has been refuted for the past six months by just about every epidemiologist of standing around the world who to a man and woman are adamant there is no need to lock up healthy populations.

Covid tests have proven to be as reliable as a Labor politician assuring the viability of the Queensland economy, likewise masks, which even America’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Fauci says are useless in preventing any viral infections.

The Brisbane dummies no doubt will sanction PM Scott Morrison’s miry deal with Pfizer to supply DNA-altering vaccines for every Australian which they will get in  March when they roll up their sleeves in the gas chamber lines.

All of this when researchers have not yet isolated any virus. Italian doctors say any Covid related sickness has all the attributes of a bacterial infection.

The Queensland Premier and her leader the Chief Medical Officer Jeanette Young have beaten the worn-out Covid drum and conned all the healthy people to lock themselves up.

Aided and abetted by all the usual suspects: the ABC, dogs breakfast TV shows and radio jockeys, the dumbed-down Brisbaneites are sure fodder for the big lockup said to be coming on January 15 simultaneously with New Zealand.

Wakey, wakey Brisbane you have been done like a TV dinner. Get your heads away from the box and turn off your mesmeric phones and computers and do some thinking for yourself.

After all you re-elected the comrades of the People’s Socialist Republik of Queensland.

This is your Karma.   –-contributed

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Australasian Consulting

    Well said!

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  2. To them anybody from NSW or Victoria is a Mexican and should be avoided.
    Most want to close the borders permanently as they are the only ones disease free. .


  3. Spot on Editor.


  4. Politics is a two handed muppet show produced by the great deceiver to distract. The agenda is to have the masses demand their own destruction, the final solution: transhumanism and the hive mind. Be prepared for things to get a lot worse.


  5. its still a police state from the days of uncle Joe. Its not unusual for QLDer’s to not think too hard about most things. Sheeple are everywhere and QLD is no different even when they actually have the facts right in front of them. welcome to communist Australia not a shot fired. FML these people are lay down stupid

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  6. Where does ant State get the power to quarantine anybody. That exclusive power resides with the Commonwealth government.. (not the Australian government. See sec 69 of the constitution. ———“the following departments of the public service in each State shall be transferred to the Commonwealth. ————–quarantine.
    The only way quarantine can be enforced is by the COMMONWEALTH BI-SECURITY ACT 2015. The writers of the constitution were very wise as they tried to make sure that governments could not quarantine a means of obtaining totalatarian power

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  7. Did they re-elect or was it a fraudulent election??!!



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  9. Stupidity is not hereditary it is something you have acquired yourself …..

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  10. Yeah just like everywhere else go out and get harrassed by the pigs, fined nd all the other bullshit that goes along with it. I just watched the update and it is in fact the msm that is the problem not the publics so dont start bashing the sheep, you are the media so why not get your ass to these press conferences and start putting Palackdazook, Young and co on notice or forward me where the press conferences are held and I’ll go ask them, so it is infact the likes of you Editor no name so dont blame the sheep for this its the MSM


  11. I thought the majority of Qlder’s were waking up to the covid scam?! Cities seem to be the centre of this ‘Dumb Sheep’ epidemic that keeps popping up all over the world! It’s doing my head in from how stupid and brainwashed the people have become, it’s insanity on steroids! I want to know when the sane people are going to stand up to this bullshit, its gone on long enough and we need to start fighting back! I live near Gympie and would jump at the chance to march against this tyranny, if only I could find people who feel the same and can organize ourselves to make a stand.
    ‘We’ the people can make a difference! ‘We’ have the numbers and this is ‘Their’ greatest fear!
    I’m starting to lose hope in humanity because nobody seems to be fighting this and holding our governments accountable for their crimes against humanity. Surely there must be good and intelligent people left on this planet that are willing to fight for the goodness in humanity…
    Please, help me stop this INSANITY before there’s nothing left to save!



  12. Hi Mick trawl through the site and you will change your negative attitude. Palachook is untouchable in Qld thanks to the MSM. Her minders only allow the MSM to attend her media conferences and we would not waste out time in any case.Editor


  13. Hi Shane try the Lawful Rebellion link. Editor


  14. Laurence,
    You nearly got it right except that the bio-security act 2015 is AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT law not Commonwealth of Australia Parliament law. 2015 is post the removal of the Queen,Heir and successor of Queen Victoria from the “constitution” (now the 1972 constitution) so Queen Elizabeth 11 heir and successor of Queen Victoria, could not have assented to the act, therefore it’s NOT a statute law, in law. It’s just what it is, AN ACT.and all the players are actors, sadly most folks believe the fiction.
    Greenmedinfo did research into viruses, and found that there has NEVER been a successful isolation of ANY virus EVER. Correction, they went back as far as 1956 and a virus has not been isolated since that date.
    And I come back to my old war-cry, Mahatma Gandhi had it right, they cannot deal with mass social disobedience. If everybody said “Stick it where it feels good” they’d have to pull their corporate heads in or lose them.
    A man who’s name I do not have permission to mention, managed to maneuver a Cairns court into a position of failure, and was subsequently told by the clerk to the court, “Don’t let this information out or we’ll lose control of the masses”.
    So they acknowledge that the “masses” have power that they cannot control.
    A good book to read on this subject is a book about Australian corporate government treason and sabotage (it’s exact name escapes me) but it’s by Dick Yardley.

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  15. Right on Cecilia, not a legitimate election.Editor


  16. Well then we use the 1904 Act that it replaced. That is why I differenceated between Commonwealth and Australian government. In the mean time I think using this Act against them would embarrass them.(perhaps not their skin may be too thick.)


  17. Where can I find more info on the lockdown you say is coming on the 15th?!
    We / I never voted this govt in… however there’s no side opposing these insane rules.


  18. Hi Chills this info about the lockdown came through a new NZ contact but we are now having some doubts about it. W have asked for more information. Editor


  19. Thank you Editor. What is your first name anyway? I have already signed up a couple of months ago to Lawful Rebellion. Unfortunately I missed the post for Saturdays rally, but there was no events near me anyway. I’m so sick of sitting on my ass and want to get out there with like minded people to start exposing these criminals in government. The only way to stop these evil mf’s is a show of physical numbers on the steps of parliament, council chambers and magistrates courts, so that the rest of the sheep and MSM can’t ignore it.


  20. I would like to know if an investigation has been launched into the recent Qld state election for fraud? If they used the Dominion voting system I would have thought the Lib’s would contest the results, the same with every other state that’s used it.


  21. Join the group it could pay dividends. The ‘State Government’ is a complete misnomer. It is just a private corporation with policies not law. When enough people realise how they have been scammed by former Premiers Beattie and Bligh they might find time to deal with them.Editor


  22. We have people working on the state election results and it does not look good for the ALP.Time will tell. Elections are unlawful in any case. Editor


  23. Sargent Koranflusher

    Well…I’m in the Far Far North and if they bring this tyranny here I know some folks who have preplanned some surprizes for the feckless who would think to enforce WuFlu tyranny.

    The scumbag globalists who have released this engineered virus have another worse one for us planned for us in 5 years and they’ll use it if we let them lock us down on this trial run. Think I’m joking? They have it written and planned out just like they did with “Event 201” for 2025. Event 201
    Here’s how they plan to keep this scam going till 2025:


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