Muslims finally get caught ripping off millions from Child Care

Shorten and ALP will miss out when these welfare voters go to jail

Investigators fear this long-running scam, similar to others which have previously been reported on various television programs, is just the tip of the iceberg

from the ABC

  • NSW Police yesterday arrested 18 people who were allegedly involved in the scheme
  • The Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy Scheme was designed to help reduce the financial burden on low and middle-income families
  • Detectives are investigating other childcare providers in NSW

A childcare provider allegedly filed claims for non-existent children and bought the identities of parents as a way to defraud millions of dollars from the Federal Government.

According to its website, Red Roses Family Day Care — which has locations in Sydney and Wollongong — promised to provide “high-quality, home-care options for children between the ages of birth to 12 years”.

But the family-run company allegedly made fraudulent claims worth up to $5 million from Government childcare programs, including the Commonwealth’s Child Care Subsidy Scheme (CCSS).

More than 170 Muslims have been targeted by NSW police who have ripped off the Child Care system by more than $4million in eight months. One Muslim woman had $35,000 cash in her purse and was claiming Centrelink payments. This huge scam is a direct result of ALP/Greens immigration policy. (pic NSW Police)

Red Roses Family Day Care allegedly filed claims for children who never existed and investigators NSW Police are now pursuing up to 150 parents who allegedly sold their children’s identities to help the company qualify for the subsidies.

“There are over 150 parents laying claim in terms of rebate, what we’ve taken out yesterday are the professional facilitators behind his syndicate,” NSW Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said.

The ABC understand the business existed on paper, but no child ever went into care at any of the properties.

“The [child] identities were legitimate it’s just there wasn’t any physical evidence of anyone being looked after,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

Police said some of the men and women charged over the alleged scam were preparing to target the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

One of the “childcare centres” that supposedly looked after 50 children was operating out of a garage, police said.

Yesterday, NSW Police arrested 18 people over their alleged involvement in the scam — so far 17 have been charged.

“Strike force Mercury will continue in its investigations and we won’t rule out further arrests,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

The company’s director, Alee Farman, 49, was among 15 women and three men who were arrested yesterday during raids stretching from Fairfield to Wollongong in relation to the alleged syndicate.

Police said Mr Farman was originally from Iraq and became an Australian citizen in 2007.

Police said one woman arrested yesterday had $35,000 cash in her handbag, despite claiming Centrelink benefits.

More than 20 properties targeted

The means-tested scheme was designed to help reduce the financial burden placed on low and middle-income families paying for childcare.

Subsidies are generally paid to childcare providers, who are required to pass them on to parents as a fee reduction.

Families then make a co-contribution to their childcare fees, paying the provider the difference between the fee charged and the subsidy amount.

The CCSS previously existed under different names before last July.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. About time this rorting was ended, it has gone on too long.I hope the book is thrown at them, AND Shorten wants to bring in more?


  2. I suspect that this just a cover for a much bigger scam involving more “establishment protected” crookedry.


  3. Deport them


  4. Get together as a community in your area and press the local lawmakers into deporting all criminals.

    Also refuse any service to muslims. islam is NEVER compatible with the traditional Australian Way of Life. they are invaders, soldiers in plain clothes. they will NEVER assimilate into our Western Civilization. they don’t want to and will never mean to. Get rid of them before they get rid of you.

    As much as we would just like to round em up, there’s got to be a way to do it legally.




  6. Much the same should be said of those who claim to be “Jews” who follow the Talmud that openly claims that the World and all that’s in it belongs to them by “divine right” only their methods are much more sneaky and clandestine… with much of their activity being delegated to “useful idiots” in “lefty” moronic “activists” and Freemasonry.

    In my opinion, the marauding Muslim horde are also pawns in the subversion of the real target; that is, what remains of Christian civilisation. Just as in other terrible wars where the gallant young sons of mothers on both sides are goaded or enticed to go out to kill each other are the victims of the insane ideologies and ambitions of remote and hidden people with ulterior purpose so it is now.

    Sure, everyone is morally obliged to defend themselves and theirs against a proximate aggressor, but I will contend that “Honour thy father and mother” also requires one to identify and oppose, by all practical means, the hidden, traitorous, enemy within.

    Anyone who subscribes to the notion that “survival of the fittest” (dirtiest, nastiest, meanest, cruelest) is the route of “progress” then “button up” because that’s what we’ve got; the strong eat the weak and any notions of truth and virtue, facts and altruism, are irrelevant.


  7. Wow I hope the Imams read this.Editor


  8. I hope that the Rabbis and Grand Poohbahs of ‘Masonry read it.


  9. Hey kids, look what I found by chance here.

    This website is in Japanese but use a translator and try to read what it says;
    it’s pretty informative; talks about fake christians collaborating with muslims to make us Real Christians look bad and other stuff:

    God Bless


  10. Yes, those khazarian jews and muslims are basically of the same blood and faith (satanism/catholicism).

    they think they are the “chosen” ones but Our Real Christian God never said anything about a few “chosen” ones. they are lying hijackasses just trying to get their way above everyone else who are not of them. It’s so obvious that they are gonna burn in hell, because they are nothing but sheer terroristic demon-worshippers who just don’t like anyone else other than themselves.

    God Warned us of “false prophets” – those lying hijacking terrorists are exactly it. they mimic even God’s Mercy to get what they want. Old news. So don’t get deceived, kids.
    Sooner or later the Truth will set you free.


  11. Orrite, Mr Cowboy, you’d better define what you claim is “Our Real Christian God”. There’s something irksome about your tirade that makes one suspicious that you are a con-man flogging a Judaeo-Masonic version of Christianity to discredit Christianity.

    Whether you like it or not Christianity is defined at its inception and the earliest summary of its precepts that I know of are in the “Apostle’s Creed”.

    Christianity has been praying for “the perfidious Jews” ever since the get-go and Judaeo-Masonry has been consistently condemned as hostile to Christianity ever since it reared its ugly head as an organised opposition in about 1717.

    The really nasty bit is that Judaeo-Masonry has wheedled its way to being the “official” definition of Christianity and with it a nonsense ideology of “Christian Zionism”.

    Contemporarily, those that call themselves “Jews” are neither racially Semitic nor religiously “Mosaic” but are ethnic narcissists who assert that they have a “Divine right” to control and “own” the whole World and all that’s in it.

    Hey! Cowboy, look what has been known for millennia.


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