Senator tells Hanson-Young to keep shagging men

Posted on June 30, 2018, in Corporate Government, Federal Politics, firearms, Greens and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Good on Senator Leyonhjelmon for calling Hanson Young out.She is a rude, ignorant , loud mouth who does not have any intelligence or common sense and should not be in Parliament. She interjected (rude)…she called him a creep when he made his remark to her about shagging men, and like all men do to an argumentive woman…he told her to f…off.I do not blame him and I love what he said when told to apologise…that man has backbone which is sadly lacking in most politicians.Too many cave in to the Greens and muslims.If she can’t “take the heat in the kitchen “she should get out! I don’t like saying this but I hope one of the Green politicians is assaulted.They might change their mind about protection then.


  2. This senator should never have been accepted by the AEC as his ballot tickets were VERY CONFUSING as his party the LDP WAS VERY CONFUSING WITH THE .LNP and voters who voted for him thought they were voting for the ..LNP CANDIDATE.WHY DIDN’T THE AEC DISQUALIFY HIM..???.


  3. This is a good start but what really needs to occur if we are really taking about common sense is give the people the same ability to defend themselves with whatever tools they see fit to use and you’ve guessed it our own version of the second amendment the criminals in this country have no trouble what so ever of obtaining weapons to use them on their would be victims its time to even up the odds and give the law abiding citizens the same tools to defend themselves with. And all these politicians who keep voting this legislation down they don’t give a rats as they are always surrounded by their own personal body guards no matter where they go and you can bet your bottom dollar the people guarding them are armed with the same tools the scum bags have out on the street.


  4. Judith~ You have identified our voting sheeple, the party faithful, lemmings of the first order with no idea who they voted for, unable to interpret the layout of just three letters in the alphabet.


  5. Agreed, Freedomman, it is as though the government wants ordinary people to be attacked without any way of defending themselves. We should be able to defend ourselves in our own homes without fear of prosecution.


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