Movie Vaxxed gets up Qld Health Minister’s nose

Movie Vaxxed exposes CDC research fraud and cover-up

By Brent Melville

QUEENSLAND Health Minister Cameron Dick was either seriously misinformed, ignorant, or flat out lying when, in response to the touring movie Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, he said “there is no shred of credible scientific evidence to support claims that vaccinations are dangerous” (Gold Coast Bulletin, 15/7/17).

The same with Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy who stated on Seven News in February last year: “There are no risks in vaccinating your children – the science is really clear”.

From left, Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network, research scientist Dr Brian Hooker, UK parent Polly Tommey (both parents of autistic children) and US nephrologist (kidney specialist) Dr Suzanne Humphries.

Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe traces the case of UK gastroenterologist Dr Andrew Wakefield who, in the 1990s, discovered 10 of his patients developed health problems following MMR vaccines. His research was published in The Lancet medical journal in 1998. Wakefield advocated separating measles, mumps, rubella into separate vaccines to test their safety. The request was ignored, but Dr Wakefield was ruthlessly hounded by the UK and global media and British Medical Association, which later deregistered him and his research associate Professor John Walker-Smith, accusing them of fraudulent research. The UK High Court later exonerated Prof. Walker-Smith and by default, Dr Wakefield.

Vaxxed also shows how US research scientist Brian Hooker then took up the issue of vaccine damage after his boy became severely autistic after vaccination. He sought answers from the Centres for Disease Control, and was helped by a CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr William Thompson. The CDC is the US government researcher for medicines but has the conflicting role of profit-making organisation.

Meanwhile in Queensland, joining in the chorus of pharma-funded cowards attacking the documentary was LNP leader Tim Nicholls, Premier Anastasia Palasczuk, Education Minister Kate Jones (who attacked Miami High School for hiring out its hall for the movie to the Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network – AVN) and of course the Murdoch media, whose bosses’ roles on big pharma boards are well known.

The seriously misinformed Mr Dick called for a “public boycott” of Vaxxed, which of course was ignored. Venues at Maleny, Brisbane and the Gold Coast were filled up by people keen to know more about this national scandal.

Somewhat surprisingly, the only voice of reason was Australian Medical Association president Michael Gannon. His media statement admitted there is actually a medical controversy over vaccines. Gannon stated: “We encourage free speech and we encourage openness of thought, but this (vaccination) is not an area where there is a great deal of conjecture between scientists and medical professionals.” (GC Bulletin, 15/7/17).

In fact, there is a good deal of conjecture about vaccines among medical professionals and scientists. But Gannon is right to say free speech and openness of thought is what people want to see. The AMA, which holds great sway over political parties and government, could end this nonsense by calling for an open and proper investigation of vaccine safety. Or are they also under the spell of big pharma billions? Or is it “too costly” to compensate the tens of thousands of vaccine-inured people worldwide.

Dick, Hennessy and the rest of the chorus deny there is any conjecture or harm, and in so doing basically spit in the face of Australian parents who find their children with ongoing neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and even cot death after vaccination.

For the benefit of Mr Dick, Ms Hennessy, the media and others, following are links to four “shreds” of credible scientific evidence from a few studies listed on the official US government medical research website PubMed, that raise links between vaccines, auto-immune diseases, autism and other neurological disorders.

Dr Hooker, who joined the Vaxxed tour, says there are in fact more than 100 studies on PubMed on autism, neurological developmental disorders (NDDs) and vaccination. But here’s a few specific studies our blind, deaf and dumb health ministers and their advisers refuse to look at.

Large audience at the showing of the film Vaxxed at a Gold Coast school. This show got right up the Health Minister, Cameron Dick’s nose, calling for it to be banned

1. Neurological and autoimmune disorders after vaccination against pandemic influenza A (H1N1) with a monovalent adjuvanted vaccine: population based cohort study in Stockholm, Sweden. Conclusion in part: “… Relative risks were significantly increased for Bell’s palsy, paraesthesia, and inflammatory bowel disease after vaccination, predominantly in the early phase of the vaccination campaign…”.

 2. Autoimmune disorders (AIDs) after immunisation with Influenza A/H1N1 vaccines with and without adjuvant: EudraVigilance data and literature review. From abstract: “Of the 50,221 adverse reactions received in EudraVigilance for A/H1N1 vaccines (adjuvanted: 46,173, non-adjuvanted: 4048), 314 were AID (adjuvanted: 276, non-adjuvanted: 38). GBS was the AID with the highest number of reports (125, adjuvanted: 109, non-adjuvanted: 16).

 3. Serious adverse events rarely reported after trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) in children 6-23 months of age. From results: “During 1991-2001, VAERS received 128,717 reports…A total of 14.2% of all reports described serious adverse events, which by regulatory definition include death, life-threatening illness, hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization, or permanent disability.”

4. “Adverse events following Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, 1990-2013.” Study results found: “VAERS received 29,747 reports after Hib vaccines; 5179 (17%) were serious, including 896 reports of deaths. Median age was 6 months (range 0-1022 months). Sudden infant death syndrome was the stated cause of death in 384 (51%) of 749 death reports with autopsy/death certificate records. The most common non-death serious AE categories were neurologic (80; 37%), other noninfectious (46; 22%) (comprising mainly constitutional signs and symptoms); and gastrointestinal (39; 18%) conditions.”

The above statistics are bad enough on their own, because they show vaccines injure, maim and kill significant numbers of people. But the actual numbers are much worse, because VAERS itself estimates their statistics i.e. reported cases, are only about 10% of actual cases.

Cameron Dick and Jill Hennesy, as elected public servants have a duty of care. But these appalling examples of intellectual-suicide by politics have been convinced by the political zombies who surround them that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong or dangerous about vaccines. It’s highly likely that these political drones decided to lie, because to say anything to the contrary in their minds would create national panic.

It is also likely that big pharma donations to their mainstream parties would be seriously endangered if they devidated from the official “vaccines are safe and effective” narrative.

Anne T. Berg PhD stated in a commentary on another US study of 700,000 children titled “The Risk of Seizures After Receipt of Whole-Cell Pertussis or Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine” reveals the high risk factor of injury from vaccines: “They (authors) report that the risk of febrile seizures is increased almost sixfold on the day of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) receipt and drops off to a negligible increase thereafter. For measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), the effect is not seen until the 2nd week after receipt of the vaccine, where the risk is increased nearly threefold. They are also able to provide estimates of how many additional febrile seizures will occur as a result of vaccination with DTP (6 to 9 in 100,000) and MMR (25 to 34 in 100,000).”

Ongoing lawsuits in the early 80s were at one stage stopping vaccine production and sales – prompting big pharma to go crying to the US government, worried about the dangers of vaccine shortages which they claimed would threaten public health. So the pharma lobbyists came up with a neat idea to keep the vaccine industry afloat – a special court to compensate people hurt by vaccines but not requiring the causal evidence of normal courts – just association.

Since 1986 the US government’s Vaccine Court has paid out more than $3 billion to families of vaccine-injured children – including those who lost a child or family member after vaccinations. But big pharma is not too worried. They’re not liable now and what’s a few thousand deaths and permanent disability, autism, NDDs and the like. Collateral damage, that’s all.

Australia’s TGA receives more than 17,000 reports (i.e. reports only) of suspected adverse events to medicines and vaccines. According the federal Department of Health there were 3087 adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) in 2014. Again, we can safely assume actual cases are much higher.

The department reported: The most commonly reported reactions were injection site reaction (27%), pyrexia (18%), rash (16%), vomiting (9%), headache (7%), and syncope (5%). The majority of AEFI reports described non-serious events while 7% (n=211) were classified as serious. There were 5 deaths reported with no clear causal relationship with vaccination found.”

Incidentally, in 2003 when the TGA discovered a travel sickness drug caused several serious reactions around Australia, they raided and then shut down Pan Pharmaceuticals, the business that sold it. Pan was Australia’s biggest manufacturer of vitamins and other complementary medicines with a market capitalization of $350 million.

Pan’s founder, the late Jim Selim, was vilified nationally in a well-organised national media campaign. He later won $50 million in damages but was effectively destroyed. In regard to vaccine injury and death – let alone mere temporary reactions – the TGA is all but silent.

If health ministers and senior public servants are willfully ignorant about the vaccine controversy, it’s a national scandal because they are being misinformed and misled by their staff who would be committing the offence of misfeasance in public office. We are talking about misleading the public about death and neurological injury caused by a type of medicine administered to people from newborn babies to adults.

We also have a prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, heavily invested in global sharemarkets of which pharmaceutical sales are a major component. His wife Lucy is also on the board of Prima Biomed, a company involved in vaccine development. It was Turnbull who pushed the devious legislation penalising parents who exercise their common law right of informed consent to medical treatment by refusing vaccines on behalf of their children. They now have their child entitlements cut back.

So we have the situation where most politicians, medical authorities and academics simply will not admit to the glaring fact that hundreds of thousands of people globally suffer serious injury or death after receiving vaccines. Autism, despite the denials, is linked to vaccines by serious scientific research, and has been rising exponentially since the 1980s when vaccine numbers were increased.

The costs involved in caring for autistic children in schools and the stress toll on families is why the makers of Vaxxed used the word ‘catastrophe’ in the subtitle. The actual US numbers of vaccine-injured people, based on the 30,000 post-vaccine adverse events reported annually to VAERS, are likely to be around 300,000 annually.

Dr Hooker, who has a severely autistic son who was normal before getting his MMR vaccination, began asking the CDC for information on vaccine safety in 2002.

In 2004 the CDC issued him a cease & desist order saying do not contact CDC staff. In 2011 Hooker sued the CDC for improper Freedom of Information procedures, despite having received more than 500,000 documents with the help of CDC senior scientist and whistleblower Dr William Thompson.

The case finished in 2013 with the CDC releasing a further 100 pages that Hooker described as “smoking gun” documents. He obtained another 50,000 pages through two US politicians. “What we see is that all CDC studies on vaccines and neuro-developmental disorders (NDCs) are fatally flawed, if not fraudulent,” Dr Hooker said in one of his Australian lectures.

“If you look at CDC studies regarding the infant vaccination schedule and developmental disabilities there are 17 studies altogether. I have studied each one of them and they are not fit to print in scientific literature. These studies in my mind constitute a large body of fiction.

“We’re not talking about statistical sleight of hand; we’re not talking about dubious practices, but results are just literally being made up. Results that would cause parents to take pause regarding the vaccine schedule are being withheld and those studies that would indemnify vaccines and would put vaccines in their best possible light regardless of whether they are fraudulent or not, those are being published.”

****** Caption: Pictured at the screening of Vaxxed at Miami, Gold Coast, are (from left) is Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, Dr Brian Hooker (US research scientist), Polly Tommey, UK mother of autistic vaccine victim, and Dr Suzanne Humphries, US nephrologist (kidney specialist). All are working to get US courts to prosecute leading figures from the US Centers for Disease Control who covered up research statistics showing strong links between the MMR vaccine and autism.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Well done Cairns News.

    Why not let the people see both sides of the story – then the people can make an informed decision and where necessary, give informed consent.

    The Governments have nothing to worry about, if they give out honest and true information that has been tested and proven to be correct, and freely allow open discussion and information from interested groups and forums – no worries, all fair and honest, just like good Government would / should demand.

    Let the people decide, isn’t that what the politicians are there for, to carry out the mandates, of the majority of those who voted them in – to represent us?

    Just asking.


  2. truthtellertonni

    Half a day is all that is spent learning about vaccines in medical school.
    There is a reason for that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The new legislation , no jab no pay and no jab no play that forces the welfare recipients to vaccinate their kids and th huge number of vaccines that is required (up to 60 by the time a child is 16) is due to Malcolm Turnbulls investments in vaccine companies and because Lucy Turnbull is the chairman of the board of a vaccine making pharmaceutical company that in the first 6 months of the new legislation came into force ,the company profits had risen 500% , in the US they have a vaccine injury fund that pays out tens of millions each year to vaccine injured children but here in Australia there is nothing to compensate you are just told it wasn’t the vaccine and that’s that.
    The media is totally controlled and back the gov up and will never show a story of vaccine injury even with hundreds of studies proving their danger as well as former pharmaceutical employees that were involved with creating vaccines and now saying how dangerous they are as well as the proof that the cbc has purposely removed evidence from the studies showing a link to autism , a recent study in Europe found that everything big pharma does in their operations meets the criteria for organized crime , at the end of the day there is too much money in it and it can’t be stopped because the 90% of the public are sheep and believe everything they are told without question


  4. You are right. The current strategy is to state that no one has ever been harmed by vaccines. This simplifies their argument and stops doctors from reading vaccine inserts or having to confront an inconvenient fact that some patients lives are seriously damaged by vaccines. This also reduces the number of reports made for adverse reactions so it is pure conjecture that vaccines only harm one in a thousand.


  5. Katrina Fekete

    Amazing article – thanks so much. How do we get more media to report on these things. My doctor told me today of a pregnant woman who died within hours of getting the whooping cough vaccine – why aren’t these stories all over the news!!!


  6. Great article


  7. Thanks Goldy, we will run this as a story. Well put together.Ed


  8. Great article – mainstream media completely ignore the fact that vaccines have been found to be contaminated:

    It isn’t just the mercury that is in third world vaccines and flu vaccines – the neurotoxic aluminium, animal and human cells DNA and dozens of other questionable ingredients which are listed. Look for yourself what is in the vaccines you receive

    Click to access excipient-table-2.pdf

    It is also the unlisted nasties which are in vaccines:

    Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine.

    Using extremely sensitive new technologies not used in vaccine manufacturing, Italian scientists reported they were “baffled” by their discoveries which included single particles and aggregates of organic debris including red cells of human or possibly animal origin and metals including lead, tungsten, gold, and chromium, that have been linked to autoimmune disease and leukemia.
    In the study published recently in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, the researchers led by Antoinetta Gatti, of the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics, say their results “show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples” not declared in the products’ ingredients lists.

    It noted that the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety recommended nanoparticles should not be allowed in products like toothpaste and mouthwash due to their potential toxicity. However there has been a blackout in the media about nanoparticle contamination in vaccines and none of the contaminated vaccines were recalled.

    This article was originally published on Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute
    Recent glass shards found in infant vaccines was ignored by government and the vaccines were not recalled.

    There is the potential for drugs administered intravenously that contain these fragments to cause embolic, thrombotic and other vascular events (e.g., phlebitis); and, when administered subcutaneously, to lead to development of foreign body granuloma, local injection site reactions, and increased immunogenicity.[5]
    Vaccines manufactured using human fetal cells contain residual DNA fragments (50-500 bp) (Table I). It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes. In this study we demonstrate foreign DNA uptake in human cells and genomic integration by incubating the cells with Cy3-labeled human Cot1 (placental) DNA fragments which represents contaminating residual human fetal DNA in vaccines.
    A measles vaccine was found to contain low levels of the retrovirus avian leukosis virus

    Rotateq, Merck’s rotavirus vaccine, was found to contain a virus similar to simian (monkey) retrovirus
    Rotarix (GlaxoSmithKine’s rotavirus vaccine) was found to contain “significant levels” of porcine cirovirus 1

    So in their tests, nearly 40 percent of the vaccines they tested contained viral contaminants. The implications of these findings on the alleged safety of the vaccine supply remains to be seen, but clearly there is contamination occurring that was a complete surprise to researchers, health officials and vaccine manufacturers alike.


  9. Fantastic article. What a breath of fresh air to read! Well done Brent and Cairns News !


  10. Congratulations Brent Melville and Cairns News for reporting the truth on the dangers of vaccines. You have put all the other so called journalists to shame, and helped awaken the masses.. Now all we have to do is wake up the politicians and doctors, that there will be a new “Nuremberg” type trial before this is all over and they need to decide what their defence for their ignorance, conflicts of interests, or in some cases criminal complicity will be, remembering “I was only taking orders” was never acceptable, and never will be…………….especially now where information is at your fingertips within minutes.


  11. Well done Brent Melville and Cairns news. I can’t believe an article like this has been published. Makes a huge change from the usual propaganda pieces published by the media.


  12. Yes thank you for reporting accurately, Cairns News. I don’t agree with your position on everything, but the mainstream media reporting is, for the most part, abysmally dishonest on this issue.

    I think there is another key aspect to this that public is largely unaware of- the role played by the more zealous members of the Australian Skeptics, via the SAVN. This hate-inciting group is big on faith-based vaccine ideology and theory, documented as industry-funded, and short on open-mindedness, compassion for the vaccine-injured, and solid evidence to refute documented concerns about vaccine safety.

    Dr John Cunningham has no special qualifications in immunisation (he is an orthopaedic surgeon) but he seems to get first dibs on the media microphone, and has just been trotted out again to support the witch hunt of Dr Piesse, who has done nothing more heinous than be an ethical doctor to the people under his care, and doing the right thing in speaking out about preventing further damage. Even if a doctor supports vaccination, but merely advocates choice according to an individual or family’s needs, as is their legally-enshrined right under Australian and international laws, they are vilified as “anti-vaccination.” That is just ridiculous! Surely the public is starting to see through it?!

    Meanwhile, here is what the makers of the movie The Greater Good, have to say (the following link lists some of the many doctors asking questions critical of vaccination)

    “While the media attacks Dr. Andrew Wakefield claiming he is the only doctor with concerns about vaccines and that he alone has caused millions of parents to lose faith in vaccinations, this assertion is demonstrably untrue. Rather, hundreds of scientists and doctors have voiced concerns and have published research investigating adverse reactions to vaccines and their components. Placing the blame for parental concerns on Dr. Andrew Wakefield is disingenuous at best and blatantly dishonest at worst. Parents have read the research themselves and this is why they are concerned.

    It is time for the media to do their job, read the research and talk with the hundreds of doctors and scientists who have expressed concerns.”


  13. Cairns news. You must award this journalist for honesty and investigation, and give yourselves an award for courage and truth.


  14. Well done for performing some investigate journalism and being brave enough to report truthfully.


  15. Bravo, bravo, bravo! Thank you for being courageous enough to tell the truth about this issue. Yours is a lone voice in the wilderness. Dr Wakefield was only accused of fraud by the media and that lie has been perpetuated. He lost his medical licence in the U.K. on trumped up charges to do with proper consent for testing done to the children in the case study & strange funding issues, not fraud.


  16. Thank you for providing balance – so far mainstream media and news has refused to have any debate on the issue. There is much evidence that aluminium which is widely used as an adjuvant in vaccines is harmful: There have never been any comparison between vaccinated individuals and unvaccinated. All studies are done comparing one vaccine against another as it is considered “unethical” to have an unvaccinated group.

    In 2013, French scientists demonstrated that aluminum adjuvant, when injected into the body of a mouse, ended up in the brain one year later.

    Click to access slow-ccl2-dependent-translocation-of-biopersistent-particles-from-muscle-to-brain.pdf

    In 2015, another study from Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) in France further supported this new view of aluminum adjuvant, showing that Al makes its way to the brain slowly, where it stays there, possibly forever.

    Click to access Biopersistence-and-brain-translocation-of-aluminum-adjuvants-of-vaccines.pdf

    Last fall, results published in the journal Toxicology sealed the deal on Al adjuvant, revealing that low, consistent doses of Al were most dangerous of all for neurotoxic effects. Larger doses produced granulomas at injection sites, which prevented the Al from spreading. Smaller doses did not produce this effect, causing changes in the brain and behaviour.

    Click to access Non-linear-dose-response-of-aluminium-hydroxide-adjuvant-particles-Selective-low-dose-neurotoxicity.pdf

    The study authors stated that “the present study may suggest that aluminium adjuvant toxicokinetics and safety require reevaluation.”

    And just last year, a study out of the Middle East looking at Alzheimer’s in rats found that aluminum produced a four-fold increase in IL-6 in the brain.

    Click to access Neuroprotective-Effect-of-Nanodiamond-in-Alzheimers-Disease-Rat-Model.pdf

    So we know that Al adjuvant causes on-going, increased levels of IL-6 in the brain. So what argument do the CDC and FDA use to justify aluminum being safe?


  17. Thank you for such unbiased reporting. Rare to see in the Australian media these days.


  18. Randi McIntyre

    Finally a real journalist in OZ! Very refreshing after the hysterical press articles that were printed while the Vaxxed team was there! Good on you!!!


  19. It’s refreshing to see an article written from the other side. Maybe the anti-vaccinators have in fact read the scientific literature, followed the money and seen a blatant lack of credibility in the “let’s get everyone immunised…(or is the correct word) Vaccinated dogma”.


  20. Congratulations, Aussies! In that panel you had countless hours – years! – of dedicated vaccine research. Simply put, no mom who’s seen enough honest information about vaccines and about the supposed threat of the supposedly vaccine preventable infectious illnesses would ever vaccinate her kids. I hope you can turn back the current draconian Australian tide.


  21. Some truth about vaccination in the news, FINALLY! Thank-you Cairns News.


  22. well written and this is only the tip of the iceberg The 10%VAERS estimate has been assessed more independently at closer to one in a hundred or thousand by the way.. A clear factual and accurate article plus a reporter who is not scared to tell the truth Congratulations you give me hope


  23. Good article. There is so much credible evidence from reputable scientists and doctors that vaccines have done more harm than good, but the government and medical ‘authorities’ don’t want to know. Too much corruption; too many vested interests; too much brainwashing. Sadly, the majority of the public are still fast asleep, while whole generations are being destroyed around the world – aside from the lucky few whose parents had the wisdom to look beyond Pharma led fear mongering and propaganda, and investigate for themselves before blindly allowing their children to become victims of this crime against humanity.


  24. Good on you – big pharma have so much clout and such poor ethics, they have so much input into medical training and government / research funding, they have trililons riding on having their input of vaccin. and drugs made compulsory via legislation. Medical Nazies for sure.





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