David Walter out of jail Friday, June 23

Cairns News has received notice from the Walter family that David will be released on parole from Lotus Glen prison on Friday.

Retired police prosecutor David Walter will be released from jail on Friday after spending a month behind bars allegedly for challenging the authority of the corporation in the Cairns Magistrates Court

He still faces spurious charges of assaulting Court Protection officers and some incredulous charge by the ACCC for not declaring his pet bird collection as an asset in vexatious bankruptcy proceedings.

We will keep informed our many thousands of readers who have been watching the Walter saga.


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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

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  1. In’creasingly, The Establishment is being Run by The Wank-Wank Crowd.

  2. This is a disgusting abomination. All the corrupt vomit involved in the persecution of this true Aussie hero should be given life in prison in the nude with a bar of soap. The evil is so blatant now.. the frog in the pot is well boiled and splitting open. This treasonous evil must be stopped. We must take our country back by any means necessary!

  3. He should be named Australias nelson mandela:a political pawn.my thoughts to david & family ..max denehy

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