Unlawful seizure of private property by State Government and Cairns Regional Council

The Cairns, Banana and Whitsunday councils have scammed a rural property from retired police prosecutor David Walter as payment of rates on properties belonging to different owners who had challenged their rates bills. David Walter is a non-party to the court actions, yet an order purportedly issued by Judge Mullins of the Brisbane Supreme Court remains unsigned by the Judge.


Rhett Kipps qld solicitor

Results Legal solicitor Rhett Kipps says he is coming to take David Walter’s family property … pic from Google Images

Aiding and abetting the unlawful property seizure is a dodgy Brisbane law firm , Results Legal, which is claiming an exorbitant $45,000 legal expenses for their part in the unlawful snatch and grab.

The councils are claiming $191,115 for unpaid rates yet Walter owns no property in the Cairns, Whitsunday or Banana Shires. The bankruptcy trustees are claiming $129,794 including a 7 per cent interest charge.

Welcome to the fascist state of Queensland.



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  1. He does this with a: smile on his face. Knowing he is destroying lives. People like him do not have a heart. If he did it has gone cold. We need to: stand up to: soulless bodys with no heart.

  2. They need to ask the shire for the contract on which they all signed, stating they willingly agree to donate said funds to the corporation (shire) of which is illegally claiming this land as their own.

    No contract, no go.

    • Master if my Vessel

      True: united we stand: divided we fall. We are all under the POST. A: millitary Post. With a: millitary post code. All under the port authority. We are vessels on the sea of commerce. All under the millitary. We are berthed on ot the land by the dock tor.

  3. So what is being done to stop these criminals ? Are people simply going to complain , and let them get away with this ! Who will make sure Justice is done . http://larryhannigan.com/local_councils_illegal_doc.htm

  4. This article is littered with so many plainly false statements that it must be open mic night.

    The comments, likewise, are so afflicted.

    I am reminded of a famous snippet which I wish to share with you all.

    It may be above your heads, and for that, I apologise.

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