The Liberals are stooping low. Get rid of the party trilogy at the election



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  1. Anybody giving preferences to the green people – should be put on the bottom, below the greens; even if is your prefered party. Approving the PHONY GREENS is the lowest one can get!!! Happy new year !!!

  2. So far, there are four patriots/parties running as Queensland candidates for the federal senate in the next election. We will preference each other and push the Greens/Lib/Labs to the bottom of the list.

    As the leader of RestoreAustralia Party (RAP) I am well aware of the value of playing the preference game. The majors changed the rules after the last election because One Nation (I ran as their candidate in Fairfax) and other smaller parties preferenced each other.

    But we know the game and we will use preferences again to beat them. If we can get enough Patriot candidates running we will help the majors lose even more seats….while taking our seat in Parliament where we can start making a real difference.

    RAP’s major platform is to amend the Constitution to put the power into the hands of all voters to have a say in government through Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

    We support our farmers, rebuilding our manufacturing sector, closing the borders to islamic immigration, stopping the spread of islam, education reform, banking reform, and much, much more. Read our policies, and if you like what you see join RAP.

    • Mike from what Cairns News knows about Katters Australia Party the policies you mention have been Bob Katters policies for decades. He has finally got support from other MP’s for his Bills sitting on the table that deal with most of the matters you raise. What Queensland does not need is another plethora of single -issue parties that dilute the freedom movement vote so much that real parties with runs on the board do not get the support they deserve.
      Why don’t you support the KAP as we do because it has already made a significant difference in Queensland. I suggest you trawl back through this site and you will find articles on all of these matters.

      Robert J Lee

      • Hi Robert, I actually called Katter’s party office a few weeks ago before I decided to form RAP. I asked if KAP support CIR. The answer was No.

  3. Peter Schuback

    Barrel of oil is at 34 dollars Australian and the Australian dollar is at 72 cents against the USD we should be paying 67 cents Australian for a litre of fuel , We are being screwed and the federal government is complicit in this rip off , The Question has to be asked Is the federal government allowing the oil companies to price gouge so they can get more tax out of each litre of fuel . Are the oil companies ripping us off . How many current members of the government will end up working for the oil companies . OIL is one of the most important resources in the world today and with the over pricing of oil based products it is causing hardship to people at all levels and forcing the prices of goods and services high hurting the working class people . Ask your members of parliament why they have not forced the oil companies to reduce the prices of oil based products back to an acceptable price .

    Peter Schuback 0408458232 228 Haley Creek Road Godger

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