A warning given to Tasmanian barristers about Martin Bryant and Port Arthur


John Avery-Barrister

29 DEC 2015

A letter to:

Andrew James Abbott SC, William Ayliffe, Greg Barns, Kim Laura Baumeler, Raymond J. Broomhall, Aneita Browning, Bernard Cairns, Dan Coombes, Tom Cox, Kate Cuthbertson, Matthew Goldberg, Caroline Graves, Philip John Gray, Bill Griffiths, Chris Gunson, Craig Hobbs, Philip Jackson, Todd Kovacic, Joseph Lee, Bruce McTaggert, Aziz Gregory Melick, David Mitchell, Kate Mooney, Michael O’Farrell SC, Garth O’Rafferty, Keyan A.M. Pitt QC, David Porter QC, Ken Read SC, Mark Rinaldi, Mary Anne Ryan, Cameron Scott, Julian P. Siggins, Rodney J. Skiller, Ken Stanton, Garth Stevens, Charles Sweeney QC, Sandra Taglieri, Philip Theobald, Andrew Walker, Jennifer Mary White, Andrew Wood, Justin Zeeman, Phillip Zeeman.

Cameron SCOTT,

On 21 DEC 2015 (copy below) and 22 NOV 2015 (available to all readers on request), emails were sent to you and your barristerial colleagues in Tasmania.



Martin Bryant

I have been asked why you were a focus in that 21 DEC 2015 email. Perhaps you have wondered, or perhaps you don’t care. You had my contact details, you could have asked me – if you wanted to know. But you never did. Regardless, I will now write a postscript here on why you are a focus in that email.

You are the only one whose listing on the Tasmanian Bar website (http://www.tasmanianbar.com.au/) is accompanied by a formal image – that is, an image of the listee wearing formal court dress of gown, jabot, and wig (see image below). This is the professional image you and your fellow barristers like to promote. Barristers – Officers of the Court – professional-looking, there in the courts ethically defending your clients. But really Cameron, can you tell me which barrister in Tasmania fought for Martin Bryant?

Aaaaah, you might say. He pleaded guilty so there was NO TRIAL. But your colleague John Avery rammed his guilty plea down poor Martin’s throat – after Martin had been kept in isolation for over six months during which he was tormented until he was broken. Martin always said he was NOT GUILTY, until they broke him. Now Cameron, do you really think a mentally incompetent boy-man with an IQ of 66 knew what was really going on, and what all the legal implications were for him? Do you believe that the criminal of a lawyer John Avery did the right thing for his client? Is what Avery did to Martin Bryant what you would have done? Avery said he had nothing to work with – he had no exculpatory evidence he said. This is pure bullshit. Have you ever studied all the witness statements? Exculpatory evidence screams out. Go and read LEAKED DOCUMENTS, which is an exposé of the statements which witnesses of the Port Arthur massacre thought would be used in a trial, but which were ignored by your Jewish legal colleague Damien Bugg the prosecutor. To hell with Gordon Hewart. Justice was seen not to be done.


And please don’t tell me your barristerial colleagues in Tasmania had no reservations about the unsavoury John Avery. This is what your mate Michael O’Farrell emailed me on 25 JAN 2013 about this criminal Avery: “The Tasmanian Bar is an independent referral bar, made up of practitioners who are entitled and have elected to practice solely as barristers. Mr Avery was never a person who made that election and thankfully was not a member of the Tasmanian Bar.” And I do believe Mr. O’Farrell, then president of the Tasmanian Bar, placed emphasis on the word thankfully”.

Debra Rigby

Debra Rigby

So back in 1996, the legal system had Martin Bryant strapped down painfully on his 3rd-degree burns (Ray Groom was pleased with this appalling cruelty; see MASS MURDER: p. 8), and the total sham of a legal process (it sure was NOT justice) was beginning to unfold. But Cameron, no barrister ever fought for Martin Bryant. NOT ONE. He was abandoned: first to Debra Rigby; then to David (psychopath?) Gunson; then to John Avery. All the barristers in Tasmania let the buggerizing go on. Then they let that anal orifice William Cox (another barrister) sentence innocent Martin to a protracted death by torture.

Again Cameron, not one barrister spoke up for the truth, for a trial, for a mentally-handicapped person. NOT ONE. In her excellent paper Defending the Unpopular Down-Under (30 Melb. U.L. Rev. 495-553; 2006), Abbe Smith, who studied criminal defence lawyers in Australia, quotes these words from a NSW barrister (Phillip Boulten) on p. 503: “There is a growing recognition that judges and lawyers are the last bastion…against those who would take away peoples’ rights and liberties.” But we cannot say judges and lawyers defended innocent Martin Bryant. No judge or lawyer in Tasmania ever spoke up for Martin. All the mongrel barristers in Tasmania looked away and remained silent as this boy-man was wrongly set up, convicted, then incarcerated. There was no bastion, just demonization which continues to this day.

Barrister Cameron Scott

Barrister Cameron Scott

You in your gown, and jabot, and wig Cameron, are symbolic of some of the worst of your profession. No doubt you are an intelligent human being. But your formal image reminds people of the despicable behaviour of barristers in Tasmania when it comes to the charging, convicting, and incarcerating of innocent Martin Bryant. Not one of your mates spoke up Cameron. They let a boy-man down in 1996, and to this day all of you are letting him down and letting his family SUFFER IN HELL. And added to this of course, none of the families, relatives, and friends of all the Port Arthur victims have ever been told the whole truth and served justice. No barrister in Tasmania has ever spoken up for them either.

And if you don’t like what I have just stated Cameron, then I’ll tell you that I don’t like the fact one bit that News Corp Australia has published despicable images of innocent Martin Bryant under the heading:


And this heading and all the associated News Corp Australia articles that incite hatred and killing have been accepted by the barristers in Tasmania. And all of you know that the photographer Gary Ramage is selling those despicable images on the Internet (newspix.com.au). Isn’t inciting hatred and killing a crime in Tasmania? Even though you and all your barristerial colleagues are Officers of the Court, not one of you has said a censuring word about News Corp Australia publicly inciting hatred and the killing – “burn him alive,” “injection soon,” “kill him” – of Martin Bryant. You are all mongrels, just like Avery, Bugg, and Cox. Your callous and criminal silence supports News Corp Australia – it aids and abets HATRED and KILLING.  On the Tasmanian Bar website, your primary area of professional interest/practice is listed as Criminal Law. So Cameron, do you not see a crime right there in front of you? Right in front of your own eyes? Of course you do. Why have you not spoken out about it?

Since my email of 21 DEC 2015, many people have contacted me. Will leave you with some of their comments to reflect on over the New Year weekend:

“I spent considerable time with some big players in jail and what they told me made me cringe. From top to bottom – coppers, judges, lawyers, bankers – all in it together.”

“Our whole Australian legal and political system is a corrupt monster that has sold its soul to the New World Order.  Lawyers, judges and magistrates wonder why the people have lost all respect and trust in them.”

“Well Keith, that’s calling them out! LOL. I wonder what they are saying when they discuss your message and the information. I’m sure there will be a few that would be on side, but they are probably ‘gutless’ as you say and simply choose to ignore the reality. Pathetic, just pathetic.” (barrister)

“…there are lots out there who know that the official spin isn’t the correct one…there are a lot of big heads that would roll if the truth were to be proclaimed from the hill tops or if an enquiry could be held which revealed all the nasty secrets that have been hidden for near on 20 years…. Oz is fast becoming a totalitarian state.”

John Howard LIES- children overboard - $450m Wheat Board bribe payment to Saddam - Martin Bryant coverup

John Howard LIES- children overboard – $450m Wheat Board bribe payment to Saddam – Martin Bryant coverup

“To add a little, JOHN WINSTON HOWARD, RAY GROOM and TONY RUNDLE all know who did it, and how the massacre at Port Arthur was perpetrated, and they should stand trial along with all the others who were involved, including the shooters they hired…justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere. The truth will always out.” (original capitals; original italics)

Of course, it is never too late for you Cameron, and your barristerial colleagues in Tasmania, to make a public statement about Martin Bryant being denied his rights way back in 1996 – and every year since. And if you don’t, and when they kill him inside Risdon Prison as they surely will, all your names shall be listed on innocent Martin’s INTERNATIONAL OBITUARY and on other communications. (Barristers in Tasmania should let me know if they do not want their names listed – please tell me why, and note that all threats will be ignored.) And it will all go on from there. Go on until the whole truth about the official killing at Port Arthur is revealed to the Australian public. None of you will be released when innocent Martin Bryant is put down like a dog. None of you will be absolved of your guilt.

At this time of year, the usual way of ending correspondence is to wish the recipient a good and prosperous new year. But really Cameron…. I wish you no harm, but I cannot bring myself to ignore your nonfeasance and that of all your barristerial colleagues in Tasmania. Are you laughing Cameron? Laughing with side-splitting glee. You’ve got that “caged circus animal” and you don’t want him free.

Release him on humane grounds. No way. Not after 20 years of torture? No! Give him more. But he’s mentally incompetent, has been since birth. Just give it to the bastard. HATE HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!

Still laughing Cameron? Well then, how about this from Jacinta Ross whose murderous words were incited by those despicable images and articles about Martin Bryant published by News Corp Australia. (see SUBMISSION DOCUMENT TO AUSTRALIAN PRESS COUNCIL: News Corp Australia Articles Inciting Hatred & Killing):

“That mongrel should have been put to death, and fancy putting out to that grub for a chocolate bar, one of these inmates should knock him.”

You and your wig-wearing mates in Tasmania never said a word about this. Didn’t know about it, you might say. Well you do now. All of you know that innocent Martin Bryant is going to die a horrible death in Risdon Prison. And all you Tasmanian barristers – Officers of the Court – are letting it happen.

Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author
Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7
Vienna, Austria
t. 43-1-9712401

Cairns News comment: It is a well-established fact as recent publications suggest, that Australia has the best judges money can buy.



About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    a little p66uz6zle for us –
    what’s the connection – what’s the odds! TOO coincidental
    Fox / 1 episode game “The Lone Gunmen”
    The Lone Gunmen was produced by Ar6non Mil6chan, a dual citizen Isr aeli-Ame rica6n M7os66sa6d agent. Milc6han also produced The Me6du6sa Touch (1976), which had as its climactic scene an airline flying to a sk6yscr6ap6er. He also produced Fight Club (1999), which had as its final scene the controlled demolition of mu6ltiple fin6Ancial corp6orati6on skys6cr6aper. Yet this Wikipedia piece does not mention this. Coincidence? Fox pulled the game after 1 episode – Fo6x?Mu6rderoch???? Oh WOW !!! think 🚉🚃🚞, think fracking, think Twigs – Remove spaces
    http s:// the- lone- gunmen. fandom. com/wiki/Pre_9/11_controversy?fbclid=IwAR1u8lWyDUVUnkSNp0yoMip6k-1VNDmmDJXw4XbI4-90Ivbc-x1dE_Hgero
    Think who collected insurance from 9/11? Aussie??billionaires


  2. Neville said – “Even the very best Australian Police sharpshooter said that he could not shoot like what was done on that day .”

    An ex-SAS colonel stated that there were only about a dozen men anywhere on Planet Earth with the skills to accomplish the accuracy and kill-rate demonstrated at the Port Arthur massacre.


  3. Steven Widdicombe

    My man


  4. Hi Nathan we are aware of this incident and it could still be in our archives.Ed


  5. Look into the lady that was decapitated by her partner in a womens shelter in Ulverstone, maybe Devonport a few years after the Port Arthur incident.
    He was ex S.A.S by memory.
    Police took him on a high speed chase and apparently lost him.
    A couple days later he was found dead in the bush.
    She called the police prior and told them she was about to get killed by the real Port Arthur killer.
    And theres the conection.
    This use to be accessible on the net but now i can find it anywhere.


  6. Awesome written paper n so true couldn’t get any truer than that.
    The government has has so much to answer for as their cover up bullshit brought them un done.
    By law if no trial took place n the alleged murderer (not guilty) was not n had not stood in behind the doors of the court room to be heard of his plea,
    That in its self should of been stood down n dismissed is the law of any criminal matters of any persons.
    2 people 2 innocent people sitting in jail wasting away for a crime They Did Not Commit n proven but of course it all comes back down to the corruptivness of all the Public Servants n John Howard n the rest who were involved, JOHN AVERY IS 1 of them


  7. Even the very best Australian Police sharpshooter said that he could not shoot like what was done on that day .


  8. Hi Mike what was on your FB page that upset the long-nosed Zuckerberg? Ed


  9. Sorry, Facebook deleted my page. No explanation. They just deleted it….the bastards.


  10. It is obvious even to blind freddy that the massacre was carried out by a black ops shooter there is no way known to man that that many shots where fired in such rapid succession and with such deadly accuracy ,add to that that most of the ammunition expended was done from a hip firing stance as attested to by multiple witnesses.And the escape route was achieved by boat from the marina


  11. Well that pretty well covers it.
    Well said and by the way ‘The Public’ do know what happened, they have failed to fool anyone.

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  12. Having not acquired the internet till a few years ago, & then discovering the Port Arthur Conspiracy, i was a little nonplussed to find that the Broad Arrow Cafe has been totally disinfected. This means that ” they” have made sure that there will never be any evidence to indicate “them” in this mass murder..
    My sister in law buried her father & uncle with half their heads missing. These heroes, Kevin Sharp & Raymond Sharp, died whilst protecting their wives from the gunman.
    A friend, who is no longer a friend & is related to Gerrard Dutton, who was the Chief of forensics in Tasmania at the time of the massacre. Mr Dutton, who has admitted that there is no impirical evidence linking Martyn Bryant to Port Arthur, gave my former friend a tour through the forensics department in Tasmania & showed him the guns that Martyn Bryant used.
    As we know that both guns were destroyed at Sea Scape to prevent ballistic evidence, Mr Dutton is a liar, & therefore a party to the conspiracy, &, hence, my friend is now my former friend.
    May i suggest that a forensics team go in & do a thorough investigation of the Broad Arrow Cafe, possibly as a documentary, who knows what they would find.
    The fact that this team would have to ask permission from the relative authorities, & surely be denied would be another nail in the coffin of those who need to keep a secret.
    I must thank you at Cairns News for providing an outlet for the truth, on all tangets that i have perused on your site,.
    I notice that you have an encrypted message site, & i am loathe to use it, as i don’t give a rats who sees what i write, but i will end my diatrbe here & send a letter to the editor.
    Thanks again for providing an outlet …

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  13. This video explains a lot….worth watching all the way through:


  14. To Goodmumma3, if what you say about mentally disadvantaged people is correct, and if Martin Bryant actually did the shooting, then why hasn’t the writer of the letter to Tasmanian barristers, courts and the government been charged with criminal defamation among many other nasty charges they could bring against him? Because they never want the Port Arthur matter ever mentioned in an Australian court. If you search the back pages of http://www.cairnsnews.org you will discover quite plainly how the government in some manner was involved in this attack in 1996. Cairns News has corresponded with witnesses and seen their statements that were ignored by police at the time and since, that would have caused at the very least a coronial inquiry. Editor

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  15. Trying to stay level headed

    I am all for a coronial inquery if it is neccessary, but it all seems like a conspiracy theory. Seriously do you really think it was just a conspiracy to disarm australia, if they wanted to introduce the laws they just could of done it. Like the ones they are trying to introduce today, what is the conspiracy they are using to impliment them? I don’t like the government just as much as many others in australia, but i’m not going to be excusing them of conspiracy. And evidence proving martin bryant innocent really, well i would like to know why it seems to have done nothing to get him out of jail. As for the he doesn’t have the IQ to pull something like the port artur massacre off, i call bullshit. With the fact that i have personal knowledge that a man with a low iq can in fact be able to function in that kind of manner. Example my brother who has been diagnosed on the austic spectrum can in fact get around fast enough to move from one space to another where my mother has to keep the door padlocked so he doesn’t run off and get lost. He is able to use knife, screw drivers as props for his imaginary games and when he gets angry he can use his strength against my mother. As for mental illness, as a person studying community services we are taught ways to keep ourselves safe while working with a client, because any type of client has the capacity to harm others and can be unpredictable, even the mentally ill and disabled.


  16. About time a full coronial inquiry happened in regards to this ‘massacre’. The Tasmanian government, even the Australian Government are still legally responsible for ensuring the actual facts of this event see the light of day! They owe it to the victims and their family and friends. Legally, morally!!

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  17. Two things you can’t trust in life. 1. The Australian government and public Sector Employees. 2. The Australian Judges, Barristers, lawyers and Solicitors.
    Theyre all crooked, dishonest or unwilling to uphold the laws which protected Australians.


  18. Join the discussion on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MikeHoltFive/posts/1543412319312187

    Some very interesting, and sometimes heated, discussion going on, with links to more evidence that Port Arthur was a massive coverup.

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  19. Jamie Williamson

    Thanks mate. Will follow links.


  20. They are GUILTY, and they know it….they will not say anything……they will go to hell for what they have done. We must forgive them,and they must ask for forgiveness at what they have done…..I forgive them….but will GOD? ……no……..


  21. Fearing an armed rebellion against the upcoming One World Government the Illuminati controllers sought to disarm Australia and thus concocted the false-flag style massacre at Port Arthur.
    Bryant is innocent. Anyone who conducts even a basic review of the evidence will deduce this in short order.

    Which reveals not only a gross miscarriage of justice but the entire New World Order plan and how deeply it is entrenched in the Liberal (and Labor) parties. And that my friends is what the powers that be do not want the people understanding en masse for at that point their game of deception and global domination is up.

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  22. i think our Government covers up a lot of things ,, they work with in a body of people to disied what they want making Legislations up to suit them selves and not giving the people a chance to vote against or for it .. they used this poor soul to disarm Australia well as i am an Australian i fall under the Federal Laws of this country and not the state or territory as England is a Federal country and Australia is owned by the monic lot of people are blind by the laws of Australia that are made up by the body of criminals being our Government . i fight against the corruption with in the Government and what pathetic laws that they try and put on us Australians who the fuck do they think they are don’t worry myself i will take them on any day . i have see first hand the corruption with in the courts and Government and i swear anyone ttys there shit on me ill send them to hell and not back trust me


  23. Readers wanting more details and names of those implicated with the massacre (APR 1996) at Port Arthur in Tasmania, must read the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia. (2nd edition; 2014) free pdf copies from BIGWORMBOOKS@gmx.net

    Readers wanting justice for all the families, relatives, and friends of the victims can sign the petition here, https://www.change.org/p/the-hon-will-hodgman-mp-martin-bryant-deserves-a-lawful-coronial-inquest-and-for-all-our-sakes

    Please note there was NO coronial inquest, NO proper public inquiry, NO royal commission, and NO trial. The innocent patsy Martin Bryant has been incarcerated never to be released – without a shred of hard evidence proving his guilt. Read MASS MURDER and see all the referenced details, including details from the leaked Witness Statements.

    For details of ongoing international action email, MARTINBRYANTISINNOCENT@gmail.com


    Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author
    Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7
    1030 Vienna, Austria
    t. 43-1-9712401


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