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27 November 2015


Previous edition: Russian Su-24 fighter jet shot down over Syria – Russia MoD

Breaking:Police hunt two possible shooters near Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs –SWAT, ambulances on scene –Nearby buildings likely evacuated (MSNBC live) | 27 Nov 2015 | A shopping center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was on lockdown Friday as police searched for a[t least one] shooter near a Planned Parenthood facility there. At least three officers were injured, Commander Kirk Wilson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told reporters. Officials at hospitals in the area said they were expecting the arrival of four patients, one of whom had a gunshot wound to the arm. “We don’t have the suspect yet and we do consider this still an active situation,” Lt. Catherine Buckley told reporters. There could be hostages and there could be an additional shooter at large, she said.

Today’s false flag: At least 3 officers, multiple civilians injured in ongoing active shooter situation at Planned Parenthood –‘We still have a gunman that is out there’ –police spokeswoman | 27 Nov 2015 | At least three police officers and multiple civilians have been injured in an ongoing active shooter situation at or near a Colorado Springs branch of Planned Parenthood on Friday afternoon. “We have confirmed that we have three officers that are injured. There are unknown number of civilians who have been injured,” Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said. “The situation is still unstable, and the shooter is not contained.” Earlier, Colorado Springs police Commander Kirk Wilson told media at the scene that police were still trying to get officers to the shooting area.

Moscow warns against US plans to continue training Ukrainian troopers | 26 Nov 2015 | The United States has launched a new phase of training of Ukrainian servicemen, a fact, which may have negative consequences for the future of the Donbas truce, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday. US Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesperson for the US Department of Defense, has recently said that the United States is starting a second phase of training of the Ukrainian army and is planning to train and equip six army battalions, including one special operations unit. Ukrainian troopers will undergo training according to the US Fearless [Puke] Guardian program launched in 2014. At its first stage, the United States trained and equipped the National Guard units, which are subordinate to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. Now, the US instructors will train army battalions.

David Cameron to make case for Syria air strikes | 26 Nov 2015 | David Cameron is to present his case to the Commons later for the UK launching air strikes against the so-called Islamic State group in Syria. The prime minister will urge MPs to back military action as he sets out a “comprehensive strategy” to tackle IS [I-CIA-SIS]. He will warn of the threat posed by the militant group to the UK and say the country should not “sub-contract its security” to others.

Russian missile cruiser off Latakia coast, ready to destroy dangerous air targets – Defense Minister| 25 Nov 2015 | Russia has deployed a missile cruiser near Latakia and is ready to take down any aerial targets threatening its airbase near the Syrian city, with long-range surface-to-air missiles. The move was announced on Tuesday after Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber conducting an anti-terrorist mission in Syria. Ankara claims it engaged the warplane over a violation of Turkey’s airspace, but Moscow denies any violation and accused Turkey of aiding terrorists in Syria.

Ankara defends ISIS, Russia has data on Turkey’s financial interest in oil from ISIS – PM Medvedev | 25 Nov 2015 | Some Turkish officials have ‘direct financial interest’ in the oil trade with the terrorist group Islamic State, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said as he detailed possible Russian retaliation to Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane in Syria on Tuesday. Medvedev said Ankara is protecting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) [but still I-CIA-SIS] because of the illegal oil trade and revenues Turkish officials get from it. “The reckless and criminal actions of the Turkish authorities…have caused a dangerous escalation of relations between Russia and NATO, which cannot be justified by any interest, including protection of state borders,” Medvedev said.

Russian pilot rescued by Syrian commando unit | 25 Nov 2015 | A Russian military pilot whose plane was shot down by Turkey and crashed in Syria arrived on Wednesday at an air base in Latakia province after being rescued by a Syrian army commando unit, Syrian and Russian officials said. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Russian news agencies that the man was rescued in a 12-hour operation which ended in the early hours on Wednesday and is now “safe and sound” at Russia’s air base in the government-controlled area in Syria.

Russia offers to help Japan shut down Fukushima reactors | 26 Nov 2015 | Russia’s state nuclear energy company Rosatom is ready to help Japan shut down the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan has been struggling in its cleanup effort in the aftermath of the March 2011 nuclear accident. As of March 2015, about 600,000 tons of contaminated radioactive water was contained within tanks at the site, with the cleanup estimated to take up to 40 years…Earlier on Thursday, Russian media reported that Japan was planning to ask for Russian help in shutting down Fukushima.