Big Brother is watchingBig Brother officially resides permanently in every home across Australia. Recent legislation now allows government to spy on your family communications using that ever present spin doctoring fear phrase “national security”.

Government incapability to understand intelligence gathering conducted by the massive resource from the USA are further eroded when the Australian Attorney General dismisses advise that metadata harvesting has been tested and found inadiquate.

There is certainly requirement to monitoring for national security, it does not include 100% blanket across a nation, it does however reflect the inability of enforcers to target intelligence as we have seen over the past 12 months.

The world thanks you Edward Snowden

American intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden released information that Australian intelligence agencies use electronic surveillance not for protecting the people from terrorists, but for economic espionage confirming they cannot be trusted. Recent revelation on Snowden leaks further expand on these disclosures –

George Brandis

Attorney General George Brandis dismissed international intelligence agencies reporting removal of internet, email and phone metadata retention finding it redundant in the fight against terrorism, saying he trusts Australian intelligence and policing agencies when they say they need the data stored for two years in order to fight terrorism and crime… This say’s it all from the parliament of fools.

A police whistleblower told ABC Radio National’sDownload This Show program that the proposed regime would be easily abused and more oversight was needed. It also comes despite mounting evidence showing little evidence to support similar schemes overseas.

Attorney General Senator Brandis was told that the Dutch Data Protection Authority stated that in the 4.5 years of having data retention in place, law-enforcement authorities there had not been able to demonstrate why they needed it.

Before the laws were ruled to be unconstitutional, a Germany parliamentary study found that crime clearance rates due to data retention increased by just 0.006 per cent.

Senator Brandis was told that a Ministry of Justice in Denmark report found that five years of data retention had proven to be almost of no use to the police. We ask, “Where is the hard evidence that data retention helps reduce crime and fights terrorism?”

Senator Brandis further stated, the federal government and I as the Attorney-General, are absolutely determined to do what we need to do to keep Australians safe. Sourced from the SMH Feb 21 2015;

Such arrogance toward the Australian people, such blatant dismissal of international intelligence experience with factual evidence that metadata retention is futile, suggests an agenda outside national security and crime control we need to address by installing personal security to our communication putting a lock on big brother.

Australian is now under suppression of whistleblowers, investigative journalism, activists, none government groups, etc, subjected to surveillance allowing the powerful and corrupt less to fear from exposure by the likes of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

Consumers can have their metadata accessed without a warrant at the eligible agency’s discretion without a warrant relating to your personal computer, work computer, mobile phone, landline, tablet, laptop or any other communications device at anytime.

All information is to be stored by the service provider who will pass on costs (a surveillance tax of around $100 pa) to consumers, will include what time you make a phone call, and the number called; what time an email is sent and to whom; and what time you logged on to the internet and how long you were online.

Security of data held by government is a worry at anytime, private enterprise storing personal data under government forced legislation in offices all over the country is of major concern and rife for criminal picking over these data treasure troves.

This project was eight years in the making with cost to taxpayers for this pointless draconian and futile exercise suggested at $400 million plus ongoing running costs.

Malcolm Turnbull, when communications minister prior to his political assassination of Tony Abbott to grab the PM’s job, was reported in an article by the SMH;

Now it appears Mr Turnbull has become the perfect example of why the data retention plan is doomed to fail. On Monday, The Australian newspaper claimed he and Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison were using encrypted messaging appWickr to communicate, apparently about leadership tension.

Wickr circumvents data retention as it is a United States-based service whose metadata is not captured by Australian telcos. It also uses encryption it claims is uncrackable and has a $100,000 purse for anyone who proves otherwise.

ASIO employ private firms to gather data from social media on Australians, with the prime target, family photos, friends, and the personal daily diary so many pour out to the world into this insidious, invasive, and addictive Facebook.

Research show Australian police forces and officials from the Attorney General’s Department themselves admitted they could not produce any factual evidence that data retention would reduce crime and/or terrorism.

For those who quote, “I have nothing to hide”, police and spy agencies do not merely target the bad guy’s, whistle-blowers, journalists, politicians, non-government groups and activists are subject to government surveillance despite having not done anything other than reveal and protest against government and corporate wrong doing and exposing this.

Be informed, you are now under surveillance 24/7 and need to take a leaf from the governments spy book, engage counter intelligence measures first by controling your Facebook, or better still close it down. Install personal security tools and do that TODAY”.

Three tools to protect your privacy FREE

Messaging Download app Wickr-Free

SOS-NEWS can say our people all have had wickr since it was introduced in 2012 [a free app you need now] that is easy to use on PC/MAC desktops, laptop, plus tablets and phones and have done so since it was introduced. YES, it’s encryption system is of military quality very tight security.

Wickr® app CEO Nico Sell on her app, which uses military-grade encryption software for texts, photos and videos.

We are trying to protect you from Facebook, the government and all the people in between that are trying to look and make money off your pictures and personal information…People don’t realise they are losing control of the photos and conversations they have when they use a service like Skype or Facebook.”

Email encryption by Proton Mail-FREE

Again we use Proton secure email at SOS-NEWS that also offers military grade encryption along the same principal as wickr and is a web based service requiring a password to enter the site then a further password to enter your mailbox.

Features include automatic PGP encryption between proton contacts plus the ability to encrypt an email to a non- proton contact using a pre-arranged password. The service has standard emailing to send and receive non-proton recipients mail.

It does take a few weeks to have an email box allocated after you signup due to demand. An email link will be sent to you to confirm your acceptance and you are ready to go.

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)-FREE

VPN will encrypt and render anonymous your web traffic so that even your ISP doesn’t know what sites you’re visiting. The system works by searching the web for an ISP address offshore and allocates that as your ISP. For example you select Istanbull then while you engage the VPN you are not from Australia until you disengage and your browsing returns to your own ISP.

Cyber Ghost we use at SOS-NEWS offeings many features in the free version for PC. Mac, smartphone, laptops and tablets.

Both Wickr and Proton Mail remove metadata and footprints plus encrypt your communication privacy while Cyber Ghost keeps your ISP address anonymous and inaccessible. There are many choices of security software available, beware of flawed or accessible by engineered backdoors.

By implementing these three programs you will enjoy knowing all “Big Brother’s” metadata harvesting will be BLANK, your private web browsing activities will be BLANK.

If you are comfortable with everyone knowing where you are all the time, who your friends are, with whom you’re having a relationship, everyone you call, whether you have a medical or financial problem, then remain unsecured.

Remember data collected by today’s government is accessible by governments of tomorrow – are you comfortable with this?