Why has America suddenly become the world soccer watchdog?
CIA front Avaaz jumps on bandwagon


Why does the US – where soccer/football is a minority sport – feel it has to spread it’s prosecutorial tentacles across the water against FIFA?

Putin has already said it: The US just wants to spread its legal jurisdiction everywhere and soccer is a convenient medium.

And yes, the US wants to pull all the seven allegedly corrupt FIFA officials back to the US?

The Russian Foreign Ministry asks: “What international legal norms does the US think it is abiding by?”

Exactly: Just what does corruption around soccer have to do with gridiron, baseball and basketball worshipping USA?

And “coincidentally” we now have Avaaz – the online “instant petition” activism site that came out of the US and gathers political data on everyone – joining the chorus of condemnation against FIFA and its chief Sep Blatter who appears to have been presiding over the corruption involving large sums of money.

But as we know, America is the moral leader of the free world … actually not even evangelist Billy Graham’s organisation believes that!.

So Mr “Alex Wilks” of Avaaz.org Australia, just who are you and who are you really working for?

Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it.