from David Pascoe,


Hello Everyone.
The game is up. It is time to end this political bastardry.
We went to Winton with Alan Jones in December last year for the Farmers Last Stand. The drought was devastating, the land baked beyond recognition.
So what has happened since then? In a word, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Once they stumped up some cheap loan money that nobody would actually quality for, the Federal Government has gone missing in action.
Mind you, Joe Hockey distinguished himself a few days by claiming that Barnaby Joyce is the best, most amazing incredible fantastic Primary Industry Minster we have ever seen. Which only served to underline how little knowledge Hockey really has about our history, or the great leaders who built this country.
When we came home from Winton, we compared what we had seen – the desperation of the people, the desolation of the drought – to the great Steinbeck novel “ Grapes of Wrath” – and we were not wrong. We are seeing the story unfold again in our own country with an uncaring Government, Corporate raiders ,Foreign Corporations and Governments circling like vultures to pick over the bones of our once great farms and cattle stations.
Once they are gone, so will the rest of us be gone because any decent economist worth his salt will tell you that Agriculture is our only way to pay down our national debt. If we no longer own our farms then we have literally consigned our children and our grandchildren to a Third World existence.
The truth is that the Federal Government needs a history lesson – and fast. Our great nation once rode to prosperity on the back of wool, beef and wheat – and now we are brainwashed by expensive marketing campaigns and convinced that mining has been our saviour. Well, boom, crash, bang, folks – it was NOT our saviour, it was never going to be our saviour – and the debt just keeps growing by the day.
As a nation, we now have to face the devastating truth that we have nothing much left to show for the mining boom. We simply gave it away and the world laughed at the poor dumb suckers in the south.
It is time for the people to stand up, speak out and demand we put ourselves first, our nation first and our future for our children first.
How is it that there is no Rural Reconstruction Board under the Reserve Bank to buy our drought stricken farmers debt? How is it that there is no banking mechanism to give them the time for the weather cycles to change again – just as they always have – and when the rains finally come allow them to start producing for the country again. It is the occupation they know best.
This is the same nation that cheerfully tipped another $100 million into the failed car industry so workers keep a job. Because they lived in marginal seats and carried union clout, they received redundancy packages, they received job retraining – and life moved on.
What of the farmer? His family are tipped out onto the dusty dry tracks of the Bush to start a dreadful journey into oblivion. The truth is that the farmer is the new forgotten race of our nation – and we are witnessing is a form of social genocide that no longer makes a 10 second grab on the evening news.
If you live in the city, try and imagine what the average day is like for farmers all over the bush right now – and I will put it in language you understand.
Its 5am, the alarm goes off, you jump into the shower – shit –no water, oh well I don’t smell too bad. I will get away with today and the council will have fixed the water by tonight. I missed the news to say the dam was empty. I arrive at work and the gates are locked – now that’s weird – and I see my mates. They don’t look happy. So what’s up guys? Really? The banks just closed the joint and we are all done for. So the cold reality sinks in –no job – no money – what do I tell the wife and kids? Welcome to Route 66.
This is happening every day in the bush and there is not a whisper, a rustle, or a prayer – just another part of the bush that dies on a daily basis.
The free trade agreements that this county is signing with such cheerful abandon will eventually be exposed as the death of our country. Foreign countries all around the world are all racing to buy all our agricultural land . They will then bring their workers in here and send the product directly home to feed their people – and they will take the profit themselves.
No one will escape this because foreign FIFO will take jobs in agriculture ,mining, manufacturing and any other business that is foreign owned (and Australian companies can employ FIFO as well).
Is this the Australia you want for you, your children or your grandchildren?
Australians, if you love your country, your job, your food and your lifestyle then step up and be heard, be counted and make a difference for your family and your country.
It’s time to tell our Government that:
We no longer want to eat toxic food from foreign countries.
We want healthy sustainable food supplies grown by our farmers.
We want a Rural Reconstruction Board under the Reserve Bank.
We want Australia to be owned by Australia.
We want a National Food Bowl Established.
We want to pay our debt down.
We want a National Gas reservation policy so we can have manufacturing industries.
We want mining controlled.
We want big royalties for our resources so when they are depleted our Nation has a cash reserve to grow on.
So if you are in Government and cannot deliver this for our nation then GET OUT of the kitchen and let those who actually CARE about our nation do the cooking.
Please share this with everyone you know – your family and your future will depend on it.