Katter: Roads Forum critical for New Government

The member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said it was critical that key players in the new government attend the Regional Roads Forum in Hughenden on Thursday March 12, 2015.

“The Hughenden Chamber of Commerce, Hann Highway Action Group and Flinders Shire Council are holding a Regional roads Forum to convince Government Ministers, Senators, high level Government officers, development officers and groups that the completion of the Hann Highway must be a priority to provide an inland alternative road from Cairns to Melbourne.”

“I have continually battered the government on the importance of the Hann Highway, not just to the North West, but to the whole of Queensland.”

“It will shave off eight hours and 800 kilometers from the Cairns to Melbourne trip and will enable the use of triple road trains. One Tripple road train can take the place of two B Doubles on the Highway and will save congestion, wear and tear on the Bruce highway which is a huge carrot for government. The Hann Highway provides a safer alternative to the Bruce highway for Ten’s of millions of dollars can be stranded in the north limiting our exposure to the alternative of imports when the Bruce highway is cut off.”

“It will also provide a safer, less flood prone alternative to the Bruce Highway. This is a true Nation Building Project,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said the Hann Highway, built in World War II by American soldiers simply needed the last 100 km to be sealed and it would make a significant difference to the economy of Queensland.

“It’s vitally important new representatives of government attend this forum,” he said.